Dimensional Shifting Process

Ascension, Earth Changes / Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Consciousness Shift


by Michael Topper and Valdamar Valerian

excerpts from MATRIX IV

Spanish version


There is a process that is unfolding before us in our world today.

It is a process that is upon us now, and it is not something that is going to happen at some distant time, or in some geological epic far in the future. It is a process that has been unfolding through the last 200,000 years in a cycle that is culminating now, within our lifetime. We are witnessing events that are indicative of the culmination of that cycle. This process has very profound implications for each individual and it means something slightly different to each individual; the variation in interpretation of what is happening is responsible for the plethora of statements about the character of the events that are occurring.

All the ancient calendars point to this time period as being very significant, not only in terms of human history, but in the history of the planet; the Mayan calendar points clearly to this time period as the culmination of the last 5,125 year cycle.1

There are some that say the Mayan calendar ended In July 1991, to contrast to the usual interpretation that it ends on 2012. If true, this would put us farther along in the process that we might imagine.

The Egyptian calendar, which began nearly 39,000 years ago, is based on the rising and setting of Sirius, not our local Sun, and points to our current time period as being significant in terms of human history and consciousness. Many traditions, religions and belief systems have developed around the existence of the process which is underway at this time. People have been killed for disseminating information about this process over the course of history.

This process has been interpreted in so many ways by so many people that the interpretations seem so diffuse and non-related, when in fact they speak of the same period in history. Some call this time in history “the New Age”. Physicists view this as a time of “dimensional translation” or “dimensional shift”. Geologists may view it in terms of a shifting or reversal of the magnetic characteristics of the planet. There are some that refer to this time period as “the second coming“, or the coming of the energy of Christ consciousness to the planet.

All of these are terms for the same process viewed from different perspectives.

Hopi Knowledge of this Time Period

Knowledge of Native American Hopi traditions have, in the past pretty much been restricted to those within the tribe. In the summer of 1979, the Hopi elders conducted a conference in Arizona and determined that all men would benefit from knowledge of the prophecies, and they were made public. It is interesting to examine the creation stories of the Hopi, and how they parallel other creation stories that speak of ancient “worlds” that existed prior to this one. They speak about “worlds” that ended in terms of great floods, great periods of cold and ice, and “worlds” that ended in fire. They also speak of the “world” of the Void that was here in the very beginning.

According to the Hopi, each one of those “worlds” ended when a certain condition had been reached in consciousness on the planet – when the hearts and minds of humans had become so disconnected that the only way to heal the separateness was to have the planet itself go through a process that would promote the reunification of heart and mind; it often involves a process of tremendous change for both the Earth, geologically, and the humans that reside in and on the Earth.

More on the Physical Parameters of the Chance Process

In terms of the physical parameters of what is happening, scientists know of the existence of them, but they do not understand the significance of them.

The physical parameters of the change that we are undergoing affects every organic structure on the planet on a cellular level as well as the way matter itself behaves. Scientists are beginning to see this in the world of quantum physics. The most physical parameter has to do with the magnetic field of the planet. The magnetic field strength of the Earth is decreasing very rapidly. This period of decrease started about 2,000 years ago.

Earth, as a composite structure, exhibits over time high and low levels of magnetic field strength. Our last major peak was 2,000 years ago, and it happened during the period when the being known as Joshua Ben Joseph, or Jesus the Christ, was introduced onto the planet Earths magnetic field has been varying up and down since that time, although the “ups” have been less and less as time as progresses, resulting in a general downward average field strength. For the past 70 years, there have been no upward surges at all. What is means is that you are now experiencing the lowest field strength in me ambient magnetic field for the past 2,000 years.

The second physical parameter is the primary vibrational rate of matter on the planet Matter pulses a certain number of times per unit of time. Although humans are aware of the pulse rate on a primary level of perception, the brain has a tendency to average the pulse rate so that it appears to be one continuous event, resulting in no conscious perception of the pulse rate. There are techniques that can be used to override the averaging function within the brain so that you can perceive the individual pukes of the Earth – which could be seen as a “heartbeat”.

Traditionally, the number of pulses per second has generally hovered around 8 Hz (hertz).2

Otherwise known as the Schumann Cavity Resonance

In ancient times, Earth was pulsing at exactly 8 Hz o cps (cycles per second). Various types of planetary trauma, over time, changed that rate to 7.83 cps. It has been that way until the last few years. Within the last few months of 1992, the rate moved up, and by May 1992 the rate was pulsing at 8.6 cps. The frequency has changed.

