World Ayahuasca Conference 2016 | OCTOBER 17-22. RIO BRANCO, BRAZIL

Entheogens / Tuesday, March 8th, 2016



Two years after the first World Ayahuasca Conference, held in Ibiza (Spain), we now take on the next challenge to bring together the international ayahuasca community in the spirit of the dialogue and exchange of knowledge and experience initiated in the first edition.

About 9,000 km. of land and water is what separates Ibiza from Rio Branco, capital of Acre, in the Brazilian Amazonia. This privileged environment offers people attending the event a dive into one of the world’s epicenters of ayahuasca: the perfect place to honor the cultural diversity of ayahuasca practices. In times of a rapid globalization of the use of ayahuasca, the dialogue about cultural recognition and protection of traditional practices worldwide is more important than ever.

In this spirit, ICEERS Foundation and all people and organisations related to the organization of the event, are working to ensure for the second time a memorable experience for those who will join us in RioBranco. More than 100 speakers will share their knowledge and expertise, we will have transcultural round-tables, we will host a film festival, count on the participation of musicians and artists, allow for the public to know the indigenous cultures from up close…and much more.

The languages of the conference are Portuguese, Spanish and English and simultaneous translation will be available in the auditorium.



Acre is located in the Amazonia, in the far west of Brazil, close to the border with the north and south of Peru and Bolivia. It is one of the most remote and unexplored territories of Brazil, being mostly Amazonian rainforest where indigenous communities still live with little contact with the outside world. Many indigenous cultures of the state of Acre use ayahuasca as central part of their rituals.

The name of the state derives from the Indian word Aquiri, which means “river of crocodiles” in the language of the ethnic Apurinã. Located in the Western part of the Amazonia with an incredible biodiversity, Acre ‘s history is linked to social struggles, whose most famous character was Chico Mendes, an internationally recognized environmental activist.

In Acre the first ayahuasca churches were founded early in the last century. In the 50’s, most of the inhabitants of Acre had taken ayahuasca. The capital of Acre is Rio Branco. A city that is highlighted by its contemporary urbanization that coexist with parks and nature, gastronomy, popular culture and the hospitality of its people.

Rio Branco is, probably, the city with the largest activity related to ayahuasca: the home of different religions for whom ayahuasca is their sacrament which plays an important role in their spirituality and daily life. Because of its historical, cultural and spiritual relationship with ayahuasca , Rio Branco is definitely the right place in the world to celebrate the next World Ayahuasca Conference: AYA2016 .

See you in Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil!

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