Spiritual Perspectives

  The hard way or the easy way There are profound and intense energies happening at this time. Do not ask for any upgradement for your biological unit or your emotional unit. The energies that come forth moving at Millions of miles a second come forth from deep space, from a supernova that turned into a […]


I am SHEKINAH ~~ As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


  I come on the winds of time to allow you entrance into knowledge that goes beyond self and memory. Within what is known and unknown as the Holy Spirit, there are many dimensional descriptions. There are many doorways, and inter-dimensional truths. There is a great-pronounced diversification that lives within the house and dwelling of […]


Metamorphosis ~ Gillian Macbeth Louthan


Metamorphosis Painting by Robby Donaghey You are in a time and  place of birthing yourself into higher light. As you sit in the place of No-time, No-space you feel discombobulated.  You try to stretch, and push thru what was but the walls of illusion seem to keep you restricted.  You are not able to stretch […]


TIME BUBBLES’ ~ Gillian MacBeth- Louthan


The Time Gates were created to occupy a space which holds all possibility.  As the Time Gates are opened and time flows equally in all directions, Everything that you have held on to emotionally, physically and mentally is now given a declaration of release.  The opening of these Time Gates herald a deep and great healing for […]


11:11:2013 By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Ascension The energies of the 11:11 doorway are enhanced by nature and her hidden sounds. All of life views you and knows your secrets. The trees whisper about your sadness, the fairies leave you a feather as a sign you are loved and watched over. The birds sing to heal you. This11:11 door asks you to listen to what […]


~ 2013 THE YEAR OF INITIATION ~ Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


As the dignitary of time walks about, showing its fullness of color, like a well endowed phoenix what was uncompleted long ago comes forth written in the sands of time.  No one is certain where the hands of time will land. All await the next dust storm to settle before the writing on the window sill […]


TIME DILATION FIELDS ~ Gillian Macbeth-Louthan


Father Time makes Himself known again rerouting the very best of intentions, sidestepping the 24 hr day and running us around in circles. Time as we know it cannot be forced into pigeon holes nor trained to do our bidding.  Time has grown its own wings and takes flight into previously unknown patterns, reconstructing the highways […]


Pleiadian Star Council ~ Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Ascension, Galactics

We have always existed as light. We can be nothing but light. We herald from beyond the suns, we are the light behind the light. We are your reflection and your beginning. We live within a portal of light in the Pleiadian Star System where light can bend and timeless knowledge pulses to all who […]