This isn’t a Bucket-List; it’s the Next Fu*k-It List

Zeitgeist / Monday, November 2nd, 2015


Phillip J Watt
Guest Contributor,

When we live in a materialistic society which is driven by image, consumerism and greed, it’s easy to lose sight of the real things that reflect living a truly successful life. Yet once we disconnect from the bullshit narratives that are forced down our throat by the mainstream media, as well as many out-dated cultural influences, we can better focus on authentically living in healthy, happy and honorable ways.

The reality is we’re an expanding being in an expanding world. It’s moving fast and so should we. The only person who can really get close to understanding who the fuck we are is ourselves anyway, so best treat that inner voice with due respect.

Fuck-it #1 – I won’t let the matrix-media manage my mind

All too often we are exposed to a conflict of perspective where we are told one thing by the mainstream tales, yet common sense or alternative media show otherwise. This is not by accident; the matrix-media and their ‘truth’ is owned by the deep elite who shape the consciousness of the masses to achieve specific agendas.

The phrase ‘conspiracy theorist’ has changed in dynamic. Originally it was attributed to ‘tin-foil, hat-wearing nutcases’, but now being a genuine truthseeker is celebrated. Of course there are still some conspiracies that set new benchmarks for bat shit crazy, however those who question and circumnavigate the official narratives in philosophy, science, geopolitics, spirituality, history, economics, politics, education and social systems, among many others, are the true critical thinkers and activists of our age.

Fuck-it #2 – Standing up for what’s right is a priority

Energy is shifting. Consciousness is expanding. The inner activist that we all have is being stirred by the many injustices of the world. Some commit to their causes more than others, yet increasingly, people are willing to stand up for the change they believe in. It doesn’t have to be an obsession either; it can be done gently with friends, online, by joining a movement or simply through the transformations we undertake in our own hearts and minds.

We can actually enjoy it too if we just think of life as an energetic game of growth.

Fuck-it #3 – Emotions don’t control my behavior, philosophy does

We all have the same emotions, yet we all respond to them differently. Some of us get consumed by them for our entire lives, whilst others recognize the deeply powerful release that philosophy can have on our emotional landscape.

Our thoughts and behaviors should be well thought out and not just habitual and reactive processes. If we design a bad-ass philosophy that captures the emotional roller-coaster with ease, then its that we draw on in times when the ride derails.

Fuck-it #4 – Being real and genuine, attracts it

Being authentic naturally filters out malicious and ‘fake’ people. We’ll lose so-called friends no doubt, but we also attract new, more expanded energy as a result.

There’s less value in how ‘successful’ we are, how much money we have, the career we’ve got, or the goals we’ve achieved, then being a kind-hearted person that lives our life with open, real and genuine energy. It doesn’t mean we can’t have both, yet if we’re ever going to get anywhere as a species the authentic life is a necessary path.

Fuck-it #5 – I will actually be ‘conscious’ of my thoughts and actions

As an electromagnetic being in an electromagnetic universe, we naturally attract and emit energy. However, it’s not just our actions that impact the world around us, what is happening on the inside does too. Our choices are always a powerful force, even more so when we’re fully conscious of what they represent, because it amplifies their ripple throughout the ether, like a pebble thrown hard into a pond.

The reality is we have more power then we’ve been led to believe, so let’s own it. What are we truly giving the world? Energetically? Subconsciously? Consciously? How does all that fit into the context of what the fuck is actually happening, both spiritually and socially, in the external realm?

Fuck-it #6 – Actually, really, genuinely … treat the world with love

People have been hurting each other since the dawn of time, sometimes intentionally and at others not. No matter what ignorance, trauma or harsh circumstance has driven our poor behaviors, past and present, most of us have the capacity to heal and grow. Seriously, we’re all at our own stage and we all make mistakes.

Respecting people and our experiences with them doesn’t mean giving up being direct and assertive; compassion and understanding simply does all of us a peaceful fucking favor. Essentially, condemn the behavior, not the person. Embrace the world, not reject it. Love, don’t hate.

Fuck-it #7 – Shed the old, create the new

Keeping our head in the sand is not an option; we have to strive to understand the state of ourselves and the world. Like a judge in a court, what judgments do we need to make in terms of what needs to change both internally and externally? It’s a unending journey too, so settling into perceptual security zones only ends in self-deception and dogma. This also applies to every area of our belief and behavioral systems; obviously routine is important in some ways and at some points, yet so is the adventure of growth.

Fuck-it #8 – Respect all of nature

If Mother Earth can survive a violent tango with a comet, then she can survive whatever we throw at her. That doesn’t mean her natural systems like flora and fauna will though, so for that we need to take responsibility, especially if our actions are having a direct impact on them. We need to consider this as an individual and as part of a collective.

Not only that though, be in reverence of nature. Experience it. Nurture it. Feel it.

Fuck-it #9 – When I open my eyes I don’t see matter, I see consciousness

The only experience we’ve ever had is being ‘conscious’. We are not fundamentally matter, we are not fundamentally particles; our entire life is simply a mental adventure reflected by a physical body in a material world.

What ‘appears’ as outside of our mind is not separate from us; it’s a reflection of what we are at our core. The ancient wisdom that we are all one interconnected and life-full consciousness has been known for many centuries, yet it’s finally being brought to the mainstream because it is being rationalized through the sciences as well.

The truth is, our individual awareness is a snapshot or pinpoint of the universal consciousness that permeates all life. As the evidence-based interpretation of quantum physics states, this is the fabric of reality, not matter. It’s about fucking time we all woke up to our innate unity too, that way we might actually all get along.

Fuck-it #10 – Chill out; we’re a team

We’re all changing, we’re all evolving. We’re all at different stages and on different paths. It’s clear that we need to wake the fuck up as a collective and transcend the corporatist, systemic and environmental challenges that are embarrassing us as a so-called civilized and rational species, so there’s no point fighting each other at the same time, especially when we have a common purpose.

Yet there is still so much passive aggressive ego, even in conscious circles, as well as this undercurrent of ridiculous competition among us. Fuck it, let’s just chill, we’re all the same at out core, regardless of our personal beliefs and point of growth. Plus, we need each other to transform our world into a place of peace and prosperity.


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