Opening of the Stargate of Telos June 4-6th, 2016

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

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Ushering in the Golden Age of Gaia ~ Age of Aquarius here on Terra our beloved Earth Star Gaea, we welcome the new crystalline and diamond light energies of the 5D Christ consciousness Ascension energies. The holy Mt Shasta connecting to the Stargate of Telos Through the Central Sun brings in the newly scribed light codes serving for upgrades and healing to our DNA of both our physical and highest selves. The beloved portals of light of the Sedona vortexes streaming in brilliant new sources of light codes, higher knowledge and great healing for our world and humanity. We proclaim this to be Earth Star Gaea through connecting to our higher consciousness, our high hearts and the innate knowledge that we hold and this is our birth right as citizens!


We are receiving blessings of the highest pure light of truth and the ascension of our hearts, together through the Merkaba of 144,000 of golden diamond light. The solar energies and magnetic frequencies of our Central Sun uniting with the Sirius B is a completion of a cycle of upgrades of the incoming frequencies and light codes of consciousness to our world. At this time we recognize and reclaim all of our gifts and stream in new holographs and mandalas of the highest light, the Christ Consciousness energies of purest white and blue light, the new rays of light holding telepathy, healing, technology, heart centered living and thinking and much more.


We, the creators of our worlds, together dissolve any lower frequencies light or energies through the Merkaba with our heart energies and send it to the beautiful crystal grids which stream with radiant rose frequencies of the Divine Mother, uniting all Soulmate and twin flames, merging of polarities of masculine and feminine and dissolve the duality consciousness, integrating all light frequencies in loving strength through peaceful compassion, we honor all sentient beings and our Earth Star Gaea!


Earth Star Gaea shall now be her own sovereign being, free from any suppression, enslavement or ruling factions that are not of her own original blue print design as of the moment of this decree.


There shall be no more mind control or enslavement of the minds of humans through any factions which hold humanity back from their true birth rights and once great destiny. This means that people shall live freely off the land, growing their own food, free from pesticides, poisons and toxins of any nature including the end of food modifications, spraying chemicals in the air, land and water. Animals will be recognized as sentient beings, standing next to humans and treated with the utmost care and loving respect that they deserve. They balance out the karma of the world through their loving docile presence.

The land shall be free of all geoengineering, fracking, mining, forestry that leads to destruction and disruption of humanity and the earth’s rhythmic cycles of natural events. There shall be no more governmental structures that enslave and control the masses through media, corporations, wars, and policies etc. that hold this lowest form of life. This shall be replaced by a free thinking society, governing itself and living in harmony with nature, using wind and solar and other advanced technologies leaving zero foot prints while being sustainable sources.

There shall be no more enslavement of any kind to benefit any spoken decrees, nor shall there be usage of war through nuclear or other factions and none of this shall be in this new age of peace and each one shall reign themselves through group energy. We release and transmute all fear, anger, violence and all lower frequency that is connected to this here, now and forevermore! We are sovereign and free in this the Golden Age which has been prophesied long ago. We commit to offer ourselves, the plants, animals and our earth the greatest unconditional love, trust, peace and harmony for all of time here and forevermore.


Entering the Golden Age of Gaea we honor the Ascension of the Garden of Eden to its rightful place into Mu~ Lemuria of Atlantis at this time. The new codes written in the Golden Age of Gaea in the Tree of Life by Eve our Divine Mother, creator of Gaea and the Garden of Eden, her treasure holding the Tree of Life in diamond white light, encoded with scared geometry and mysteries and magic of all dimensions of light holding all secret knowledge now open for her children. We offer gratitude and surrender in love and peace to this new sacred knowledge.

The Goddess frequencies of Gaea coming back online reconnecting with the inner earth~ Agartha and our Soul Star Chakra or 8th Chakras connecting us to the Galactic centers of all time and space. We surround ourselves with the our team of guides, Angels! Ascended masters and beings of highest light to assist us through this period of great Ascension and our earth through natural events and changes. Knowing this to be our time to claim our freedom of expression and highest light of our souls Ascension to create an new paradigms of this NOW moment.

We honor the gifts of the Goddess who have brought forth the Light to all through the Rose/Ley Lines and we are grateful for the Inner Earth Crystal Kingdom whom have treasured the ancient Light codes for us for so long. The Golden Light is flowing and pouring to all!


By Kathy Davidson and The Lemurian Light Council


From the Heart of Hearts of the Divine Mother Goddess


Everything is waiting. The Universe is waiting for you to become a co-creator once more and dream the dream that is in your Heart. To remind you to stand up, as you promised you would from the beginning, for yourself, for your family, for your community, for your nation and for this so Beloved Planet, and to know that it was all worthwhile. You will realize that the support was always there from the guides, helpers and loved ones. And is here now, and will never leave you. And you will finally realize with all your Heart and all your Soul that you are Deeply, Deeply Loved.

Sometimes you simply need to be in silence. Here you can create through your Heart and through all the levels that exist. Not everything is about moving forward and doing things. It is equally balanced with the times when you sit and seemingly do nothing. These times are the most valuable of all for you have to have imagination to create. You need Vision and Vision you will have! And others will have the same Vision and you will come together in a community so strong, so loving, so fabulously in tune with the Divine. That is when real Joy happens. There is safety here, there is encouragement, there is a knowing deep inside of how wonderful it can be.

Joy is your goal, Joy is your way of being. Yet so few walk and talk such things. When you meet a Joyful person, it is like a Light in a darkened room, and you want that, you want it so much that it becomes the focus of where you are going. And this Joy that bubbles up in your Heart will not be quiet, will not be still for it is your life, it brings an aliveness so beautiful, so exquisite that every waking moment is a delight. When you wake in the morning and you feel Joy, you may want to greet the dawn as we did so long ago in the Temple of Isis at Philae in Egypt, with our arms outstretched in praise. filling ourselves with Joy, Love and Happiness

From the Heart of Hearts, Divine Mother/Father Isis Beloved.



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