Why is this significant? To understand this, we must touch on the nature of human experience itself. The human body and brain have an electromagnetic nature. On one level, we consist of electrical information. The life force itself is electrical in nature. You could exist on a purely electrical level, without a body at all. You don’t even need a magnetic field to exist as a being. Within the criteria of the Earth experience, we have the opportunity to experience a magnetic field around us. You could say that in essence, the magnetic fields of the Earth provide a buffer or a lag-time between the time you think a thought (which is an electrical activity) and the time the thought comes to pass.

As the strength of the magnetic field decreases, the lag-time decreases. Because of this, there is a decrease in the time it takes to manifest something in this world. There is also more access to yourself on the level of electrical information.3

This access to yourself is needed now, at the close of this cycle, in order for people to achieve a certain sense of balance and healing. The increase in the frequency rate is important because every cell in your body, every second of your life, is trying to match itself to the frequency of the Earth and be in resonance; we perceive ourselves as being autonomous, but we are linked electromagnetically to the environment.

Since the potential for internal access is greater now, this is the prime reason that electronic mind control efforts by the New World Order hare been stepped up to counteract this effect.

Because of the increase of the frequency,4 people are now saying that “they feel that time is speeding up“. If they are feeling that, then they are probably accurate, because the perception of time is based on the “heartbeat” of the planet, as well as the frequency of every cell in our body as is attempts to resonate with that pulse.

It is thought that the frequency is increasing in resonance in step with the Fibonacci ratios to a point of 13 cps.

In terms of our actual experience, every time we experience something it is associated with an electrical charge and a feeling – in this way the experience is stored within the electrical matrix within our body. That is why we are beings of emotion. How we store that information determines, to a significant degree, how that information is balanced. When we have an experience that we determine is painful, we have a tendency to want to forget that experience as quickly as possible. The experience will not be stored in a balanced manner.

For example, if we have experienced a very painful experience of love, there is a tendency to take the energy of that experience and put it away quickly in some aspect of me human matrix. The physical counterpart of that matrix is generally associated with the heart. What happens during the process of the cells in the body trying to resonate to the increasing vibrational rate around us is that any experiences that are stored within those cells that are not harmonic and balanced have a tendency to manifest so they can be restored in a balanced manner.

We are experiencing the close of a cycle that started 200,000 years ago.

At the close of this cycle, we will experience a unique event. To successfully process through that unique event, we must be as balanced as as healed as we can be. That healing process, or the opportunity for healing is what everyone is experiencing right now, as experiences that have been stored non-harmonically are rising to the surface in order to be readdressed. The decrease in the ambient magnetic field theoretically gives us greater access to those experiences.

When we examine ancient architecture, like the pyramids, that functioned as tuned resonant chambers, we see that they needed those chambers in order to access some of these levels inside themselves. With what is going on right now, we can have access to these levels without the necessity of using these structures. The Earth itself is providing access to the process. These ancient tuned chambers generated a higher frequency, and those inside would undergo changes as their cellular structure underwent a resonant matching process.

This decrease in the magnetic field to the zero-point has happened at least 14 times before, according to the geological record. Field levels drop geometrically, not linearly. The field strength decrease accelerates as it moves towards the end of the process. In the past, it appears that the magnetic field decreased quite rapidly until it reached zero. The zero-point is where interesting things happen.

We have more people living on Earth right now than at any time in conscious human memory. No doubt, most of those people have chosen to come here at this time to experience this unique event. The magnetic fields of Earth are primarily a function of rotation of the planet. The higher the rotation rate, the higher the field density. Earth is rotating slower. In 1992, the atomic clocks at the Bureau of Standards in Colorado had to be reset and recalibrated twice.

When you look at ancient texts, there are descriptions of times “when the Earth stood Still”, “when the Stars stood still”, “when the Moon became blood-red”, “when plants grew out of season”, etc. There are also Native American traditions in which it states that “the Earth stood still” and “the Sun rose and set twice in the same day”. These anomalous events are quite common in the past. What we see here is the Earths rotation slowing and coming to a complete stop for a period of time. It will then begin to rotate again in the opposite direction, which will produce a 180 degree shift in the magnetic polarity. This is the mechanism for Earth’s polar magnetic reversals that we have seen evidence of 14 times in the past

The period of time where Earth ceases its rotation averages about 3.5 days. Earth begins then to rotate in the opposite direction, generates new polar magnetic regions, and begins to vibrate much differently. That difference in vibration is a key to the process that we are experiencing right now. There is a Biblical term referenced in ancient texts that is very difficult to use without getting into a “religious” discussion.

