The Return Of White Eagle ~ Metatron ~~ James Tyberonn

Ascension / Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Earth-Keeper Chronicles April 21 2013

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I greet you in an embrace of love ! We are joined this gathering by an entourage of Spirit., by those Ascended Masters of the group termed the White Eagle, a collective energy of highest virtue of which many of you are a part in higher aspect.

Dear Ones, 2013 is Year One of the New Earth and it a very special, very powerful time. It is particularly suited for the Co-Creation of Highest Good for Humanity and the New Earth. It is the Year in which Dharma is returned to and through the Sedona Vortexial Aperture to North America. Wesak 2013 on the Full-Moon Eclipse is then a clarion call to all who have taken the soul contract to be a part of this co creative anchoring. Many are called, and many will answer. It is a sacred oath and completion. It is the Return of the White Eagle.

We tell you that those of the LeMurian Realm, those of the Law of One of Poseida of the Atlantean Golden Age are a soul group who has shared group incarnations into many realms, many epochs. These began in Mu before duality Earth, and continued into Atlantis, Og, Rama, Egypt, Greece, Judea, Europe, Camelot, Tibet, and indeed, the American West.

Collective Soul Grouping – White Eagle

This ‘Soul Group, is one in which many of you on the Path of Spirit are and have ever been within. It is the core of many of the spiritually enlightened eras of the planet. Including then group incarnations into the times of the Atla-Ra, Horus & Isis, Akhenaten, Jesua ben Josef, Buddha and the White Eagle and White Buffalo. And it is the White Eagle & Buffalo that is beckoning this group to Wesak 2013. For this time is heralded as the return of the spirit of truth & virtue to the Red Lands of America, a virtue of Spirit that once resided in the land. It is a time foretold, it is a time that has come, and a sacred fulfillment is at hand.

It occurs at WESAK in the 13th resonance, for the wisdom of the Golden Age of the Spiritual Elders in the Redlands of the Americas were and always have been closely connected to the energy and lands of Tibet. We tell you many Tibetan Masters were part of the Golden Age of Wisdom among the ‘White Eagle’ clan of Elders of the Red Tribes. The soul group that came under the White Eagle aspiration in the Americas, you see, were previously in Tibet . That is why so many of the spiritual traditions of Tibet were mirrored in the traditions of the Elders of the Hopi , Navajo, Zuni and Lakota.. That is why so many of you you recall that powerful time and connect to the Native American Age of Wisdom, with incarnations as Hopi, Navajo, Lakota and such…and although that grand era has passed, it is now to revitalize as foreseen in the ancient prophesy of the ‘Return of Dharma’ .

Because of the Aquarian Shift and its resulting changes in the anionic field, the greater Sedona ‘Vortexial-Portal’ will be the apex of the opening for North America, extending from the Sonoran Desert to the region of that termed the Grand Canyon. Within this resonance an entourage of Spirit will be manifest. Because of the timing and harmonic oscillation to this area, a rebirthing ‘download’ frequency will be uniquely centered here, for this timing represents the prophesied return of Dharma to the Red Lands.

There has always been a special connection between the areas of Tibet/Nepal and Sedona. In ancient times a hyper-dimensional tunnel of Inner and Omni Earth existed between these two sacred zones of the Earth. It is evidenced yet today in the linguistics of the Pueblo Native Americans and the Tibetans. In 2013 it is being reactivated and dharmic codes will be downloaded and disseminated. Seeds of change will be brought forth, and indeed change is needed.

The Anasazi & their later separation into tribal sectors of the Pueblo Native Americans have untold histories of interaction with not only the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance, but also with the blue-skin race of ancient Mu. In the epoch of time that is referred to as the ending of the 4th world by the Hopi and Zuni, the Pueblo people did indeed interface in the inner Earth with all of these as well as the inner earth savant of the ancient Tibetan people. Such intermingling has continually occurred up until a few millennia. That is indeed why many of the Pueblo resemble the oriental races of Tibet and Nepal.

The Rhombic Quadra Rebirth

From April into May 2013 there is a triad of Eclipses that combine with the June Solstice to form an utterly astonishing Rhombic Quadra of Energy Points. It is the third eclipse, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of WESAK that is the absolute apex, crystalline crown of these extraordinary cosmic insertions. It is the one, two three ‘knockout’ punch of ecliptic energy, each of the first two, lead to the omnipotent aspect of the third. The May 24/25 Lunar Eclipse is truly a very profound rebirthing. It is in essence the 13-13-13. It occurs on the full moon of WESAK. It is absolutely a time for renewal, and is of unimaginable fortitude. It is enhanced as only this stirring collation of astrological cosmic influences could be. And each human will receive this in a way tailored and defined by their light quotient, attitude and system of belief. Those of Mastery will be aware of the importance, and will deeply feel the call to join together to co create the changes needed and afforded by this apexial aperture.

