Zen Gardner: Futuretime – Masterstroke of Suspended Animation

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By Zen Gardner, zengardner.com, Thanks to Rise Earth

There is no future. There is only now. Looking to the future is perhaps one of the greatest tools of trickery the matrix of deceit employs to keep mankind in suspended animation. Every time I hear someone say “If this persists we’re not going to recognize the world around us in 20 years” or something to that effect, I can’t help but be amazed at the utter unconscious ignorance of such a perspective.

Besides the fact that when the so-called future arrives it’s nothing but now, I have to wonder, when will people realize we’re already in a so-called unrecognizable state of affairs in almost every sphere of our living existence? The social engineers have moved slowly and steadily forward for generations, banking on humanity’s apathetic acquiescence to the effects of the incremental current changes happening all around us and to us right here and now. It appears humanity has been deviously persuaded to put off a full on acknowledgement and response to immediate influences for a time when conditions are shocking enough to cause some sort of involuntary response.

That state of unawareness is next to comatose.

When we arrive at some projected future time and condition it will again be the very same now. By the very nature of this channeled way of thinking when that time is here people won’t even recognize it, being in a changed state of mind themselves to where they’ve already adjusted to and accepted the subtle as well as blatant changes along the way. This is all just as they have designed, using every weapon they can manifest be it informational, electromagnetic, scalar, genetic or chemical, they’ve literally altered our reality to their liking, both internally as well as externally.

Despite this incessant bombardment, however, there is no excuse for ignorance and apathy. None. No matter how much they throw at us .

The Flip Side: False Promises of a Better Future

The most commonly identified usage of this distanced future gambit is the false hope and promises ploy. This, however, is well known and more easily identified via broken political promises and the like which do not need a lot of historical knowledge to recognize.

This ability to see this obvious side of the coin, however, gives a false sense of knowing we’re being deceived, again a very clever insertion of limited truth to help the larger agenda go down the gullet more easily. The media plays this limited truth tool continuously to give the appearance of objectivity and keeping our leaders honest, which clearly is to no avail.

This is the whole reason so-called democracy rather than outright dictatorship has been instituted as a paradigm supposedly “for the people, by the people” when in reality it is no such thing. What little voice the herd has is channeled into false choices while the candidates are invariably selected ahead of time and simply maneuvered into place, each new so-called representative carrying on what they themselves call the “continuity of government.”

We may see small victories here and there and think our voices are being heard, but this again is to keep the masses placated as they move full steam ahead on their much greater designs of complete social containment. This has been going on a long, long time.

This political madness is so far gone that H.L. Mencken said of the American people nearly 100 years ago, “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

A sad but true state of affairs.

The Indomitable Power of Truth and Consciousness

The human spirit is ultimately untouchable and indomitable. Unless we allow outside forces to take control of us. I’m not minimizing the challenges before each and every one of us but if there was ever a time when the handwriting is on the wall in big bold neon letters it is now. Ultimately it’s always now when it comes to warning signs, but the particular convergence humanity finds itself in today is so historically unprecedented we have nothing to compare it to, especially with true historical contexts having been marginalized or virtually erased from the human domain.

What people then do is compare our current condition of the recent past to an imagined, carefully manipulated futuretime idea, which is not nearly as well informed or motivating as having a true, fully conscious aware perspective on what is transpiring right here, right now, all around and to us.

This is why real history is either hidden, suppressed or drastically revised. A true historical perspective can be a wonderful source for a personal as well as societal awakening and arousal to conscious action. This is also why absolute control of the media is so integral to their plan, to not provide any fuel for our personal awareness that would bring an empowered perspective as to our true current condition and innate abilities to awaken to our full potential.