This term has absolutely nothing to do with religion.

It is a term to describe moving in vibrational terms, consciously, from one vibrational pattern and experience and into another one. That term is resurrection. Resurrection is nothing more than consciously vibrating from one dimensional state-space into another dimensional state-space. That is the goal of this natural process, in human and planetary terms.

When one does this consciously, they become immortal or resurrected beings. Literature is filled to capacity with references to Initiates, whether they are Egyptians, Essenes, the Nacaal mystery schools or other orders involved in processes of this nature. They are all working toward the same goal. That goal is the perfection of the human form and the attainment of a state-space demonstrated by master Avatars – the most recent of which was the Universal Christ, named Joshua Ben Joseph or Jesus.

Jesus demonstrated a 3-day period in which he underwent a healing process, from which he emerged expressing his nature as a higher dimensional being. Others could not touch him because of the nature of his vibratory rate.

This, of course, is not unlike the 3-day process experienced in the pyramids in Egypt, or the process that is being lived right now on Earth

The Human Energy System and the Process

One way of aiding the understanding of ourselves as an integral part of everything going on around us is to examine our physiological body in a different way – as an electrical organism.

We are subject to that organism because our consciousness interpenetrates its consciousness. The body also has magnetic field components, so altogether the physical body is electromagnetic in nature. The human body contains somewhere around 100 million cells, and each of those cells can be seen as individual circuits.

It is possible to describe the cell in terms of resistance, capacitance, emission of radio waves, microwaves, photon emission, and emission of frequencies even in the x-ray and gamma ray level It is the electrical potential within the cell, in terms of the potential between fluids and membranes, that allows expression in these realms. Ultimately, all these is regulated or modified by our thought processes.

This is where the connection becomes apparent with how the body expresses itself electrically and how human thought processes are involved. Of course, the primary internal processes of the genetic entity (the body) are also involved, as primary processes of thought also occur on those levels. When we generate a thought, it is accompanied by a emotion – a feeling. The generation of thoughts and feelings has an effect on the chemical balance on a cellular level, which in turn has an effect on the frequencies emitted by the body on a cellular level. So, in essence, we think and feel in terms of frequency generation.

Most of us have run across descriptions of the chakra systems and the energy meridians that exist as interfaces between three-dimensional and higher dimensional energy states and processes. In the ancient texts, these points are shown as being linear – in a straight line – in reality, these points relate to the location of the endocrine glands, which are the first physical aspect to the dimensional energy transfer processes. Within these glands, energy is “stepped down” or modulated into a state which is usable by the physiological body.

The chakras could be termed “non-physical organs” that are a direct resonant link to a specific grids of information that exist at specific frequencies and wavelengths which surround the physical body. Specific geometrical patterns are also associated with those frequency information grids, and these also relate to specific sound patterns. For every form, there is a frequency that is associated with it.

For every sound, there is a form associated with it in Sanskrit, the original sound of creation,  or Om, is based on a very specific form. Basic forms involved in the creation process are those described in studies of Sacred Geometry. If we view the world around us as a hierarchical interlocking series of grids, with each grid supporting specific frequency bands (which have equivalent tones) and specific geometries, and our chakra system as the interface which allows us to access those grids, what you see is the human form as a composite that is capable of accessing, simultaneously, several states of being.

We are used to the concept that we access only one state at a time, but scientists are finding out what inmates have always known, that in high meditative states individuals are accessing all of these states, simultaneously accessing delta waves, theta waves, and more, processing all of it into a continuous state of awareness.

This is the awareness we are all moving toward in terms of the process the Earth is going through, a full total awareness of ourselves and of creation. So, during this process, it will become evident that you no longer have to go into a meditative state to access these areas.

It is in this understanding of the hierarchical nature of the matrices of creation supporting different frequencies and different geometries that we begin to have a much better understanding of the concept of higher selves. We exist consciously within the body, which may be viewed as one aspect of the matrix of creation – it is an aspect which expresses itself in terms of higher frequencies. Each of those frequencies may be thought of as a grid of experience. So, we may think of-ourselves as multidimensional beings with portions of ourselves residing in those grids.

