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Earth Changes / Sunday, July 13th, 2014


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Update on the Fourth Dimensional Shift and the Translation Period

In the Flower of Life workshops as far back as 1984, we discussed what would happen on earth prior to the earth actually entering the Fourth Dimension. We said that prior to the poles of the earth moving to new locations, which is when the human consciousness usually moves into the Fourth Dimension, there would be a period of time where there may be worldwide chaos. It is a period where most people go insane, all social systems, financial systems, political systems etc., collapse and the planet is plunged into total chaos. This time period traditionally, throughout the universe, has been about three months to two years directly prior to the actual poles of the planet shifting. We’ll call this time period the Translation Period.

The chaos is caused when the geomagnetic poles of the earth drop to zero. This causes chaos because the human being needs the magnetic field of the earth to maintain its emotional balance and memory. When the magnetics drop to zero, people go insane.

This Translation Period is the time when religious orders such as the Mormons and the Saint Germaine groups have prepared for years. The Mormons, for example, must have food and water to last for two years, the maximum time the Translation Period usually lasts.

However, to believe that if you prepare in this way with food and supplies and that everything will be the same after the Translation Period, is unrealistic. At the end of the Translation Period you will change your consciousness and begin to move through the void, the birth of the new consciousness into the Fourth Dimension. From there on out, everything you do to physically prepare on earth will be of no use to you in your new world. No more than it was when you were born on earth in the body you now have.

Almost every year since 1984 people have asked me when this Translation Period will begin, and I have always said, “I don’t know”. I have also said, “I don’t want to know” meaning that if a person spends too much time worrying about what will happen in the future, they can hinder their spiritual growth. It would be kind of like knowing the exact minute that you will die. Would you live your life in the same way? Probably not. This knowledge would interfere with your purpose on earth. Only in the eternal now can we make changes that will transform us.

However, the now of the Translation Period may now be upon us. I do not know for sure, but the evidence is very powerful. If we are entering this period, we will now have to prepare at least internally if not externally. Each one of us will have to decide how we will live our lives during this period. I will speak about this again at the end of this message.

The following is all of the evidence that has been given to me from around the world. You must decide if it is real or just imaginary. You must decide how to respond to this information.


On December 14, 1997, an explosion was received on earth from deep space. From an area about the size of Texas about 12 billion light years away, an explosion occurred that, based on E=mc2, would have required all the known and visible matter in the universe to release that much energy. According to the paper that I was reading, it would have been equivalent to one thousandth of a second after the original Big Bang.

This is impossible by our understanding of the universe. There is not one person on earth that could even begin to explain this one. And to further complicate the matter, over 2000 of these explosions have occurred since the first one. Over 2000 new universes have been created within this one!!!!!


Since December 14, 1997, the center of our galaxy has also begun to pulse huge amounts of energy out to the universe. This also is unexplainable, according to the scientist that I was talking with. In fact, the satellite that was destroyed in June of 1998, the “beeper” satellite, was destroyed from one of these blasts from the center of our galaxy, according to this same scientist. This man believes that if this energy continues to rise and pulse that it will eventually destroy all of our satellites around the earth.

3. SUN

In 1992 everything was normal with our sun. It had a magnetic north and south pole. It was functioning normal by scientific standards. In December of 1994, the Ulysses spacecraft from NASA arrived at the sun to measure its magnetic field. NASA was astonished to find out that the magnetic field of the sun no longer has a north and south pole. The sun’s magnetic field had changed dramatically into a homogeneous field. There was, of course, no scientific explanation. No one had ever seen anything like this before. Then the SOHO satellite was launched to study the sun for a two year period.

Early in June 1998 two comets entered into the sun. This is not unusual. As many as twenty five or more comets or asteroids a year will either enter the sun or graze it. Nothing has ever happened before when the sun was struck by a cosmic body. But this time the sun reacted in a way no one has every seen before. Approximately 30 to 35 solar flares erupted on the surface of the sun, all in two parallel circles at the 19.5 north and south latitudes.

These are the latitudes where the interlocking tetrahedrons cross the sphere of the sun. It is the same with the earth or a human being. If even two or three solar flares were to erupt at one time, this would be a great concern because of the magnetic storms that could be caused on earth. 30 or 35 is outrageous.

