Transcendence through the Stillness of No-Mind, and the Illusion of the Conscious Self ~ Aug Tellez

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

art by Tatiana Plakhova


Two Methods of Activation are Actually One

Complete Stillness, No-Mind, Transcendence, Emptiness

There is the notion of interactive consciousness that is centered around the body and perceptions generated through biological consciousness.

Bliss, Activation through “Heightened”

The idea here is that bliss is not achieved similar to the perception of happiness, sadness, or other emotions. Those are all binary, living only in reference to their opposite and thus they are limited and ultimately illusory because they are founded in stimulation and perception rather than a complete awareness of what is. The more one seeks to experience the truth about what they feel (and thus are) through stimulus related, binary, chemically defined interactions of contrast and polarity-consciousness, the farther they get from liberation of the repeating cycles of up and down, back and forth, high and low which are perpetuated programmed responses to experiences, stimulation, or ideals about a situation or perspective of self. If there is a perspective of the self, based on these ideals or changes, then that is not the self, but the physical body and conscious experience. If the self can be altered through stimulus or changes in belief, then that is merely the image of the self, the identity generated through perception and is thus transient, temporary, and projected from the contrast of ideals rather than the wholeness of what is. The self can only be what is, and this is because the self is the experience of observation, rather than the observation of experience. More simply, the self is the awareness that is being aware of the physical body and all the perceptual and stimulatory conscious experience taking place. Therefore, if you are aware of the experience of the self, then that is not the self, but merely a projection generated out of the perceptual system which outlines and defines differences between what is being experienced directly and what isn’t being experienced directly and thus must be indirect or out of perceptual view. Thus, what is being experienced directly, is part of the perceptual system and this is aligned with the experience of contrast between the self and the environment, or the other self. The projected self then, when viewed consciously, is actually the perceptual system, the body, and the viewing apparatus that the true self is observing directly and indirectly observing reality through.

Thus, the true self, cannot be seen, perceived, sensed or experienced through biological consciousness or the perceptual system, because the perceptual system cannot perceive the invisible observer and the system cannot perceive itself directly. Through an extra-dimensional feedback loop between the invisible observer, and the physical body and consciousness, can a kind of symbolic communication stream be enabled whereby the observer can choose where and how to be aware of certain experiences, and the body and physical consciousness can grow and react to those experiences. By choosing through awareness, we cultivate self-awareness where the individual becomes capable of aligning the body and conscious self with truth, health, and harmony and in response, the body, unable to speak, simply reacts with health, balance, and energy. A fully capable two-way communication is generally not possible, however there is a form of receiving what the body and consciousness is expressing through self-observation, and a return of directive through the application of free-will through focused intent, creativity, and harmony to apply knowledge that guides the flow of energy and the procession of thoughts, expressions, and habits in a way that produces the highest overall capacity for synchronization between the physical, visible conscious mind and body, and the non-physical, invisible, observing awareness of the true self. This synchronization between the material and immaterial selves is what enables guidance from the self that observes and is liberated from the constraints of the physical body and consciousness, and a reception by and empowerment of the physical body and the waking conscious self.

The pathway to and between these two selves is both material through the bodies systems comprised of reactive chemical interactions, and immaterial through the concepts of the conscious mind, the personality and the way the thinking self relates to the non-thinking, non-dual, absolute, clear-mind of the no-self of observation and pure awareness without definition.

The way those two selves communicate and interact, through a variety of layers and channels determines the capacity of the body and conscious mind to accept guidance by the true self and the ability or allowance of the true self to extend knowledge, guidance, and harmony to the conscious mind and body. When the two are harmonized, there is no imbalance between what is desired, and what is attained or held, between what is seen and what is felt, or between what is known and what is believed. When there is total harmonization, there is no longer a fluctuation of impermanence and steadiness, temporal existence and the unending. Thus, the complete unification has been theorized at times to equate to a total materialization of one’s physical body and ego as if converting back into energy and moving into a reality of only energetic experience akin to thought or a non-physical dream-like existence. What is sure, is that before this, the biological consciousness, the ego, the waking self experiences a kind of dissolution whereby the ideals and clearly defined contrasts between one and another layers of separation within perceived reality become less and less defined and then entirely or virtually non-existent.

How does one interact in such an awareness? What does one in such an awareness know? The experience cannot be defined through physical, perceptual, or sense-based terms of polarity consciousness because this is then the partial view which is only present in the binary, chemical, contrast-dependent view of the physical body which is not the true self. Thus, the physical body may experience the results of such awareness, and in such, one can describe the effects of such awareness on the physical body. Yet, by describing the effects and the physical body, they are definitively not directly describing the awareness! Thus, the awareness can only be described by what it is not, or how the body relates to such awareness. Only by outlining or comparing to previous states of consciousness or physical experience can one cultivate the idea of what that awareness is.

