We Shall Appear To Millions, Even Billions Of People Around The Planet – Lady Nada, One Who Serves, Ashira – 8-13-15

Ascension / Saturday, August 15th, 2015

Lady Nada


Lady Nada”, “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell


Guided Meditation led by “Lady Nada”

We are going to bring your attention back to the Third Eye region.  From your Third Eye to the Pineal Gland and the High Heart. Bring your attention to this space and as you move your attention here your Spiritual Body will move out of this region, move through your physical body to stand before you. You are in complete harmony with this spiritual body. You are completely comfortable with this experience.

Turn and face forward into the circle. Notice that everyone is standing beside you in a circle.

Each of you feels a sense of giddiness about this experience. One by one you are going to step forward into the tube of light and move down into Hollow Earth. As you moved into Hollow Earth you will form a circle again. You will look around and see the beautiful scenery. Note what scenery you are seeing.

As you hold hands or stay near to one another you move together as a circle you will notice that there is a beautiful flame, an ultraviolet flame to the right of you. You as a group move to this flame. This is St. Germaine’s Flame. This Flame will cleanse you, heal you and transmute you. This is a Flame that is familiar to you for you have passed through this Flame at different times, of many different lifetimes.

As you stand around this Flame and you see its’ burning, cool flame, take your turn, one at a time, walking through this light. As you take your turn walking through this light, you feel as the energy moves throughout your Spiritual Body. Any dark spots that are found on your Spiritual Body are cleansed immediately. You feel the energy of this Flame as it cleanses you and it raises your vibration. It feels like giggles upon your skin! It feels like laughter.

As each one steps into the Flame and has this experience, we want to assure you that when you return to your body, you will return as a new being. You will return transmuted.  Everything that occurs this coming week will be seen by you in a different way.

Now that everyone has had the opportunity to walk through the Flame we invite you to come back into this circle again through the Pillar of Golden White Light. Feel yourself “whooshed” up into the room once again.

Look at each one standing in this room, standing in the circle. See the brilliance of your light now. Stand in front of your body and take your seat in that body again. Know that you are a New Being, transmuted and strengthened. You feel your energy raised and you can feel the download of this experience throughout your entire physical body. You experience perfect health, perfect vision.

We return you into this space as a New Being again for the days and weeks ahead that we shall speak of momentarily. Bring the memory of this experience with you.

“Lady Nada”

I am “Lady Nada”. It was important to bring this experience to you today. It is important because it is time. The energies have shifted. The energies are coming. The energies are here. Many of you have experienced the “opportunities” of becoming adjusted to the new energies.

Many things have been “promised” over the next couple of months. What I wanted to come today to do was to share. Share on behalf of my Beloved, Sananda, and myself and the Ascended Master’s from around the world who are ever so close to you now. So many upon the planet are listening to our words.

We come to describe to you what is to occur moments after the “Event”. Part of the excitement we come to share is that we shall appear to millions upon millions even billions of people upon the planet. You will see and experience what you choose to see and experience. We will be experienced by the billions in very individual ways.

If you believe in Mohammed, you will see Mohammed. If you believe in Buddha, you shall see Buddha. If you believe in Jesus, you shall see the Master Jesus return. If you have no awareness of Lady Nada, I will not be visiting at that moment. The celestial skies will be filled with the multi-dimensional selves that you have come to understand for yourselves as well as for all of us.

We have chosen to come in different personality and to bring messages across the world. Those things that have been noted in this group, those things such as the similarity in messages that are being brought are a sign of the times. The similarity in messages presented in different languages around the world. The messages that are from different Masters and through different channels are similar. The Galactics join all those who are bringing you messages.

There are so many beautiful things that are occurring now at this moment. We have talked before of the water that is appearing in different parts of the world. We have talked about the food that has appeared in deserts and in places where people have not received food in a very long time. That veil that you have talked about and we have talked about has thinned to the point where miracles DO happen! It was on the mind of this one this week as she shared about the miracle in her life. There are miracles happening everywhere because the focus of those of you of higher consciousness continues to concentrate on what you wish to see in your lives at this time.

And those who are maybe not awake in the way you are awake or aware of those things of which you are aware of but those who are (for instance) clinging to tribal customs, are seeing miracles. The veil, the curtain is all but gone. As that has fallen there have been so many things that are occurring.