Those, in essence, are what are referred as as your higher selves. As you learn to access those aspects of your being by virtue of your thought processes, what you are learning to do is to integrate them, simultaneously. You are learning to move your consciousness through the matrix of creation. All those possibilities exist in you, and this is what the Christ-beings have tried to demonstrate. It is also the awareness taught through the mystery schools. This also the value of Sacred Geometry and why it became so Sacred. It was the geometry of Being and Creation. Through understanding the relationship between form and sound, as well as understanding ourselves and our expression on higher levels, it becomes the key to empowerment of Being.

We gradually begin to acknowledge these levels of being, learn about them and then access them. We may think of these “extensions” of ourselves as “other organs of perception” that facilitate perception on these multidimensional levels. It is through the understanding of ourselves as multidimensional beings, as well as the relationships between frequency and geometry, as well as those relationships relative to the planet, that we may fully appreciate what is happening on Earth and what the resurrection process was in ancient times and is during this time period.

Right now, we exist in an unusual time, because the new “world” is coming into existence at the same time the “old” one exists.

Information Grid Networks and Cellular Resonance

The physiological structure of the human body is based on the tetrahedronal structure of the carbon atom, and the human structure has always been in resonance with multiple grids that in essence are frequency bands that support information patterns (and constitute the energy matrix) within our conscious awareness; belief systems also function as information grids, and the attachment to belief system grids result in a cellular resonance with the context of specific belief systems, as well as the geometric aspects of that grid in terms of consciousness.

Many people, when they find a specific grid resonance, especially within a belief system context, perceive themselves as being “locked in” to that grid. Cultural systems support and encourage this tendency to “lock in”, very often to the exclusion of other grid systems; in a cultural context people who are “locked in” very often make the statement, “this is the way it is”. Information then becomes self-induced “programming”. The belief system grid further degenerates into “dogma“, which then firmly “locks in” the individual consciousness into the preferred cultural state.

A fine example of this is the state of empirical reductionist science and philosophy. It is this same tendency which explains why materialist science is failing to meet the needs of individuals who are growing in consciousness and who are gaining access to multiple grid networks of information. The key to “unlocking” adherence and programming relative to a single information grid is the willingness to venture into the unknown and delve into changing experience.

Standard science, as a “locked in” grid work, views anything outside the grid as threatening and terms it “anomalous”. This, over time, has led to suppression of information about past human civilizations and knowledge. Much of this knowledge is still present in genetic cellular memory. When human consciousness expands enough to include this area of information, cellular memory begins flooding consciousness with vast quantities of information.

As we become more conscious, we move both our general and cellular resonance out from under the influence of “static” grids. We’re no longer subject to “gridlock”.

More on the Great Pyramid and Consciousness Grids

As mentioned in the Flower of Life treatise, the area near the Giza plateau is the primary anchor point for all the grids within conscious awareness that most humans on the Earth are in resonance with.

The consciousness grids primarily focus on “cubic” information systems; humans tend to have thought patterns which lead to straight lines and sharp angles – not spherical shapes and curves, although there are many examples of the influence of non-linear grid systems around. The resonance of our bodies to those grids determines how we perceive our reality and how “belief systems” are perpetuated. The largest pyramid on the Giza plateau was there before the Egyptians even arrived, and predates the Ice Age (as does the Sphinx).

There are no written records of anything being built on the Giza plateau. It is built of a naturally occurring granite with a high quartz content than was mined about 400 miles south of Cairo. The primary chambers are composed of this granite; the lower chambers are carved out of bedrock and predate the rest of the structure by several thousand years. In the nud-1970’s a scientists at the University of Chicago obtained a piece of the outer casing stone and analyzed it under an electron scanning microscope. It was determined that the outer casing stones (of which there are only a few left) were cut with a laser device. The middle layer of the Great Pyramid is composed of a material that is primarily calcium carbonate.

The outer layer is composed of a microcrystalline limestone. Geologists investigated the source of this limestone between 1986 and 1988 during the process of trying to figure out how the Great Pyramid was built; they took core sample of the limestone, thinking that if it was naturally occurring limestone they would find stratification in the core samples, as well as tiny marine fossils. They found no strata, no fossil material and that the limestone was homogeneous all the way through with no variation. It was not naturally occurring limestone; it is an artificial stone that was poured in place. Ancient texts describe this material as being called “Everlast”, and describe it as being designed to last through the end of the 200,000 years cycle.