Thus, the conscious self cannot view the true self, but merely see the effects of the awareness of such. And the awareness of the true self cannot be directly expressed in terms of experience that the physical waking consciousness uses to express physical waking experience. Yet, the observing aspect of the living one is the true self, the pure awareness, which is the one doing all the looking in the first place. Thus, you the one aware of the body that is reading these words are the true self, yet you cannot actually express or directly influence this reality except by influencing the conscious through the synchronization of the selfless awareness and only through this can one have an effect. Thus, the sign of the true self is increased harmony, self-awareness, and free-will which relates to creativity and lack of suffering. While the lack of that presence relates to disharmony, lack of self-awareness, and lack of free-will which relates to suffering and imaginative blindness or perceptual entrainment. The identification of the true-self with the sensory perceptual system is the lack of self-awareness. The integration of the experience of the sensory perceptual system with the concept of no-self, or selflessness is the presence of true self-awareness. The whole system is paradoxical as the self is merely an image of perspective for a storyline to develop character and progress. The self is never fully complete, and never fully separate from the all.

Presence of Self, Non-Reactivity, No-Self, Clear-Mind, Presence without Definition

Only through the activation of this state can one achieve the awareness of non-linearity through non-duality. This is as if the mind is a weight swinging back and forth from a chain. Each experience of stimulation, expression and introspection is a cycle of the object swinging back and forth. As soon as one half of the motion has begun, then the rest of the cycling must be completed in order to return to neutrality.

The idea here is to stop the cycle from beginning in the first place by not reacting to stimulus to form the experience of perception, expression and introspection. If we are in a constant state of introspection and then awareness without definition, then the linearity of that binary cycle of perception and expression is neutralized and thus one moves into a transcendent, non-dual awareness. This transcendent, non-dual awareness has no beginning or end. Ironically, this is the classification of that awareness, in that there are no classifications. This is a ‘super-consciousness’ awareness which goes beyond any form of consciousness

Consciousness; Temporally Relative

The defining feature of consciousness is that there is a time and a place that integrates the experience together with a perspective that is oriented to a particular self limited to that perspective. This is the nature of consciousness to form an ego-mind which can act as a placeholder that is filled relative to the physical, waking experience that is present. The consciousness is different in each moment, but the silent observer is the same.

Awareness; Non-Linear, Non-Local, and Non-Dual

Awareness is the source of presence that is not defined by the requirements of consciousness. Whereby consciousness changes particular to the individual, the time of the day, the situation, the amount and kind of activity of the sensory system or body, awareness is the same in all times and places. That which defines consciousness as separate experiences at different times is localized to the physical body and the finite waking experience. What we see and feel through the perceptual system is the reality that has been collapsed down into a physical experience from an underlying multiplicity of possibilities. Because the sensing capacity for consciousness through the perceptual system is highly biased and selectively angled the reality that we see through the brain and body is not the reality that exists truly but only the reality that is selectively witnessed due to the particular differences in our physical experience from other possible versions of our self.

The particular differences are not determined through an increasing awareness of the physical reality and thus a more complete view of existence. When reality is determined through the perceptually selective biological consciousness and a perpetuating physically defined reality is formed, this is a non-reality when compared to the whole. That is, a kind of delusion or imagination.

The Cosmic Being and the Puppet-Show

This is not always and this due to the particular method of experience that has developed on Earth and the very pattern and process that takes place with the advent of conscious experience and the development of the personality through which all stimuli and perception is filtered. In short, this personality is defined by limitations that separate one from another, the environment, or the source of the stimuli. Everything about the conscious experience is based on the limitation of that experience from the totality of all the components that work together to generate reality. The conscious experience is veritably a puppet-show whereby the entire reality, the cosmic being, is the one who’s operating the apparatus, the puppet. For this waking conscious experience, we, the puppets, believe they are the one’s running reality and experiencing the truth!

Only when the experience of reality is not filtered through the personally biased filtration system that is developed over time by one’s selective development of their perspective through the physical senses and the particularly incomplete storyline that is produced, does one actually engage with reality from the cosmic perspective which goes beyond the puppet-show which is related to the identity of and the physical containment of the conscious, physical, experience.