Further, according to Gregg Braden, the solar proton flux, which is measured in PUI, rose to about 2500 PUI in the late 1980’s. The scientific community was very concerned about this much energy reaching the earth. Do you know what it was a few days ago? 42,000 PUI !!!! No one is saying anything. What can they say? Gregg is sending this data to me now.

Another interesting point, on June 25th, 1998, the SOHO satellite that was watching the sun suddenly became inoperative according to NASA. No more information to us. Could this be real or a manmade problem to stop the flow of information to the public?

Another interesting point, on June 26th, 1998, we had a major magnetic storm on earth that reached 6 or 7 magnitude. Usually the whole world is informed preparing us for this potential problem. NASA did not inform the public? Why?


A. We are being told here in the States that the fires in Mexico are being caused by farmers burning fields to make room for more crops. Eye witnesses in Mexico that I have talked with have a different story. They say that Mt. Popocatepetl about 40 miles SE of Mexico City has been erupting for over a year now, and the ground in the surrounding area is becoming very hot. Eyewitnesses say that the trees are spontaneously breaking into flames, which would mean that the ground would have to be over 459 degrees Fahrenheit. One report said that they even saw animals spontaneously break into flames. One eyewitness that I spoke with said that even a long ways from Mt. Popocatepetl the ground is so hot that the rubber soles of shoes will melt while walking in the forest.

B. In June 1998 another huge volcano, Pacaya, erupted near Guatemala City.

C. In California the Mammoth Lake area appears to potentially be ready for a possible eruption.

D. Mt. Saint Helens is receiving about 170 earthquakes per day.

E. Mt. Rainier also appears to be dangerously close to a possible eruption.

F. An underwater volcano is forming off the coast of California.

What is being said here is that the entire coastline from Guatemala to Washington State is becoming dangerously close to some kind of major reaction. Exactly what no one knows.

1. The South Pole is melting. There are three volcanoes going off under the ice cap. They have been active for many years now. Last year the biggest piece of ice ever known broke off, about 800 square miles of ice. At the moment another huge piece is about to break off. This one is called Larson’s Ledge and is about the size of the state of Texas and about 3 or 4 miles deep. It is cracking fast. If this piece of ice breaks off, according to the press releases, it will raise the world oceans by 65 feet. Two countries will disappear forever and almost every coastal city in the world will be destroyed. Just think what would happen to Florida when the highest point is 90 feet. This would happen in about one day.

Our government is telling the world that it will be about 500 years before Larson’s Ledge breaks off. We don’t talk about it much here in the states, but in Australia it is discussed almost every week because they would be effected first and much more. Obviously the tidal wave coming off of a piece of ice as big as Larson’s Ledge would be huge, perhaps over a half mile high or more. About 10 days ago Dr. David Suzuki and another scientist went on Australian television and made a daring statement. They said that they could not allow this disinformation to go out. They said that, as scientists, they believed from all the scientific information that they have seen that Larson’s Ledge will break off sometime “within three years or less”. Before Dr. Suzuki even said this to Australia, the aboriginal tribes said that they expected a huge wave to be coming, and many of these tribes are at this moment heading for the center of the continent to get as far inland as possible.

2. The geomagnetic field of the earth is undergoing huge changes. For 2000 years the earth’s geomagnetic field has been growing weaker. 2000 years ago the field measured about 4 gauss. About 500 years ago the geomagnetic field began to drop at a much faster rate. The field now measures only about 0.4 gauss. In the last 20 years the field has not only been dropping, but has become erratic. Birds that use the geomagnetic field to migrate with are now ending up at the wrong location because the field has changed. This is the same with Dolphins and Whales. They use the geomagnetic lines to migrate, which have been stationary for thousands of years and have now changed. Some of these lines now move inland and this is the reason why many whales have beached themselves. They were just following the geomagnetic lines that have always guided their migration, but which now lead into land.

In the last two weeks of September 1994, the world experienced a geomagnetic field wobble. Airlines worldwide were forced to manually land their airplanes because the geomagnetic field of the earth began to move. By the beginning of October it seemed to return to normal.