This artificial calcium carbonate limestone is chemically the same as human bone. This means that the atomic bonding structures are equal, and there is a resonance with human bone. Human bone structure is linked harmonically with the grids on the Giza plateau. In Matrix III it was illustrated how the hyperspacial-tetrahedronal structure of human bone in the skull was conducive to the modulation of thought impulses. We also spoke about morphogenetic field structures in Matrix III. The grids that reference to the Giza plateau are morphogenetic in nature, and because of the resonance between the materials of the Great Pyramid and human bone, as well as the morphogenetic field matrix and their attendant grids, it is possible to change the entire human species at this point on the planet by introducing a change into the grid.

An example of a change that has been effected through this grid matrix is the change in human lifespan. Ancient texts are littered with descriptions of humans that lived as long as 800 years. Recently, a chamber was discovered in the Great Pyramid that is filled with radioactive sand. The effect of this, since the Great Pyramid is resonant with human bone and connected to the morphogenetic grid, was to limit human life span by lowering the threshold of human metabolism, causing biological life processes to be accelerated to the point where humans could five no longer than 120 years. It was done purposely.

As we said before, as we become more conscious, we are vibrating ourselves out of resonance with those grids to the point where we are no longer impacted by those grids or disease patterns, negative thought forms and fear-based patterns that are electronically being introduced into them by negative hierarchy proponents of the New World Order.

We are moving toward becoming conscious autonomous beings as we “unplug” ourselves from these ancient grid systems based on the octahedron and the cube, and move toward higher expressions of conscious awareness based on higher geometries of the icosahedron and the dodecahedron.

It is these higher grids, and their geometry, that are part of the Christ Consciousness experience.

The Paradigm of the Great Experiment

One of the more recent paradigms relative to human existence over the last 200,000 years addresses what is called “The Grand Experiment“.

It presupposes a “deliberate lack of intervention 5 during the last 200,000 years an an experiment to see whether a situation of choice and free will on both the “positive’’ and “negative’’ sides, would produce sufficient overall evolution in human beings to where they would easily make the dimensional translation without assistance or intervention. In this paradigm, individuals on the planet were either “seeded” here near the beginning of this 200,000 year cycle or “infused” more recently.

The “seedings”, in a sense, were accomplished by virtue of a group memory or group consciousness with its own specific geometry, coming into the dimensional frequency and differentiating itself into individual expressions of itself. The original seeding, in this way, was conducted within the area of the visible light spectrum.6

At that time, many physiological race types manifested themselves – blue, green, and violet 7 skinned beings were to be found, as well as red, yellow, black and orange. We can still see some of these “spectral” races living on the planet today. There is some degree of information that indicates that some of the higher frequency races can exist on the Earth at the current resonant frequency today.

It has been rumored that there are children with bluish skin that are being born in various areas around the planet

5 Intervention by those on the Avatar level, which is far above Elohim. The Greys, Sirian  and Reptilian species, on both the positive and negative hierarchies, are part of the experiment , as are the Elohim.
6 Debut of this process can be found in both the Keys of Enoch and the details about cloning found in the Raelian movement works in France
7 These spectral races were originally seeded on one or more overtones within this band, generally above the other spectrum types in frequency. At the time of the “seeding”, the frequencies on Earth were not generally supportive of beings in this frequency range, so they soon left the Earth. Records of these races exist in ancient tests, primarily those in India and are recorded on temple walls at various sites on the planet. Some of the races depicted in Egypt (Ptah) are green. In India some of the ancient races, before they left, were depicted as violet and blue (Krishna).

The Paradigm of Universal Reference Beings

According to ancient texts, each of the spectral seeded races, over time, had a special being of its own nature that came to that specific race sometime during their evolutionary cycle to teach the race about its overall purpose and potential.

This happened to each of the seeded races. There have been races that have existed on Earth that were not seeded here, but migrated here as essentially refugees from other worlds.

These migratory races had no “reference beings” that came to them, for this was not the planet of their seeding. Some of those migratory races are still here. The being known as “Christ” was one such “reference being”, but this entity was also the “reference being” for all races – the Universal Reference Being. Some of the other “reference beings” known on Earth were Krishna (blue race) . As a “reference being”, the entity known as “Christ” (representing Christ Consciousness) was not well received on Earth, but various understandings became anchored in the morphological grid that would later contribute to other developmental processes on the planet for all embodied beings.

Since the last Universal Reference Being was here 2,000 years ago, other developments have occurred relative to this planet as far as species guidance is concerned. Instead of the return of a single focused being, many highly developed beings have been incarnating on Earth for many years. Those “star seed” beings are very aware beings, sometimes referred to as “Light Workers”, are very intent on their purpose for being here.

