There are things beyond our knowing … ~ Alistar Valadez

Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, July 10th, 2016

Beau Deeley_Cosmic Integration

art by Beau Deeley

…”There are things beyond our knowing, just as the moon pulls the tides of the ocean currents, so to does the divine influence the currents of our emotions. Within the landscape and labyrinth of our thinking mind is a whole system and process just as complex as that of our weather, for we all may want to see sunny skies and have a good life free of conflict, but the winds may blow dark clouds over us and create that perfect storm around us at a moments notice, most often when we least expect IT. Do you resist this force of change or do you embrace it for what IT is? Does the ocean resist the shifting of the tides and currents created by the moon, or does IT flow with whatever influence comes before IT? For this invisible influence does serve a higher purpose, as the rising and falling of the tides provides a greater service of shaping our coastlines. Can we recognize this greater process within us, the shifting of our own inner currents of thinking, for this process also shapes and molds the expansion or decay of our inner core essence of being!” ~Alistar Valadez


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