A more direct albeit confusing, explanation is that the stimuli which arrives through the sensory perceptual system is only that small fraction of information which was not blocked out by a variety of limiting aspects of the body and the environment. Think of this similar to the double-slit experiment. We are the double-slit where the information is passing through and rendering only a materially fabricated or defined outcome due to our conscious observation of the process. The actual occurrence taking place is akin to a wave of information being rendered all at once while the conscious mind can only actually perceive one of those realities at a time.

The personality is developed on that one view and therefore that personality, the perspective and limitations, everything that serves to generate it, is illusory and based upon a lack of the overall picture of reality. Thus, the brain and waking consciousness is akin to a hall of mirrors and perceptual illusions from the way time is perceived, to the organization of the layers of the ego all the way to the overall image of reality as a clearly defined and physical existence.

The Reduction of Possibilities through Contrast Generates an Inversion of the Whole

The idea here is, if the only way we perceive consciously, is through a blacking out of the majority of the important details, then is the conscious waking reality not actually the least likely experience to actually take place? Thus, we perceive this as the most likely reality, however, when all the details are allowed in by a widening of the perceptual limits, this perspective becomes inverted and this appears to the be the most minimally inclusive version of reality that is narrowed down just enough for the brain and conscious self to comprehend. Instead of reality being defined by the viewing apparatus, the brain, the looking glass, reality is filtered from an expanse view, down to an infinitesimally limited and surreal extrapolation of what could be if we only had a very limited capacity through which we could experience existence. Thus, the human experience, is quite literally the cosmic puppet-show, and the reality we perceive consciously is the least likely completed version of what is, because that very view is based upon a reduction of the totality of the information down to just one out of an innumerable amount of possibilities. How many less is 1, than virtually infinite? Since there is an underlying set of principles, the total view is likely not totally infinite and therefore this is somewhat related to the true reality. But how, and why seems to be up to the individual to build a bridge of conceptual and ontological connections between the priorities and motivations of waking reality and the idea of the true reality that only exists when accessed through non-local awareness outside of the waking physical consciousness.

So the question is, what is reality really like, if it’s anything but what is experienced consciously? And if there is a connection between the supreme reality, then what is that connection in our waking consciousness? How do we consciously connect to that supreme reality? In other words, how does the waking consciousness ever synchronize with the overall reality which is automatically beyond all definitions and limitations of the conscious reality?

The answer may be found through the inversion of the experience of waking reality. People believe the waking reality is the foreground, while the background is the unconscious, the dream-reality, or something larger, when in truth, this reality may be in the background while the transcendent reality is actually the primary experience in the foreground from the cosmic view. The idea is that this reality is the dream-reality, and through what people believe to be the dream-reality is true reality found. This is because, like an inverted light cone, everything that is experienced here is merely the shadow of the larger picture that is cut down to size through the previously described perceptual filtration process. We only get here, that which didn’t make it past our filtration system and thus only relates to us personally and this is largely through personal bias, selective attention, trauma, fears, desires, etc etc etc. We would like to think that we trap those streams of consciousness into our perceptual filtration system because we are attentive and good and realizing what we’re seeing, when in truth, we trap those streams of consciousness because of contrasts that enable us to see them due to personal bias which is often related to the process of development through childhood and the development of trauma or the passing down of belief-systems from those around us.

The Consensus Reality is a Culmination of Perceptual Bias Generating a Persistent Illusion

Thus, consensus reality is that of a collective delusion, while the only reality that truly exists is that which exists outside or on the other side of the very information that is trapped through the perceptual sieve. The sieve acts as a filtration system and catches only that which fits into the personally biased selective attention and thus only that which we can’t see is the actual reality or at least closer to the larger picture. Only that which we do see is that which is explicitly set apart from the whole and thus based upon a kind of gentle personal delusion. Thus, by inverting our perceptions, through imagination, that imagined view is actually more competent and realistic than the biased view can ever be merely because of the sheer vastness of the universe and the absolute finiteness of our perceptual system.

So by not developing an opinion, by not engaging with a belief, by reversing or releasing predisposition and personally relative perspective do we actually empty the mind of construct that is generated out of the aggregation of perceptual bias and the limitation of the much larger universe.

When we combine this with the information of quantum physics and extra-dimensional theories we come up with the notion that we must be simultaneously occurring across, not a single stream, but a spectrum of possible streams that exist directly beyond the limits of our waking reality.