These beings are those which have “infused” with this dimension and have not undergone multiple cycles of incarnation over the 200,000 year period which we have been discussing, nor have they experienced the cumulative effects of repeated existence within a planetary magnetic field. Now, the “infused” beings and the “seeded” beings are here simultaneously experiencing and mirroring each other.

The low density and magnetic fields are necessary to retain the physical body.

The Growth of Aberrant Belief Systems

Over time, there are several aberrant belief systems that have developed within the third dimensional consciousness grid that have been anchored there by the elements of fear and have enabled those identifying with power to control and manipulate others.

Both the fears and the control are based in inaccurate appraisals of the nature evolution, and have led to non-truths such as:

1. The idea that human beings are “angels that have fallen from some state of Grace“.

(We have not fallen from any state of Grace but have chosen to descend into dense matter for the purpose of experience in this frequency and its dualism. There is no separation between humans as embodied composite beings and their angelic counterparts, other than the perception that it is so).
2. The idea that humans were “born into sin“.

(You were not ’born into sin’ by virtue of the fact that you came through a womb into a third dimensional world.)

It is probable that the intent behind the above teachings reflects an aberrant thought process relative to the fact that from the time “we are born” into this dimension, we spend our fives trying to “achieve a higher frequency” and come into resonance with a higher understanding of love.

The aberrant thought process gives rise to the notion that we are “lesser” beings because we inhabit physical bodies in this dimension, and is primarily a component of religious belief systems designed to manipulate the population towards its own ends. The memory of the fact that we are worthy entities experiencing and evolving is maintained on a cellular level which is accessible as we accrue more perception and awareness and have access to more levels of information.

There is only experience. There is no such thing as “right” or “wrong” experience. As has been said before, experience leads to wisdom (or we repeat the lands of experience until we learn the wisdom), and wisdom leads to truth. All the rest is functionally a matter of judgment.

The paradigm of the “Great Experiment” takes place in a finite period of time, and beings who have been participating in the experiment have been given the tools of free will and choice to determine if, during that limited period of time, they can consciously evolve into their fullest expression or does evolution have to be directed outside of free will and choice by an external source to insure that it takes place, because the mass of consciousness becomes lost in the dense magnetics and the “struggle for survival”.

That is the essence of the paradigm of the Great Experiment, and under that paradigm that is what we are here to discover and pioneer. Although “shifting” has happened 14 times within the last 4.5 million years, never has it happened with 6 billion entities at once.

To coerce the population through fear and intimidation into making choices they would not ordinarily make, and telling us philosophically and epistomologically what is “right” and what is “wrong” constitutes outside intervention – the type of intervention that would exist were you to see a fleet of starships over your head, or the hierarchically stepped down orders of NWO power brokers who mirror their masters who identify with control and manipulation instead of the Absolute value of Whole-Being Consciousness, and unconditional love.

Ancient records, as well, are full of cases of beings from elsewhere intervening in the affairs of the population of Earth – so there has been intervention in the past. Much intervention has been relative to genetic improvements of the bodies to be inhabited by entities who will incarnate. Most of this type of intervention occurred before the incarnation of the Universal Reference Being on this planet.

It picked up again in recent times. As polarities become more pronounced, entities have the choice of where to align themselves; the “negative” hierarchy will attempt to intimidate the unaligned to join their ranks in the hope (based on misperception) that it will increase their power and offset the evolution of consciousness on this planet (which is not subject to being offset, because it follows the nature of reality, which blends into Unity).

In the past entities in progressive evolution proceed through all twelve overtones sequentially in their journey in consciousness from one level of consciousness to another level of consciousness – a process often requiring hundreds of thousands of years on a linear time scale. What we are about to experience this time is a shifting of this process, to a degree where we will move, under this paradigm, directly from one level to another level and experiencing all the intervening overtones simultaneously instead of sequentially over a period of “time”.

This is a process that the genetic parents of humans have not experienced.

The Concepts of “God” and “Creator”

Usually in human society, the terms “God” and “Creator” are taken to mean the same thing. They are not.

There are many “Creators” in the Universe. We ourselves as a race have been “pro-creators” and have now come to the point where we too are broaching the point of becoming “Creators”. The human species now has the ability to create life-forms. Beings that create lifeforms are “Creators“. All beings, however, generally acknowledge the existence of the “God force” – the “God force” not being an individual or a race of beings but as the Universal Intelligent Matrix that weaves itself through every aspect of creation.

