Pleiadian Star Council ~ Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Ascension, Galactics / Wednesday, January 16th, 2013


We have always existed as light. We can be nothing but light. We herald from beyond the suns, we are the light behind the light. We are your reflection and your beginning. We live within a portal of light in the Pleiadian Star System where light can bend and timeless knowledge pulses to all who enter. We are a stargate, a vortex that houses codes of light that have been held secret and now seek to be seen and completed. We are a reflection of solid light that guides one into the secret places of shining knowledge. We are a 7th dimensional lens of light that allows a deep connection between the Pleiades’ and Earth.

2013 is welcomed with open arms by all Universes, many dimensions breathing a deep sign of eternal relief. Earth applauds its self for making it through the dimensional flux and transmutation of 2012. Last year powerful plays of energy announced themselves in solar emanations that touched every cell of every thing on planet earth. Time came undone and retied itself into a framework that still cannot be fully seen or understood.

As the personage of time walks door-to-door, country-to-country, showing its fullness of being, completion of contracts made long ago are written in the sands of time, waiting for the next dust storm to settle the uncertainty. 2013 does not live in the earth plane but has announced its arrival on an island outside of time in another dimensional flux different from earthen time/space. Like the Star-being Arcturus, it does not stand still in the stellar flow of space. Movement will be seen in all its glory as 2013 announces what it wants from humanity in upcoming energy shifts and sacred portals of opportunity.

The universe can no longer wait for all to awaken from the sleeping kingdom of earth, but infuses the vibratory ley lines with what will awaken those that refuse to listen to encoded promptings. You have come fully packed on an earthen journey of oneness. You have come with all that you need in truth, in matter and in all longings. The melodramas of earth are yours to own or dismiss accordingly. Dwelling in the back streets of emotion is not where you want to dwell in 2013. 2013 year is about trusting the cycles of time and the universe in a way that surpasses all earthly notions of what can and cannot be. It is about the untapped wellspring of divine potential birthed in a way that mankind can use and understand its power. Knowing this fountainhead is there and drinking from it is two different things.

The dark will seem darker and the light will seem brighter but all is an illusion. Focus on what your heart seeks and walk by the wolves with your sheepish grin of knowing. You walk where the angels fear to tread and yet you will walk with love in your heart. For you know deep within, that something very powerful happened in 2012, maybe never to be known fully, yet innately you feel truly grateful for being alive in 2013.

A new entrance is created in the old pathways as the higher vibratory light goes hand in hand with the fresh neuron functions that allow the dimensions to meld and become Seeable. All situations that have come undone are holograms of misrepresentation projected by what needs to acknowledged and released.

Problems come to move you through sections of time into a cleared aspect of your own truth. The energies of 2013 allow one the opportunity to align with all that was before creation, in the form of pure undiluted universal possibility. The alpha and the omega and every particle in-between invite you as a planet, to partake of their universal truths. You are finally able to enter the free flowing experience of all possibility; like newly fallen snow with no footprints on it, you will walk upon a clean time slate.

Emanations from the stars reach down to work their healing magic upon earth. The light from the stars shines down onto all choices as solar gateways open via earthen conduits allowing earth to be lifted to a place of instinctive knowing. Everything you do or do not do will be felt in all sectors of heaven and earth. Everything in the universe opens its cupboards to show what has been hidden on its dusty shelves. It is a personal choice as to how to wear this energy and wisdom. It has been laid at your anointed feet with a great love by those that have taken all of your prayers and evolutionary possibilities to heart and now are the answer to many a prayer.

Your starry nature can no longer be denied as every incoming piece of galactic energy is affecting the human body. Like telegrams from home ports of call, civilization awaken to a deep cellular peace among the rubble of shift. All of the universe is connected within quantum confinement. Earths starry starry nature comes back to show where the ancestral tree of life is planted. Everything is connected to Source and as Source out-sources itself, so to speak, all hear the coming of shift through out the foundation, no one or thing is except in that deep cellular instruct.

The kingdom awakens as the people stride proudly down the road of success looking back at 2012 with a hard stance or so it seems to the untrained eye. Initiations of a stellar nature are not for those weak of purpose or intent. They are ongoing and ceaseless of time and training. One does not graduate from them for in the graduation there is only another platform of Light to train upon.

Humanity is at a place of coming undone in order to be rewound, not in a tighter ball of wool, but in crocheted free form as snowflakes. One in the same but completely different of instructs and beauty. Lessons are wide and varied as the flowers on earth but destination is the same. Earth is now within the advanced class and no longer allowed to waste what is light in nature.

More will be asked of you as you expand into unforeseen places in your future star-chart. You who have stayed upon the runaway horse can now rest assured you have tamed the Pegasus and will ride in a little more comfort than the days of old. Your magic of believing has retuned and a new hope and faith has been born to embrace the sunken hearts of earth. A long lost smile returns to faces and hearts as earth finally remembers the fresh scent of joy and laughter.

Shifts and changes will abound in 2013 but in those shifts many secrets will be unearthed and brought to the surface. Secrets of old give food for thought as everything changes day to day. New pathways are laid on the land and old circuitry is dissolved, the future requires your ‘full’ attention. You will feel the earth move, as time shifts beat upon the shores of the ‘dimensional island’ earth is coupled to at this time. Drifting is a great possibility in the sea of doubt, and leftover fear. Time ties itself to earth to hold her temporally as she gains thrust to jump what corrals her.

Biologically the human species must push past mental limitations into a place that succeeds from prior truths. Finally entering a place of a higher awareness that takes one into a temple of great healing. Every word counts dear ones, every word, with no exceptions to the universal rule. Creating and destroying is your full time job. Every word every thought, every second, without failure is creating. All limitations are transformed in this expanded version of reality

Seeing into the future is not a place for those weak of heart or knee. As one walks thru the time doors many trap doors make themselves known. Places of dissimilar time loops can escort one back and forth creating a dizzying effect. Time doors open and close faster than the blink of an eye. Truth and time are individual, and do not present a singular view or outcome. The unknowable becomes seen, in the halls of time. That which has been emptied now becomes full. Freeing itself from definition there is nothing to do there is nothing to let go of, you are simply free to explore all that you are. A shift of realm awakens from a long sleep to escort you into the nexus cornerstone where time and space meet and embrace you.

You cannot change what you cannot see! It is your destiny to look into a place of future that seeks to be known. When that existence is seen in the light of day a shift occurs allowing one to see beyond the current choices available. For humanity is part of the tapestry of time, both in and out of space. You as a planet hold a key that has been hidden like a lost golden egg on an Easter morn. You house the codes that allow for the nexus to be experienced. You are blending dimensions in a far greater format that you realize and finding that being spatial is not as effortless as one would think. The turning point of evolution speeds up to meet itself. 2013 holds spiritual undercurrents that can be misinterpreted by closed eyes. Movement through the heavens will be seen without constraints, Nothing is hidden no matter how hard it tries to conceal itself.

Bubbles of illusions are popped. A new entrance is created in the old pathways allowing the dimensions to meld and become Seeable. The language of light from the stars comes to speak to earth directly in a form that can be absorbed. No more encrypted codes that can only be deciphered by the gods, but a new underlying simplicity that untangles the DNA. Finally taming that which was previously mustang within, with a soft hand and a loving whisper.


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