Thus our ability to imagine and dream becomes a literal gateway into higher-dimensions where those possibilities can be accessed merely through the sending of our self there through focused intention. The “self”, then, moves far beyond the confines of a single physical body and we begin to see the personality derived from the physical self and the body as a kind of realm-specific placeholder for experience to give order to each time-stream when they are viewed from the inside. When viewed from the outside from the perspective of an expanse of possibilities then we are just as much the version of the self that exists in one time stream as we are the other. The defining feature then, is what kind of story we are creating through the super-personal self that has full memory of accessing multiple time streams and thus is an amalgamation of the ‘you’ from different universes or dimensions. What ‘self’ are you, if your experience contains the physical view, as well as the view that is sourced from alternate physical versions of the universe? Are you not closer to a cosmic version, rather than the biologically accurate definition of a physical human being with reproductive organs, a brain, and a digestive tract? Is not the contrast that the brain requires and which defines one clearly to just one reality, in that sense, effectively blinding the cosmic being from their true vastness? Is that not the meaning of duality-consciousness and the continued horse and pony show between one self, the other, the environment, the dream-world, the truth and perception? Is not everything that is defined and biased through the physical stream relative to only that single stream? Unless, one is using the information of that stream to intentionally cultivate a larger view of the universe based on the idea that the true reality is, by definition, outside or beyond the information present in that stream.

Then, the ‘self’, at this point, becomes an extra-dimensional observer who transcends the limits of not only waking consciousness and the personally biased patterning of beliefs and priorities, but also the entire physical time-stream and actually exists as an aggregation of many possible versions that are, by definition, more than just the one version that is seen physically?

Thus, the physical self, is anything but, the actual self, and is closer to a kind of cosmic puppet assigned a role for a particular puppet-show that is just one out of many. Then, when one begins to gain awareness of the multiplicity of reality they go from that single physical one back into the many, and from that view of many become one transcendent and multi-faceted existence.

From a Cone to a Laser

Another way to look at this is to visualize reality as a stream of information emanating outwards in a 360 degree cone of light. This is the unlimited view of information as extrapolated from the conscious perspective. The totally unlimited view would likely be beyond our imagination from this view.

Then cone of light contains all the particular variations of experience, polarity, knowledge, and is representative of the truth. When all the views that oppose one another and, in that way serve to give contrast and thus definition to one another, are combined, you get the truth or the whole view.

The whole view is attained through the combined result of all the partial, biased, polarized, duality-based perspectives that are inherently limited to form an angle of perspective that is particular to the degree of limitation. Thus, the biased view can only be particularly limited to the contrasts and experiences that enable that perspective in the first place.

The cone, or the whole view, cannot be contained within one singular pair of contrasting perspectives or one side of the extremes of duality. The cone, the whole view, can only be formed through a combination of either end of the extremes to form the view that neither end of the extremes are capable of encompassing. That is the whole ‘point’, that each end is limited to merely acting as a counterbalance to the other end. Neither side can completely encompass reality, and only through a neutralization or transcendence of the tendency to side with one bias or another does one find the true reality which is a not a single ray or line of reason, but a conceptually wider ‘cone’ of expanded awareness that fully acknowledges that one extreme is always connected to and merely a countering projection of the other. Only when that acknowledgement is incorporated in the development of the larger view and thus contained in the resulting perspective is that view more relative to the truth than either end of the dual nature of polarity consciousness or personal bias from the physical experiences.

Thus, the cone is the overall, expanse reality and the laser is the result of filtering that fuller reality down through the brain and physical system to gain a very focused yet narrowed beam of information that can never fully grasp the complexity of the original or overall view. This is like a ray of light is shone through a prism which defracts the light into individual frequencies of color and then taking or two of those colors and creating a series of laser lights which shine in an alternating pattern. No matter how the pattern is organized without the other frequencies and without shining them all at the same time, that original view of white light can never be attained.

A good question may be, could someone, with enough experience, imagine what that white light may look like?

Imagination Comes First, the Physical Universe Comes from and Returns to Imagination, the Creator, is the One Who Imagines All Possibilities

We might imagine that reality moves from the physical realm to the higher, but in truth, the physical realm is first generated out of that expanse of imagination. Thus, imagination comes first, then the particularly defined non-reality of the puppet-show, and then observation moves back into imagination.

One who can imagine more powerfully than they are limited or defined by perceptual, physical constructs from their own mind or the minds of others are closer to the truth and becoming creators in that sense of assuming the role of that higher creative aspect which relates to the super-personal self that moves in between possible layers of reality and time-streams and operates from an entirely imaginative perspective knowing no single reality as the complete version but experiencing life through an accumulation of multiple realities based on imagination, held together through focused intention within a creative role.



Transcendence through the Stillness of No-Mind, and the Illusion of the Conscious Self

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