Procrastination and the Global Cinema of Stupefied Observers

All of this is playing on the idea of a future we want or don’t want rather than fully facing our current reality just the way it is. A very clever device. Books like “Future Shock” and “The Population Bomb” 50 years ago and other reality-distancing programming devices over the decades have been very effective in putting humanity into the observer’s seat. Relegating the population to the status of false hoping fools or a fear-ridden audience reading and watching omen after omen regarding some dark dystopian future, rather than the ongoing realities of now, has been extremely effective.

The transhumanist agenda is the perfect example of this kind of slow burn programming. Introduced via sci-fi literature, glorified by Hollywood and the music industry, and worshiped via scientism and technocracy for decades, it has wormed it’s way into a present day reality that could not be any more in your soon-to-be-transhumanized face. Years ago machine integration into the human body, robotics, drone warfare and mass integrated surveillance might have been a shock. Today, it’s simply accepted if not met with open arms.

The world has become a virtual and literal cinema of dumbed down onlookers, unwittingly melding into this mix of perceived realities and false media programming as one big theater of the absurd – unwitting spectators who are nothing more that boiling frogs luxuriating in a seductive, toxic brew.

Another dynamic at play is procrastination – putting things off until some future point when we might feel more motivated or it becomes an absolute necessity – is a battlefield all its own. While this is usually addressed regarding menial or seemingly bothersome tasks, the real issue this boils down to is conscious responsive living.

Humanity tends to “put off” almost everything of real meaning – helping those in immediate need, acting to stop violence and oppression, and standing up to and removing very real threats such as those abusing us via predatory banking and capitalism, blatant political chicanery, and the deliberate adulteration of our food, air and water.

Who Will Wake Up and Stand for Truth – Now?

Subconsciously humans realize if they were to truly wake up and be responsive now, rather than putting off and minimizing these important impulses, it soon leads to a major lifestyle and personal identity change with awakened understandings that are way out of line with the social “norm” of any time period.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Do individual humans have the guts to be conscious and hence responsive? Or is humanity so far down the tubes and self consumed it can’t even lift a finger to help those in need, never mind rebel against their own daily slaughter at the hands of geoengineers, big pharma, medical fascism, economic predators, insane leaders, pathological control freaks and the like.

Again, this can be taken in this future vs now context, where the programming is in place that if it ever did get that bad at some future time as some “say” it might, certainly something would get done about it, being so repulsive to their current way of thinking. I find it disconcerting that people assume they’ll have this same perspective in this projected future setting when in fact everything will have shifted by the time this elusive future social cocktail arrives, one which has been exponentially laced with an addictive anesthetic inducing a metastasizing love for submission and servitude.

This is akin to the mental and emotional block the vast majority has against accepting the reality of false flags and manufactured terrorism, and also explains why they’ve stepped up the use of these extreme tactics playing on emotional trauma-based social control mechanisms. Fundamentally, it becomes harder and harder to wake up as the true reality around them seems completely psychologically unfathomable.

Easy prey for cold blooded predators.

The Agenda is Backfiring

Nevertheless, these same extreme conditions are backfiring on a massive scale. When the pain of staying in this increasingly abusive false reality is worse than the pain of waking up, people start taking steps in the right direction. It’s said “necessity is the mother of invention”. Similarly you could apply another old adage, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Extreme conditions often bring out the best in people. Certainly in some cases it brings out the worst, but even one awakened individual is way more powerful and effective than 10’s of thousands of sleepwalking hypnotoids.

Keep that front and center in your consciousness. The warfare may be intense and it’s often messy, but a conscious warrior detaches from the chaos and confusion and forges on in peace and confidence, with fearless determination.

That magnificent, poised perspective and way of being is available to all.

Find and exercise it at all costs. There is only one solution for the human condition. Not just awakening, but having the courage to act on it and helping others to also find the way.

It’s not just that there is no time like the present, but there is no time BUT the present. And that time is now.

Always now.

Step out now and manifest the awakening. Seeming sacrifices you’ll make will pale in comparison to the rewards of self-fulfillment and the betterment of the human as well as cosmic condition.

We each do make a massive difference.

Much love, Zen

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