The energy wave that you look for in the future, you do not have to wait for that because the energy is here at this time. Yes, the “Event”, the “Wave”, the “Tsunami” whatever you would call it, it shall be here. But you do not need to wait for it.

Yes. These energies are going into people’s minds and bodies and are affecting their spirits. These energies that have come in for transformation have caused (in a number of people) a variety of the “flight or fight” syndrome symptoms. We spoke of this many months ago to this group to describe many of the emotions people were feeling.

It is no longer a part of the “bigger” plan of the Cabal. It is now a response to the implantations over the centuries and the programming that has taken place. And while many of the things that have been spoken of around the programming of the Human Race for such things as Extraterrestials Wars or Zombies that this group has been discussing today will never happen. Many people are in the “flight or fight” panic mode because of the energies coming in.

The energies coming in affect Corporate America in different ways. Affect your job in different ways. Affect your co-workers in different ways. Affect people going to moving theaters in different ways. The more one tries to escape, the more one will see the reality they choose to see.

That is the benefit of the “Wave”. Erasing so much of the realities that you have seen to bring in the new consciousness, the new awareness, the NEW Human! The New Human!

So, we continue to take your hand and take you forward. We know of the grand parties planned. We know that as you call to us we come to you, we walk with you and we talk with you. These are our times to be with you and walk you through the fire as we did today. Walk you through the fire of transmutation and transformation.

As you see those in your world act in negative ways, friends, it is part of your plan. You have chosen to be exactly where you are. You have not been given tests. You have not been given contracts that you have not agreed to. You have agreed to be here at this time, exactly where you are, when you are, with the people with who you choose to be. And as hard as that is to swallow sometimes, know that this group, as well as others around the planet, but know that as this group meets your heart is filled again with the love, the strength, the fortitude and wisdom to go forth.

These are amazing times! Go forth today knowing that you have been girded, you have been strengthened and that you have a new path to walk because you have been through the Flame of St. Germain.

We give you thanks and we will be with you until the end of this session today. Thank you.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings. “One Who Serves” here to take on the next part and continue with your conversation of earlier. It is so interesting the conversations you have here and we so enjoy listening to them. Please understand we are not eavesdropping. We do not come into your private thoughts and interpret or analyze them or anything like this. That is certainly not going to happen, has not happened and never will happen.

But we do listen in to the conversations that you have within this group here. It is very important in several ways. We catapult from these particular conversations and sometimes we sit back and marvel at those things that come out of your mouths in terms of very influential, very forward thinking you might say.

Now understand that you are moving in a direction of raising your consciousness. And each day, each moment you are raising your consciousness. So, you are clearly in the “Now” as the Buddha spoke of so clearly last time and you have heard of other times as well. You are in the “Now”. You are in the present moment. The present moment changes as the next moment comes and the next one and the next one. So you are in the “Now” and you are also in the future. You are also in the past because the things happening in your “Now” are largely because of things that happened in your past.

You are in the past, the present and the future all at one time. That is not to reject thinking of being in the future as far as looking forward to things that are coming. Have not many of us been speaking of these wonderful things that are coming? How could you not be looking forward to that? You see? There are so many things coming and yet they are already here as well.

So, it is as the “Lady Nada” said you are already experiencing these changes that are happening in the “Now”. You are moving each and every moment into the future. Your future is grand! We have spoken many times of the things that are coming and the things that will happen after the “Event” and just before the “Event”, all of these things.

But live your life, your daily life in the “Now” but live your life as if you as moving into this New Consciousness and know that you are moving into this New Higher Consciousness in every moment, you see?

This is what we wish to share with you now and we would ask for questions. Are there questions for “One Who Serves”, “Ashira” or “Lady Nada” as well?

Question: I wanted to know and understand the difference of what we have been reading about Wave X and the information about the “Wave”, the “Event” and other names of that phenomena.

OWS”: First of all, the Tsunamai of Love is exactly that. It is a wave of love. It is a new expression of a new higher level of consciousness. This wave has been coming in as waves. It is not one large wave. It is gentle waves that have been coming in and washing over mankind. Now as the waves come in. it is building to the larger ones that are coming.

So, it is as if you were at the beach and you were looking at the waves that are coming in. They are gently rolling in and then all of a sudden a storm seems to come in and the waves get bigger and bigger and bigger and wash over more and more of the land. This is what is happening. These waves are gently coming in now but they are coming in more forcefully. These times continue on and these frequencies continue to rise.