In June, July, August, September, October and part of November of 1996 we had a much bigger and longer anomaly. Especially during July and August of 1996. The South Pole was actually moving around. If you had a compass set up you could see it moving on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. It was moving anywhere from 2½ degrees too as much as 17 degrees in a single day. At one point, according to Gregg Braden, the South Pole of the planet actually moved off the coast of California for a few hours. This info can easily be checked. Just look at almost any aeronautical map in the world for any major airport prior to June of 1996, and then get a new one (they had to make new maps in order to land their planes) and compare them. You will see that the error correction for the magnetic north pole has changed which means that the South Pole has moved. Chicago O’Hara International changed by 2½ degrees. That map I personally verified.

Then everything became quiet until recently. There were a few movements, but not much. In the last couple months, again there is movement. This time potentially with great consequences. I was just talking with a German scientist who was concerned enough to give me this information even though it could mean his loss of freedom. He said that he was working with the Russian government. He said that he would send me the proof of what he was about to tell me. He did not know that I had been following the changes in the geomagnetic fields of the earth. He said two things.

First that the Schumann resonance frequency (SRF) of the earth, which many people have been talking about is in truth changing. According to the Russian satellites, the SRF is raising dramatically. We were first told by Gregg Braden, who is a geologist, that it was raising. It normally is at about 7.8 Hertz. We were told by Mr. Braden that it had risen up to as high as 11.2 Hertz. Then suddenly the University of California at Berkeley said that there was no change. That everything is normal. It did not make sense. According to Russia, it is now at about 13 hertz and still climbing.

The second thing that my German source said is extremely important. He said that both Germany and Russia have documented that the geomagnetic field of the earth is at this moment racing toward zero. He said that the Russian computer models showed that about 10 days ago we passed the point where it could be reversed, meaning that whenever a system gets to this stage, it will go to zero. He then said that the Russian government now believes that the earth’s geomagnetic field will go to zero in the near future. Possibly as early as the end of July 1998 but definitely before the end of the year.

My German source said that the Russian space program has done extensive research around this subject. He said that when the Russians took people outside the earth’s magnetic field they recorded specific human reactions. First the astronauts became agitated. Then they became aggressive toward other human beings. Then they went completely insane which they discovered was incurable. They even studied and discovered exactly what happened in the human brain when the field went to zero that caused this insanity. The Germans have created an electronic belt to wear that will create a personal balance of the SRF and the 0.4 gauss geomagnetic field around the human body. This is being given out to key personnel to keep the government running in case this really happens.

In addition, three other human discoveries have happened that also indirectly point to this time being the time of the Translation Period.

1. First the discoveries that are taking place in Egypt of the underground city that is 6½ by 8 miles and at least 12 stories deep is important. This discovery which we also talked about in the Flower of Life workshop is one of the signs of the coming period.

2. The discovery of the secret book in the Bible, the computer program, which would not be open “until the end of time” has been opened. This is reported in the book, “The Bible Code”. This is very important.

3. On May 23, 1998, the discovery of Atlantis off the coast of Biminis was announced by Aaron Du Val. They found Atlantis 3½ years ago, but refused to release this information until they had scientifically proven it beyond any doubt. This they have now done. This is another great sign. Much more will be talked about this in the future by this website.

Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, predicted around 50 or 60 years ago that the earth’s pole would shift in the “winter of 1998”. The timing appears to be right. This is not the geomagnetic pole, but the actual pole the earth turns on. This was considered impossible at the time of Cayce’s prediction. They believed then that such an event would only happen over millions of years. Now they know that it happens often. In fact it happened just 13,000 years ago and before that it was 26,000 years ago. According to the Precession of the Equinox, we are at that point in history where this should happen, if it is to happen.

And finally, the Hopi just went on Art Bell’s radio talk show, and announced that in July the earth will know for sure that something very big is happening, and that by October through December of 1998 we could pass into the fifth world of the Native American peoples. This is the same as the fourth dimension of the Melchizedeks. The Hopi count the void as a world, we count it as zero. Another huge sign.

Now you have seen the evidence. This may or may not happen now. I do not second-guess God. But I believe it will happen someday in the near future. Even the Bible speaks of this. So what do we do? This is the question.

The angels told me, when I first came to earth, to become “middle class” so that I could experience first hand this very situation. What does one do when they have a family, a husband or wife and children to take care of? For that matter, what does one do if they are simply single? It is easier if one is single, but many of the decisions are the same.

