Our expansion and decay in life is always just one choice away …

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Violet dimensional expansion


…”They say that all the mysteries of the universe can be realized just by staring silently at a flower, just as the Buddha is said to have reached enlightenment by sitting under a Bodhi Tree in a deep meditation of silence. What is it that occurs when a silent mind is reached? What is it about silence that keeps so many on the spiritual path seeking? Many of us take for granted the living art of silence, but when the chatter of our mind ceases to dominate our life, when the reaction to another’s emotions no longer guide us like the blind, what we begin to notice are the patterns that shape and mold our daily life.

The silence begins to reveal a path to an inner peace that can be discovered, as our eyes of judgment dissolve from this realm, silence shows us that vibrations of energy shape this divine universe. As they are in the trees, in the wind, in our friends and those we love, and the one who can see the world with a silent mind can witness this beauty that continuously surrounds us. It is easy to look out and see the patterns of the outer, but IT takes tremendous courage and strength to witness the patterns which are hidden within us. They call these inner patterns the process of the unconscious, the tidal forces also known as archetypes, but until we can clearly see these patterns at work within us, we will remain blind to this continuous influence.

The unconscious has its hand on everything, and until we Awaken to IT within our-self, our life will only feel dual in nature. Duality is the illusion of good vs. evil, black vs. white, and conscious vs. unconscious, but these are only two aspects of the entire spectrum of BEing. Duality only breeds conflict in our lives, for a person who feels separate and divided from the world is always at war with them-self and with others. Are you the good self or the bad self, are you the conscious or unconscious flow within? It is easy to see that one cannot arise without the other, but the illusion of duality keeps us split into two separate entities, as the question then arises, are you two beings or are you One? And this simple answer reveals that we have but disowned a part of our-self.

Our expansion and decay in life is always just one choice away, so start looking closer at the patterns of your choices, for the feeling of bliss can arise just as quickly as the the feeling of pain within us. As the Buddha once said, ‘Silence is an empty space, space is the home of the awakened mind’, so look again at the inner and outer world without the chatter of the judging mind, and what will re-appear is reality as IT truly IS, that which is non-dual in nature. Looking up at the night sky reveals this pattern, for out of the blackness of space and nothingness comes everything in this divine Universe, an interconnection of spectrum that is continuously unfolding, just as the patterns which are currently flowing from within You!” ~Alistar Valadez
Art by: Mugwort Artemisia/Mugwort Designs


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