Now as to the “Wave X” that is a name that is given to this but it is from a different perspective.  A different perspective about a forceful wave that is going to wash over and do destruction. Create havoc. Create fear and these types of things.

So, there is a difference here depends on the one looking at this. We would suggest to you (who are working more directly with us) to not use this terminology here. Use the terms of Tsunami of Love, Wave of Love or simply the “Wave” and leave it at that. OK?

Anything you wish to add here “Ashira”? No, thank you.

Lady Nada mentioned that the Ascended Masters would be walking amongst us after the “Wave”. Will they actually be walking in physical bodies?

“Lady Nada”: At first, billions of people will be seeing us in the skies. The interpretation will be coming to each person. “Who is the Being that is appearing to them?” It is hard to explain because you do not have anything that you can relate to in this manner. First we shall be witnessed in the skies and then we will come to walk among you. It will be a process.

Those who have the vibration level to experience this physically will have that experience. It will take time for others on the planet to raise to that level but they will be in the process of say “swallowing” this. They will first come to accept the celestial images and then come to accept the Ascended Masters as friends. It will be difficult for the masses to accept those they have worshipped to understand equality and friendship. This will be with the mentors and others who come as well.

This will be a “feat” we believe that will be understood by a broader race of people if we appear in the heavens and we appear as what they would expect to see in their particular framework of religion. Those who have come to know us outside the framework of religion have come to know us as different personalities and you would see us as different personalities. After this occurs we will visit you in the dimension in which you are so that you might experience us in a more physical manner. Does that make sense to you?

“OWS”: We would like to add to this here. If you look at this from a 3D understanding this would not work. How could Sananda be with many people at once? He could only be with one or two and then you begin to think, “Well, what about me? Can he be with me?”

And we would say to you that is important to think of this in a higher understanding, a higher vibrational understanding, that all of us can appear to many at one time. Just as we can send our voice, our transmission, our communication like this to many different groups at once. So, too, can we appear in many different places at one time. And “Lady Nada” is certainly correct. When those who are ready to see us, will certainly see us.

Would there be other questions here now?

Question: I notice that when I am really open and have a high energy when I go places I notice that a lot of people think they know me and ask about my background. Can you explain this?

Would you like to address this, Ashira?

“Ashira” : Yes. Thank you. It is the love you express. It is the love you vibrate to. They do not know who you are but they are resonating with you at a deeper level. As this clarity comes to you and you are swept over and others respond to you, this is what is spoken of at the end of each of these sessions each week. For Susan speaks to you of having the love show up in your life and handing that off to strangers sharing your love.

You are very analytical, Dear One, and you are looking for an answer. The answer is love. We thank you for being the conduit for that expression in your world. Does that make sense?

“OWS”: We would also like to add here there is the concept of “Oneness”. The higher you rise in consciousness the more the “Oneness” will kick in. Everyone is aware of everyone else. See, we, the “One Who Serves” and “Sananda” and “Lady Nada” for instance can go anywhere in the higher vibrations and everyone knows us and we would know them because we are all one, we are all connected. We have that higher level of understanding you might say since we know this “Oneness” is there.

So as you are beginning to experience this it is because you are at the higher vibrations some of the time. And when you are the other ones, even though they are not directly aware of this, and you, although you are not directly aware of this either, it is happening because the “Oneness” is kicking in here. Do you understand this? (kinda)

Then we will leave it there for now. “Kinda” is good.

Would there be other questions here now?

Question: Will there be people who are actually Ascending at that time?

OWS”: Yes. There will be many who will be going through various processes of this at their level. It will be in varying amounts you might say. Some will feel this rising of vibration and feel as if they have arrived you might say. Something may pull them back to assist others who are not quite sure what is going on here, you might say. There will be varying experiences of this as it all goes along.

But please remember this is a work in progress. This has never happened exactly the way it is at this time. So, the jury is out as to how this is going to take place here.

Anything you wish to add here, Ashira? (No, I believe you have handled this well.)

Other questions here now.

Question: This is in addition to a previous question. Is it not true that we are multi-dimensional beings and that we may recognize people from other dimensions?”

“OWS”: Yes. That is very correct. We were trying to stay away from that particular understanding at this point. But yes, you are correct.