A short discussion of the situation when the chaos hits may be helpful. I was in a think tank in Canada focused on this very subject. This is some of what I learned.

First of all, it will be almost impossible to live in a major city during this time. All electricity, gas and water will be shut off. The United States only has a 30 day supply of food, so after about one month or less, people will be without food and will do anything to get it. Travel will be impossible. Broken down automobiles will block most roads. All airlines, trains, buses, etc., will not be working. Where ever you are is where you will be. And if that is not enough, most of the people will be hungry, angry, and dangerous.

At first thought, the forest or woods seems to be the safest place to go, but it became clear in the think tank that I took part in that this would become a very unsafe place. Everyone will head for the forest!!!! People will be everywhere walking around with guns freaked out and dangerous. So let’s look at the possibilities.

If you think the worse thing that can happen is that you or a family member will be killed, realize this is not a problem. The purpose of life at this stage of growth is to move consciously into the next world, the fourth dimension. There are three ways that can happen. One way is not better than another.

1. Death: In the past if you died, you passed into the third overtone of the fourth dimension (4D). From there you would, after a period of time, come back to earth to live again, to complete your purpose on earth. This cycle has continued for a very long time, but now that is changing. For most of us, this is our last life. If you die now, you will still move to the third overtone of the 4D, and then rapidly move up to either the 10th, 11th, or 12th overtone of the 4D, the place where we need to be to be in harmony with earth consciousness. Even the Bible says about this time that the “dead will rise”.

2. Resurrection: Here you still die, but you consciously reconstruct your body after death and then move up to the 10th, 11th, or 12th overtone of the 4D. The result is the same.

3. Ascension: Here you do not die, but rather you consciously more into the 4D and into the 10th, 11th or 12th overtone bringing your body with you. You and your body simply disappear out of this world, through the void into the next world.

What does it mean, “One way is not better than another”? The result is the same, but the pathway is different. So why do it? The answer is very simple. Life does it because it is possible. Life’s purpose is to live all possibilities. This is the meaning of free will. Another word for “free will” is “all possibilities”. Some are drawn one way, some another, but in the end we are all the same spirit.

So what can we do physically to protect ourselves and our loved ones during this Translation Period? As I see it, these are the possibilities. You may see other ones.

1. Do nothing. Live life as if nothing is happening. Let God guide the way.

2. Do nothing outwardly, but prepare yourself inside, emotionally and mentally. Get ready to accept whatever comes. Let God guide the way.

3. Do nothing outwardly, but in addition to just preparing emotionally and mentally, you prepare through meditation and prayer. This could prove to be the most powerful thing a human being can do. Learning the Mer-Ka-Ba (the energy field of the human being, or sometimes called the Light Body) meditation is one way, but there are other ways. In this regard I will publish another paper in the near future.

4. Prepare physically by getting food and water together for up to two years in the place where you now live, and then doing one of the above. I believe now that you will only need about six months of supplies.

5. Prepare physically by moving to a new location that seems safer to you, and then doing some of the above.

6. Finally, the place that community has in this process could prove to be very important. If you have thought about forming a community in nature somewhere (especially where you can grow food) this may be the time. People of like mind that love one another may be your best preparation for this Translation Period, even if you are in a city. Helping and loving one another is an essential part of the teachings of the Ascended Masters, which leads to higher consciousness.

7. Do not be afraid. Remember your holy and intimate connection with God. God lives within you, and if you connect in this way, whatever you need will be given to you easily. Remember you are whole, complete and perfect in this moment. You are about to be given the greatest opportunity to move up in consciousness that a human can ever reach. Stay in love, stay connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky and you will find this a time of great beauty.

Are we about to enter the Translation Period? No one knows. At least you do not have to wait long to see if this is true. I have never given a warning before, but it now looks to me like it may really be coming soon. If I am wrong, it will at the very least be great practice.

I will update this website as new information comes in. Another report will come soon about the use of the Mer-Ka-Ba during the Translation Period. This will be useful for people who are using their Light Bodies.

May you become pure light with your beautiful love.

In Love and Service, Drunvalo

Drunvalo Melchizedek, Flower of Life founder, http://www.drunvalo.net/






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