You are MULTIDIMENSIONAL by Nature ~~ Melchizedek

Ascension, Galactics / Monday, April 22nd, 2013

As many of you continue to receive energy and actually resonate with the higher dimensional realms that is streaming from Universe and Sun you notice your ability to communicate with your beloved Earth Mother and with the rest of mankind in the most natural of ways through the awakening of your ever-increasing awareness. The recognition of your own infinite consciousness shows that you indeed see yourself not just as human, but a Divine Human as the living expression of God in all actions that are fused with Unconditional Love.

Dear ones, this is your journey. You will awaken when you are meant to and in Divine Time you will be brought to certain memories of your multidimensional self that holds a crucial part to the infinite humanity of all this around you and beyond your normal means of community. It is important dear ones to not rush these memories, allow this knowledge to come to you and it will through your practiced application of patience which brings you into a deeper knowing of your true self. When you do begin to remember dear ones you will discover you no longer will agree with the complex conflicts that are central to separation and non-harmonic way of being. When you reach this level of understanding and thinking, you begin to break away from the dualistic thinking of your mind and start embracing the ONENESS of yourself within a unified frequency. More and more you find yourself drawn to a more non-dualistic way of being and bringing those principles into your life, freeing yourself from the heavy narrow disconnected way of duality. You have the power dear ones to remove yourself from the imprisonment of your negative thinking mind. Discover this Inner Power and become the unlimited being you have always been and are meant to be again.

Understand dear ones; it is the thinking aspect of your mind that easily can remove yourself from the United Oneness of Humanity and of the Divine. Your choice to change your mind set and thinking patterns to those of positive Light and Love will provide you with liberation that is spontaneous and mindful of all action. Your mind is the only part of you that can cause separation between you and achieving Divine Consciousness. Your ability to control the thought patterns of your mind will be demonstrated in your ability to freely love without inhibitions, to create harmony and be the creative divine dear soul we see you as attaining and being.

We see many dear souls rushing hither thither; trying to get a quick remedy to achieving full wakefulness when this process must take its time and embrace each waking step as it comes instead of rushing through as if it is a race. Your journey dear ones has no clock or timer. All that you are meant to achieve within this life stream will occur. Have faith in yourself and believe dear ones. The way to your awakening, and to remembering and of your completeness of ALL that is, is when you consciously unite your whole body to the consciousness of the Divine. This is attained when you learn to break free from limited belief and earlier teachings, heavy emotional attachments, and great discord that is derived from one-sided thinking. Step away from your fear dear ones, remove the walls and armour that your mind has put up and unveil your soul and spirit –- embrace the Light and Love from God and grow and nurture in His abiding energy.

Much of your thinking prior to your awakening was the cause of conditioning created by earlier teachers, and caregivers. They did the best they could within the knowledge they themselves had and they shared this with you. Over time you have come to the conclusion that some of these lessons created a false contradiction held between outward covetousness and a mind filled with spiritual beliefs. Understand dear ones that materialism and many old spiritual beliefs held heavy fear-based separation thought-forms from the Divine and of the body. We are pleased to see many of you are beginning to see your Self expressed through your physical body as one of God’s of love and wholeness. Change takes time and it begins with one dear soul at a time.

Many old and arcane metaphysical traditions have always understood the deceptiveness of the thinking mind and of its ability to restrict its person from achieving awareness thus becoming a mechanical aspect of the physical mind that is separated from the real endlessness freedom of consciousness. These ancient ones focused primarily on honing the mental and spiritual communication frequency of one’s consciousness and develop this to open and to experience the Divine. Even though these dear souls of old understood, their way was still separated from achieving and connecting to higher states of complete unified consciousness with the Divine Realm. It is clearly understood dear ones only until you are able to Express yourself as pure ONENESS within the cellular relationship of your body you will connect to the higher and mystical states of consciousness with the use of your whole body: mind, body, heart and soul.

Once you are able to fully waken to the Divine Reality of being within your own physical body and mind you are then able to experience completeness through each cell of your whole being. And with this understanding dear ones you will discover that the cells of your Inner body are very crystalline by nature that has the capacity to not only receive Light from the Divine but can also decode and communicate this Light energy through your higher developed consciousness that is held within your own God-Like experiences. By taking this understanding a notch higher, within the realm of Quantum Physics you will discover the realization that your consciousness is a continuum of the Universe and the connectedness that is apparent is no longer held within your Earthly realm but you are also finding you are connected to the endlessness of the cosmos. The bandwidth of your increasing higher consciousness creates an ability to decode various waves of information as a minute particle that is manifested through your creative intentions.

Part of your awakening to the Divine Consciousness is discovered when both your heart and mind work simultaneously in harmony. A deeper understanding of your Inner Self is experienced and through reaching the Higher Realms of Consciousness many find themselves in the company of Star and Divine Beings that hold great messages for mankind.

Comprehend dear ones when you access the higher dimensional consciousness and energies, humanity as a whole is also entering a cycle of Universal evolution and galactic change that is felt and known through the becoming of your heart and mind achieving a higher state of knowingness and consciousness and being aware of that is moving and evolving around you. You are learning through the gentle guidance of many spiritual beings and angels that your physical body is required to remove its protective armour, facing the fear through the pureness of love found within your dear hearts – achieving Inner Balance that affects the wholeness of your Self in all areas. When you come into the realization that you have indeed fully awakened your physical body will become a harmonic fluid pulsation of information as the Light from God moves through each of your cells raising your consciousness to the point you begin to bridge your way onto the Ascension climb of remembering your true self as being one that is infinite in all things.

When you realize dear ones you have entered the path of Ascension, you then come into a silent knowing of your True Unlimited Consciousness that is found within your dear hearts then experienced through every cell of your body and expressed in every action of your day. You dear ones are multidimensional by nature and this knowledge is found with the cells of your body and discovered when you take the time to go within to know yourself as no one else can. We encourage each dear soul to make a conscious effort to move beyond the separation of the busy thinking mind and embrace the Oneness of the Divine within the existence of your Earth Mother’s bountiful body.

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller


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