“Ashira”: And it is so confusing is it not, to those in this room who giggled? Knowing that the person may be from this lifetime or a past or multidimensional lifetimes gets very confusing from a 3D perspective. However, we strive to bring you the simplest of answers, not for beginners because by no means is this group, a beginner group. We bring you answers in the teaspoonful that we have spoken of ourselves.
“OWS”: Any more questions?

Question: I want to work on neutralizing attachments. When I asked,  I received that I should ask what the other person needs instead of what I need.

OWS”: Yes and that is a wonderful way to look at this because it is service to self instead of service to others. As you move into the higher vibrations you will become more and more neutral and the more neutral you become the higher you will move in those vibrations. The more you are in those higher vibrations the more you will want others to move into those higher vibrations with you. You will also seek out others in that vibration. You see?

Are there other questions?

Question: I wanted to ask how things are going to change to put into place the new peace and love. Throughout history we have seen people assassinated who have tried. How does the rubber meet the road?

OWS”: We are going to answer this very simply here. First we wish to give gratitude to Charles for this instrument here. It is so much easier for us to hear what the questions are. In the past it was difficult at times. Now it is coming through very clearly. Thank you, Charles, for providing this.

Now to answer your question very simply, it is going to happen because it is going to happen. There is nothing that is going to keep this from happening because it is the way. It is the way of the plan. It is going to move in the direction of peace and love and it cannot go in any other direction.

If you look at this through the 3D perspective than you can see that this would not be possible because of so many wars and hatred and fear and all of these things and how can they just go away? They are not simply going to go away. They are going to raise up. There is a difference. And those that are ready for the new consciousness will raise up with it. And all of these old ways of thinking will just disappear. Those who do not have this way of thinking will not be with you. You see? Does this answer your question?

“Ashira”: This is “Ashira”. I would just add that everything that has happened to you (to humanity) has happened through training and teaching. Now that you are aware most of the time, these questions come up for you. As “OWS” has said, look to the day when all energy, all attention, all input will be about how to live in a peaceful society, how to share your love, how to have “oneness” in this One World. All of this is coming to you very soon and it will give you peace of heart to know THIS is where you were going and that it cannot be stopped! Thank you.

“OWS”: In many respects we would say look to your “Star Trek-The Next Generation” as we find it in the James. This is a very good example of society as you will know it as the times go along. It is not going to be overnight. You are not going to be in 2016 an have a “Star Trekkian” operation but it will be moving in that direction. Look toward it. It is going to be glorious! You see? And it is already glorious.

Would there be any more questions here now?

Question: James was talking about how no dates were given after 2012 and now there are many dates being given, most around the end of September 2015. Is there anything you can add for us today?

OWS”: Yes. We are glad that you brought this up. We could not speak of it unless it was asked here. Please understand this from the understanding of expectation. What was your expectation of  December 2012? You were all going to Ascend, right? Everything was building. It was grand build-up to that moment. Everything was building to that moment. And you know you create what you think. Right?

And as you focused on this grand event you thought about everything that was going to take you out of the 3D realm. Right? Well, it did not happen quite the way you thought it would although it was meant for many for this to occur. It was just postponed.

So, we speak now to postponement. Now you are moving into another time period, another frequency that has been raised here. And as you move toward these dates your expectation is building and building again. And your thoughts are building the very things you are building toward. Do you understand this?

It is a grand moment that is fast coming upon you as Sananda has said. You are moving toward the crescendo, it IS coming. Your Advance is, in large part, working to prepare you for that very “Wave” to come here. It is almost upon your shores.

Question: I saw in my own house that December 2012 created depression out of attachment. Are the things we talk about couched in attachment?

OWS”: Yes, certainly but look at what occurred back then. Look at how much people have grown from that process that they went through. The grand preparation and then the disillusionment and the depression that followed but many picked themselves up and moved right back along and kept going. They grew. There was a growth process that happened through this across the planet, not only in a few. There were many different understandings, the “Mayan Calendar” and many other things going on at that time.

So, now it is coming to a new expectation and there will be a new growth that comes from this as well but we are not going to say that it will happen on any particular date, we are not going to give that although we could almost at this point. There is still the Prime Directive, we need to watch ourselves on that but there is a rising expectation that is coming along with this “WAVE” and this particular time frame you are moving into. Is this the great “Event”? We cannot give that.  Is it going to be a large part of it? Most definitely.