It is time for co-creation of the New Earth.

Appearance of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance

In the WESAK opening an extremely rare & tangible interface with the benevolent extraterrestrials of the Sirian Pleiadean Alliance will manifest. They will be present, will be felt, sensed, and indeed viewed by many within the dimensional overlapping in this portal. Codes will be received that complete the Triple Date energies, forming, combining all into ‘One-ness’, that then is truly the 13th frequencial field, and WESAK 2013 is in that sense the 13-13-13. A critical coded completion will occur within the truly extraordinary blend of Cosmic, Astrological and Telluric energies. The full moon eclipse, Uranus-Pluto & Jupiter Saturn influences combine in such a manner that the dimensional veils are temporarily thinned to open an unprecedented corridor of Cosmic Unity. The legions of what is termed the Ascended Masters will be in the terrestrial interface for the 7 day phase of May 21-28, with apexial energies peaking May 24-27.

A Holographic Entourage of Spirit

It is a moment of renaissance, of rebirth, a timeless poignant vector reaching temporarily into linear sequence in a phase that may be considered a holographic insert, one that has been planned for longer than you may imagine. It is a time for remember who you are, and the codes of knowledge will be received by the code carriers, and shared across the planet. The timing of WESAK in the May 24 Full Moon Eclipse will bring in the presence of the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, the Avatars of Christos and Lord Buddha initially in twelve primary portals, which we are sharing herewith.

Every area termed a powernode will receive the energies, for indeed Spirit is present beyond the limitations of what is termed physical matter. The codes are however disseminating initially thru specific corridors or portals and distributed by secondary relay from the twelve primary points to 144 points, and in tertiary dissemination to the entire planet. In 2013 the 12 primary points of initial download are related to the ionics of the Aquarian Shift.

The 12 Primary Points

These are:

· Sedona – (Sonoran Desert to Grand Canyon)
· Borobudur, Indonesia
· Lumbini, Nepal
· Śrī Pada, Śrī Lanka
· Rapa Nui
· Delphi, Greece
· Uluru, Australia
· Axum, Ethiopia
· Mt Hakusan, Japan
· Minas Gerais, Brazil (Sao Tomas des Letres)
· Göbekli Tepe, Turkey
· Gobi Desert, Mongolia (Shambhala)

Now in certain of the primary points, particularly those of the quartz, granitic and sandstone mineralogy the aperture of this WESAK encompasses more than what is traditionally & culturally associated to Buddhism. This is especially true for the Sedona Vortex. The extraterrestrial guardians of the Ashtar Legion Group and Sirian Pleiadean Alliance will be present, seen and felt by many in the extraordinary clarity provided in this vector and frequency.

There are some that may feel the area of Sedona is no longer as potent as it once was in times of centuries past because of the habitation of human populace within it. This is absolutely a misconception; in fact this area is graduating to renewed potency…and even greater power. Nothing occurs on the Earth that is not under the conscious mastery of the Conscious Living Earth. Although better understanding of wise stewardship is essential, humanity would not be in any area that is currently habited if it were not purposely granted for at least a period of time. There is indeed a reason for humanity having access to specific Living Cathedrals.

There are indeed places on the Earth in which incredible portals and energetic vortexes are placed that are currently out of reach of humanity. The Grand Canyon contains more of these than any other area in North America. Certain of your National Parks were designated as such by higher design, divine inspiration.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon truly one of the most powerful energetics of the planet. A spectacular lotus energy, one that is of great intensity yet expressed within a magnificent harmonic that allows for a gentle receival by those fortunate enough to visit and explore its depths. Within the rims and depths of the vast isolation of the great chasm are some of the most pristine, potent and benevolent energy fields of the living Earth. The Grand Canyon is far more powerful than is recognized, and it is protected and naturally isolated in certain regions by design. It is a living library, a collation of every strata of the earth, and each layer, each geological age is present and conscious. Within its depths an incredibly power­ful energy accumulates. The energy pools in the depths of the Canyon are quite unique in their individual identity and conscious expres­sion, because above the rim all of the individual aspects are somewhat blended into the massive spinning vortex that contains them all. The floors of the Canyon, the portions along the bottom between the towering walls, are exponentially more powerful than the upper rim of the Canyon, containing concentrated energies that are in a continual state of regeneration. You see, crysto-electromagnetic energy, the base source of Leyline energy, flows symmetrically within and from the pancaked layer of each stratum. When that stratum is sliced open at the cliffs and walls that energy flows into and amasses within the openings of the Canyon where it is in boxed contain­ment. It is charged further with the energy of all five elemental forces and uniquely so with the addition of the most rare element, akash … etheric life force.