This Universal Intelligent Matrix does not have judgment, nor does it “care” what we are doing or how we are living our lives. It is an overall intelligence – a force – which interpenetrates everything everywhere simultaneously. It is because of the Universal Intelligent Matrix of which we are a part that we are able to exist in physical bodies and make use of free will and choice.

There are some theologians who are beginning to understand that the “Lord” mentioned in the Bible was not one “Lord”, but one of many “Lords”, or “Creators”. Some were angry and jealous (The Jehovah Group), and some had outer psychological modes (The Elohim, Yahweh, etc).

Service to Others and Service to Self while Serving the Creator

All expressions of lifeforms are a service to that which created them.

That service tends to be in two primary forms: Service to your Creator through Service to Others, and Service to your Creator through Service to the Self. Neither of these modes are accurately looked upon as being “right” or “wrong” – that would involve a judgment process.

Recently (and there are articles elsewhere in Matrix IV to support this) scientists have confirmed to themselves the existence of both “white light” and “dark light” in the structure of spiral galaxies. We and the planet at this time are experiencing and Serving primarily within a “white light” spiral.

There are other planets and beings who, in their-stage of evolution, are experiencing and Serving within a “dark light” format. Both groups of beings and planets in these modes do whatever they do in service to a Creator.

It is not until those two types of experiences are referenced to each other that a judgment is formed.

The Current ET Situation Under This Paradigm

There are innumerable extra-terrestrial species that are anchored in various overtones around Earth that are engaged in observation of the drama unfolding around us.

Some of them are, in our perception, physical beings. Some are non-physical beings.

One of those groups is associated with the binary Sirian system. Both Earth and our Sun are in harmonic resonance with the binary system of Sirius. Sirian beings have been involved with humans since their “seeding’’, but not as genetic “parents”. They assisted the establishment of the energy environment that allowed our consciousness matrix to evolve to the point where it is at this present time.

The Sirians are Tantrically locked into cycles with us, but 180 degrees out-of-phase. As we experience one aspect of the cycles, they are experiencing the other. They have been with us since the beginning of this 200,000 year cycle, and it is they, amongst others, who are depicted on the temple walls in Egypt, Tibet, in South America, and the American Southwest.

They are depicted as very tall beings, nine to thirteen feet tall. They have very elongated craniums. Historians and archeologists, in their ignorance and suppressive locked-in belief grids, view these features as “genetic defects“.

They are very balanced beings who have androgynous physical forms as well as male and female forms. At this point, humans are fairly tied to the “maleness” and “femaleness” of the bodies they inhabit, although that is changing toward a move toward the inclusion of androgynous bodies. The Sirians are physically living on Earth, although you will not see them openly.

During the time of Ahkenaton, he and his family were of Sirian lineage, but were not themselves pure Sirian. They are depicted that way in art of the period.

Another group which is here are the Pleadians, who are our “genetic” parents.

They too are present physically on the planet and walk the streets next to humans. Humans are essentially the product of Pleadian DNA. We are not native to the Earth, nor are humans in perfect harmony with the planet, because we are projecting our consciousness into a bodily form that, in essence, is not “born of Earth”. It is close, but not physically, energetically or geometrically perfect within the context of the Earth experience.

As was said, there are many Pleadians living and working amongst humans. Some of them are fully conscious of who they are. Some have chosen to come in through a womb experience just as humans have.

As with humans, many of them are “asleep”, “just waking up”, or “fully conscious”, if Pleadians are examined in terms of their “aura”, they appear to have none at all. They actually do have one.

Aura fields are a function of the electrical nature of the cell. Their aura is vibrating at a slightly higher rate that is typically beyond human sensitive perceptibility. Ironically, humans will see the least of these two groups toward the close of the cycle, because they are honoring the principle of non-intervention.

They are trying to allow us to have our experience by ourselves 8 and not blatantly interfering with the human process.

8 There are splinter groups and offshoots that have their roots in the Sirian and Pleadian systems that are part of the “negative” hierarchy that interface more with humans and who have Service to Self orientations in line with similar objectives of the New World Order. The “Pleadians” of Billy Meier are one of these groups.

There are other races of beings that have nothing to do with being human “parents” that are also here on and around the Earth at this time. Some of these never agreed to the principle of non-intervention and are blatantly interfering with our process right now, although they may not be fully aware of the implications of what they are doing or the process that they are in the midst of.