Does this answer your question? (Yes but I do fear the word “expectation”).

But expectation creates hope. Hope leads to a greater understanding and a greater movement of consciousness. What is the opposite of hope? Despair. What keeps someone from moving up in consciousness? Despair and depression and these types of things. You see?

Comment: Expectations can lead to disappointment.

Yes, do you wish for us not to create expectations?

Comment: No. I wish to live in  a way that I am hopeful, compassionate and understanding. And that which is returned to me is “the plan” rather than my expectations.

Then we would say to the one asking the question and to others who believe this, then live that way. Do it. Be it. Show it. Be the expression of what you are wanting here. Do not be concerned about what anyone else is wanting of this nature. Do you wish to add anything, Ashira?

Ashira replied, “No. You dove back in and addressed something I thought of. We will let this be.”

Any further questions here now?

Question: I understand that we can create a planet as pristine as Prime Creator created it. Do I get my wish?

“OWS” : Yes. You have to understand that all who are planning with you, all the animals, all the plants, all the consciousness on the planet, in the galaxy and the solar system are creating this plan. All are creating this pristine experience and all life is a part of this. So, for you to have an expression that you are creating what you want, all of the rest are creating the planet they want as well. All are coming together which is why we say, “Like will attract like”. You will find yourself in that pristine environment that you are wishing to create. And others of like-mind will be there with you. It is just as you have created this world. You as a collective consciousness have created the world that you have now. You may not like the world as it is now but it is a collective undertaking that has created this.

It is not the Prime Creator who has created this. You have created it. With Source moving through you, you have created this because you have the creative ability to create whatever it is you want. The time difference now is less and less. Eventually it will be non-existent. Your creative thought will be immediately manifested once you are clear in what you want.

You wish to add here, Ashira?

“Ashira” : I do. You forget that Mother Gaia has her own path, her own expectations in what she is creating. She is creating her own 5th dimensional reality. Some of the animals will be in other places, some to their own homes. There will be a difference in the temperature from that which you experience on the planet today.

That which you are creating is also at play with Mother Gaia’s plans for all of her children. You will experience that which you create for your world from your plans and expectations and your understanding will continue to grow with your rise in consciousness and all will come in alignment with the Mother’s. Does that make sense to you?

“OWS”: Would there be anything else before we release channel?

Question: If enough people had the “intention” replacing expectation, would that not trigger the “Grand Moment”?

OWS”: If everyone had the intention at the same time, yes, it would trigger it. It is not necessary to have everyone do it, it is only necessary to have a percentage. Having a percentage of the planet moving toward the same intention increases the frequency. It is the frequency of the planet that moves to trigger the “Event” here. You see?

Now we will release channel here. We are aware of your time frames here. So, we release channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am Ashira. We release Lady Nada from her time today and thank her for her wisdom.

Yes. It has been a long day today. Many questions. Many thoughts and concerns. We wish to briefly speak on forgiveness and self-forgiveness.

You are not expected to be “perfect”. You are not expected  to always respond in the way you expect yourselves to respond. As was discussed today, this is a painting being created one stroke at a time. And even though this life may not seem that important as you consider it a grain of sand on a beach at the ocean, you might say it just doesn’t matter but you are not at that point most of the time.

We love you and we know that you are continuing forward every moment of every day. You are catching yourself more and more often as you have thoughts or actions coming into your lives that are not where you want to be. Everyone in this room is at the same place as you.

Be nice to yourself. Be forgiving of others and forgiving to self. We love you. Many of us have lived in the world and lived in situations you are facing. Maybe not at this exact moment in time but we have experienced these things. We have experienced parenthood, we have experienced friendships and we have experienced marriage or that partnership with another.

Be nice to yourself at least as nice as you are to others who you catch at not being their best to others. Each of you has yourself only to be responsible for at this moment in time. Each of you has the responsibility to catch yourself and raise yourself back up for each of you has the response of a being of higher frequency. You will feel your heart swell and with that appreciation you can continue to keep yourself higher and higher and higher. When this “Wave” comes you will have nothing to do but to ride the tide, to surf the “Wave”. You will feel the bliss. You will understand what your part in this has been and will be!

We bring you all of our love and peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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