The Canyon feeds the planet in ways that are unrecognized. It contains entries to other dimensions and realms that are as yet inaccessible. The Canyon contains mysteries that are unimaginable to you. It generates energy and life force. There are places within the inaccessible regions of the Canyon that are not as yet meant to be discovered by humanity. Generation points that fuel star-gates, omni earth-gates and time-gates that are maintained by the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance… who have indeed had bases in these inner depths long before humanity entered the Earthplane.

Planetary Libraries and Harmonic Oscillation

Layers of earth as they amass on the planet’s surface, espe­cially crystalline rock, record every vibration within their fields. That is how and why certain areas of perfect elemental symmetry such as the Grand Canyon are Planetary Libraries.

We have spoken about the Law of Harmonic Oscillation be­fore, the aspect of similar mineralogical frequencies naturally attracting and activating one another. There is another aspect to this that involves vibratory resonance within the time space continuum which includes geological ages. Specific surface exposed strata from the Precambrian class, for example, will naturally align with other surface exposed Precambrian strata, not just because of similar mineral construct but also because of similar time sequence vibrational imprints. Vibrational imprints of a specific time era will include the magnetics of the planets, stars and cosmic alignment frequencies as well as mankind’s vibrational forces during the vast epochs of surface rock. These are more important to the equilibrium of your planet than you currently comprehend. That is why this area is extremely important and is protected. Do you understand?

Now, as you may have perceived, the harmonic oscillation of certain of these areas within the Grand Canyon are in alignment with Egypt, the Himalayas and Tibet. This trait is amplified further in igneous and meta­morphic forms, because these formations are more crystalline in composition and thus produce a greater crysto-electromagnetic field, you see? It is the Harmonic Oscillation process that aligns the Grand Canyon to Egypt and Tibet. It is why and how the Atlanteans with the assistance of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance were able to establish hyper-dimensional gates from this area of Arizona to Tibet and Egypt. We will speak more of this in a later discourse.

The Grand Canyon was recognized initially by the Atlanteans for its myriad mineral deposits. In time, all of the attributes of the Canyon were recognized and utilized. The Atlanteans as well as the LeMurians had com­munities in the Canyon chasms. Although most were initially for mining, others were developed soon afterward that included temples, rejuvenation facilities and what you would term mon­asteries for the guild of scientist priests. The tunnel system was completed approximately 38,000 years ago, in your current mea­surement of time sequence, soon after the initial construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The pyramid that has been observed in an isolated section of the Canyon was part of the Temple and Monastery complex. There were and are many hyper dimensional generating units, like the one that Kinkaid’s party discovered, in the area. These units are and were of Sirian-Pleiadean technology. Some were for transport to other relays within the tunnel system. Transport relay stations were dispersed along grid points to certain locations such as Egypt, Tibet, Poseida and OG. Some of these were specifically for material movement, and other prototypes were for transport of personnel through a hyper dimensional warping within a hyper-dimensional matrix. Others were developed for movement to and from the future, used essentially for time travel, in your terms. We have told you before those aspects of Atlantis were truly from the future, pulled into the past.

The Atlanteans calculated, designed and constructed earthen grid works within architecturally created sacred geometric grids, utilizing natural telluric powernodes to assist in stabiliz­ing and maximizing the energy flow within these symmetrical grids. These are in effect earthen grid systems somewhat of the ‘Reshel’ classification. One of these connects the Canyon’s Temple of Isis to the Pyramid at Giza. An energetic resonance exchange occurs here and in other areas of the greater vicinity within these numerous earthen grids. Boynton Canyon near Se­dona is another of these that is very ‘Egyptian’ in visual feel and resonance. Within other sections, the axialtonal and Reshel grid connects to the Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon located in Tibet. That is why so many of the formations in the Canyon were given Egyptian and Buddhist names, albeit in modern times by explorers who were consciously unaware of the reason they felt compelled to assign such appropriate nomenclatures to the formations. The resonance and connection to these places is quite real, very tangible. In others areas of the greater Canyon vortex, the axial tonal grid connections are to the Lake Titicaca area of ancient Og, modern day Peru and Bolivia. The under­ground chasms and tunnel network are equally vast in the area of Cusco and Tiajuanaco. Although units for transportation were available, certain adepts were able to bi-locate within these fields between the locations mentioned, simply by utilizing the frequencial upshift of the Reshel style grid system. Indeed there are several potent pyramids built by the Atlanteans within the Canyon; although most are now covered by the sands of time, one yet remains on the surface.