Portrayals of some of these beings (Greys) are purposefully being thrust on the public through the media so that humans will accept the presence of these beings. Not all of the beings termed to be the “Greys’’ are from the same star system.

The system of Zeta Reticulans 9 look insect like and cannot reproduce sexually. They ingest and secrete fluids through the pores of their skin. They have evolved into a genetic path that some view as a genetic “dead end”.

9 Reference the data in Matrix II, The Abduction and Manipulation of Human Beings Using Advanced Technology.

This path has provided them a particular experience. We may have the opportunity to learn from them insofar as we may observe the results of their experience and determine what paths we may take should we chose not to duplicate it on a human equivalent level.

The Greys were forced by events within their system to adopt the lifestyle they have in order to survive. They had to alter their genetic structure, live underground, and absorb food and excrete by osmotic processes. That is the choice that they made.

Over time, they became much different beings than they were when they began that process. Over their evolutionary process, they have traveled a path that we are being asked to look at right now – the path of empowering external technology as opposed to Empowering Internal Technology.

What has happened with many of these groups – even the Sirians and Pleadians – is that they have developed very sophisticated technology outside of themselves – not unlike what the Atlanteans did in our previous cycle and not unlike what we are moving toward in the current human cycle, as we build devices and tools dial are merely reflections of some aspect within ourselves.

Each time we build an external device and then empower the device to deal with that specific aspect of our world for us, we have given part of our power away. To the degree that we continue building external devices and empowering those external devices, we are losing our power to the point where human capacity is beginning to atrophy. Much of what this conscious cycle is about it the intentional reawakening of internal technology that the Universal Reference Being and the bona fide Mystery Schools were showing us, so that we may have the choice to build outside ourselves only as a learning tool, but knowing that we don’t “need” those things. We have the abilities internally.

As is referenced in Matrix II, the Greys began making themselves known during the first half of the 20th century10.

10 Some of the contact was by virtue of magikal ritual. Reference “Montauk Revisited” and subsequent works regarding Jack Parsons, Hubbard et al.

They have “evolved” themselves to the point where they no longer have an emotional body. They do not resonate to the grids we associate with emotion. Because of this, they do not comprehend the concepts of “personal boundaries” or “personal space violation”. The Greys are primarily from a spiral that is experiencing “dark light”. In “dark light” they are in Service to their Creator through Service to Self.

What we have is an interesting situation with a life force living in our world (while light spiral in Service to our Creator through Service to Others) that is involved in the opposite type of Service. That is where the problem lies. We perceive the lack of resonance between those two types of experiences. Humans feel violated when they are abducted and manipulated in the process of biological sampling and hybrid experimentation.

They look at things logically and do not understand why we would feel that way because to them it is what they need to accomplish their perceived purpose. It is not a matter of “right” and “wrong”, but humans certainty do not have to accept this situation or embrace it.

Many people who are aware of the Greys would like to abolish” the whole species from the Earth.

It is ultimately up to you on how you feel, and it is a very emotional topic. Many peoples lives have been touched through the mind control and other manipulations these beings conduct on humans with their fear-based technologies (which the stepped-down hierarchy of the New World Order has decided to adopt – which is again based on choice) which these entities from the “dark light” spiral bring to the Earth. The knowledge of these technologies has penetrated our consciousness grid.

There is another concept regarding all of this which may be new to many people.

If we are truly who we say we are, and we are truly where we say we are in this process of conscious evolution, what there is here is an opportunity to break the cycle of anger, fear and rage, and not to embrace and not necessarily to accept what has happened, but to show compassion fax those in power who have been asked to perpetuate decisions they never originally chose to make as they begin to tell us what it is that has happened … and compassion for the lifeforms which have come to our world.

We do not need to embrace what they have done to humans on this planet.

This whole thing places the Sirians and Pleadians in an interesting position. They have agreed to non-intervention. Do they sit back and watch the Greys intervene in the human process, or do they stop that intervention and become part of the intervention themselves? We are seeing some evidence of interference from the Sirians and Pleadians that might not be overtly blatant, because of the “crop circles”.

The crop circles are appearing only in the cereal grains that were “gifted” to humans (not native to Earth) or grains that were genetically modified to become what they are by the Sirians.



The crop circles are introducing into the human conscious matrix, through resonance, very powerful symbols in terms of where we are at this point in history – at least for those who are conscious enough to access them.


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