Aug Tellez ~The Cosmic Dream and Sphere of Amenti

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

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This reality is being dreamed up from another level.

This particular dream is founded on the concept that the dream-people would be given the opportunity to play a role in shaping the dream.

As a result some people sought power to control more and more of the dream.

As a result of that, some people basically developed “cheat-codes” using advanced technology, secrecy, and knowledge of the dream-world/soul in order to control the rest of the dream.

The dream quickly became a kind of advanced “video-game” system where parts could be upgraded, great distances traveled, and high-scores toppled with each new layer of adventure.

Some gained access to the core of the “Checkpoint” system, or each saved portion of the game. As a result of manipulation of this system directly, an attempt to basically hack the cheat-codes from the “GUI” or graphical/surface interface level, a disruption within the core-processor began to ripple out ward.

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This disruption is essentially ripples of increased intensity that reflect a level “16” game player’s environment, with all the cheats activated and some very high-level adventures going, and these are rippling outwards towards everyone on the surface at a level “2” game-player environment with only a few cheat codes activated (if any) and only one or two “level-ups”. If this high-intensity ripple reaches these surface players before they power up the to an adaptable level, it would entirely destroy their game-adventure rendering all their “save-points” useless and unanchored. Basically, they won’t be able to pick up where they left off if they don’t level up this time around.

What is called the “Sphere of Amenti” is basically the last “save-point” for this species. This “save-point” must be reached through a continuous accessing of higher and higher levels until enough “upgrades” are reached so that the intensity of the new information coming through will not completely blast the surface level players out of the water.

It was decided to allow all of this on the whim of experiencing something new, since dream-worlds have been a very popular thing in the core of the source reality. One could say making dream-worlds and having interesting dream-world based conversations with each other is all they do there.

One might bring up an idea, and in response, the conversation partner sends the experience of 10 human lives and a few glimpses of various eco-systems as a response. Ok, maybe that is an ‘advanced’ conversation in this source-realm we are imagining. Their conversations inspire new intentions and ideas to dream. As a result of this good idea, the beings go home, fall “asleep” (more like meditation) and find themselves experiencing existence through everything on this plane. They wake up a second later and our entire history has played out before them. This gives them more inspiration and they want to hear feedback so they walk around “town”, strike up a conversation with someone they “vibe” with, and the two share glimpses of each other’s dreams. If this is intense enough for the both of them, they will not be able to stop themselves from dreaming more back at home!

So this world is just one of those thought bubbles and it goes on and on.

A previous layer of the dreamers within the dream had awoken to the true nature of this seemingly real dream-reality. Some decided to try and crash the “server” system in order to get out of the dream not realizing at first, that this would only start up a new dream.

The goal is to finalize the dream and make it so much the best dream ever that there would be no more need to experience the same ideas again. If they are not fully explored and experienced, you better believe there will be another dream to explore those ideas again, in a new way.

So the “save-point” issue. This sphere contains all the information for the past civilizations of save-points that had figured out the truth and contains genetic and spiritual information that connects the memory of this civilization to the memories of the previous. Without that save-point, everything starts all over and no dream is ever exactly the same again. That’s how powerful a dream these dreamers dream.

So a previous civilization that wishes to “finish” first, wants to skip over the next in line and “write-over” this civilization save-point. In order to stop that we have to access that save-point first. The other aspect is that they can only move when we move, without us paving the way, they can’t actually get to it. But if we move through time, pave the way of this dream, and then don’t access that high level and initialize a fulfilling of true spiritual values, then someone else does and that’s their game.

We are playing a different game in a different dream and this period in history is a convergence point where all the games periodically become one interconnected dream like the most convincingly interesting multi-dimensional million year long choose your own adventure novel spanning across nations, races and timelines.

To reach the save-point we actualize ourselves. To actualize ourselves, we let go of fear and especially fear of the unknown and fear of the true-self. Fear of pain is not fear, that is the warning of not stepping on a sharp stick or something like that. Fortunately we have shoes, get the point? We can avoid all pain-based fears as long as we use our head-mind intelligence, our heart-mind intelligence, and our gut or intuition mind intelligence. These three combined create a trinary experience of spiritual intelligence that is the true self and points the way to the true guiding force for the next layer of existence, day by day, and year by year.

We are coming to a point where these forces are converging within us as well. We have a separation of ideals, memories, desires…well they can only be separated for so long through manipulation before what? We become undone?

So what happens when a person accidentally slightly chokes themselves with a blanket while sleeping? They either wake up fully or rouse from their slumber and roll over untangling themselves (or making it worse forcing them to wake up). This is that moment in history. People are rousing up to wakefulness but have not fully woken up. The trick might not be fully waking up yet. It may be dreaming right along in this dream reality and realize that something has perturbed us a bit for the past few centuries. Soon, if this separation of the tertiary nature continues we will face real danger, if this happens, there are all kinds of automatic biological and other ‘warning’ systems that rouse us even further and force us to implode or come right back together.

This is that point. We are being presented with the opportunity to make a choice for the first time. Come back together, or force ourselves to wake up from the game. Remember, waking up from the game before you finished… what is that? That’s a child (or some adults these days…)throwing the controller in anger and pulling the plug before storming out of the room. That is not the goal of the game and no game is too difficult for you, cosmic dreamer.


The Cosmic Dream and Sphere of Amenti

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