Intra- Earth

The Grand Canyon indeed has many entrances into the vast cities and chasms of the intra world. Intra-Earth is a more accurate terminology than ‘Hollow Earth’. As we have told you, your Earth is not singular it is an Omni Earth within the Omniverse.

Additionally the Earth is truly not spherical. It is flattened at both poles. Your planet has five distinct shells (not four) within its structure, one inside the other. Between the layers of the outer three are great chasms, some of which have flowing rivers and have illumination from ionic fields, much like the northern light phenomena that you term auroras. One of the largest of these stretches below the Grand Canyon for an expanse of over 800 miles in length, by your mea­surement, and is over a mile in height. The Atlanteans in the peak of their technological golden age were well aware of the peoples inhabiting these chasms, and indeed they interfaced extensively with them in the construct of the extensive tunnel system.

There are some that have stated that Tibet is exactly below the areas of the American southwest. That is technically incorrect in terms of the physical plane. It is true in hyper dimensional physics in the key application and terms of harmonic oscillation. There is indeed an earth-gate connecting the two areas. There is in fact an array of earth-gates within the area. But understand that earth-gate portals or intra-tunnels have a requisite frequencial signature and reception that has the advantageous side effect of serving as a safety factor. They are not just step in elevators, so to speak.

A Special Time

The Aquarian Resonance during the WESAK aperture will combine the Grand Canyon energies with that of the Sedona-Sonoran and Sangre de Cristos Vortexial regions. What then will occur for the embellished phase is a triangulated matrix of some 300+ miles per side in oscillating harmonic reach. We emphatically tell you that the telluric energies that flow within this expanded Sedona-Vortexial region are absolutely powerful, and are even more potent in the Aquarian Shift of the New Earth.

The Earth exists in a different sequence of time than do humanity. The Sedona Vortex has been in place for millions of years, geologically speaking. A linear sequence of human habitation of less than 2 centuries has little impact on its integral nonlinear multidimensional reality, even within chronological aspect.

Sedona now has a semi -permanent anionic plasmic pool circulating within its counterclockwise rotational field. This is a result of natural magnetic attraction from the massive energy injection of the solar radiation. This is increasing the potency of the vortexial fountains. The plasma fluctuates as far north as Lake Powell (Grand Canyon) as far west as the Sangre de Cristos, and as far south as Scottsdale.

A Special Time for Co-Creation

In 2013 there is a unique and powerful Triad of Eclipses that are incredibly charged. This is an opening in which the “Guardians of Earth’ will be present, particularly so on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of May 24 -25. It is termed the WESAK by Buddhists. From the apexial window of May 24 – May 28 the Sedona Vortex will be particularly embellished, and it is an incredibly potent time to pilgrimage to the expanding Sedona Vortexial matrix for Gatherings in Prayer, in Ceremony and Meditation.

There are some that may say 2013 is not a year for group work. We offer a differing view, and that is that the years leading to 2012 were about both group and individual preparation. We say that individual preparation is a journey and not a destination. So singular self-calibration is ever required and always appropriate. We tell you that from 2013 forward, group meditations and group gatherings are even more germane and applicable, for in the Aquarian Radiation, group meditation & group gathering for coherent co creation of the earth is even more opportune and effective. For many changes need to be made manifest do they not?


Wesak 2013 is a phase in which Coherency is increased, and can merge with the inner heart. Divine Light can be more easily received by induction and then be projected from within. You see, Divine dimensional light for each human is ultimately transmitted from within your own being. It is based upon the energy of one’s own truth, the confirmations that are the Cosmos, and from that place they are aggregated. They are expanded within you as only coherent light frequencies can be, and then vibrate themselves into the mind and heart where, by the engine of intent, they are converted to wisdom. But it is important that you know that it is energy that you send, energy that you receive, energy that you speak that reveals to you your true divine self. And in the merging of like minds in coherent harmony, realities are jointly co-created by group mass intent. Group meditations toward a common high intent are exponentially more effectively manifest. Period.

We tell you the extended window is May 21 – May 28, with the most energized apex centered on the 3 day phase of the Lunar Eclipse in late May. No place in North America is more appropriate for Gathering than the Sedona Crucible Purification Energy Resonance.

Gather in groups, mediate in solitude, and make time for both. It is an utterly astonishing energy, for in North America changes are taking place that each code carrier is called to participate within. It is the time to co create change for the higher good in the Americas. It is the return of the Elders, the Return of Spirit, Virtue and Truth. But it must be coherently created in mass, for effort is required. You are the co creators. And we urge you to answer the call…and create. It is the Return of Dharma, and the removal of shadow. An entourage will be there to encourage and assist, but it is You of Humanity that will be the engine of change.

I am Metatron, and share with you these Truths, You are Beloved.

…And so it is…


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