5th Dimensional Shiftings ~ Playfulness

Ascension, Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, November 2nd, 2015


Remember to be Playful ~ A 5th Dimensional Pre-requisite

One angelic concept that humanity has long since forgotten is the capacity to play. As we illuminate in our auric and energetic fields, and become less physically dense, we will be gifted with synchronistic experiences that will remind us of our infinite aliveness. We are in the process of releasing many deep-seeded emotions of pain and abandonment, and as these darker aspects from our old world energy slowly drain from our system, we are offered new enhancements and expanded potential. Some of these accelerated enhancements, including Déjà vu and other time anomalies, create a subtle movement within the ever-present inter-dimensional energy, allowing it to come into focus for us. All of these minor energetic changes will become more surreal as we deepen our entwinement within the heightened planetary frequencies now being offered. As our vessels and energy fields move in to a constant state of expansion and adjustment, we will also have the unmistakable desire to get out and play!

With a greater level of refined light Source essence swimming within and all around us, we will be inspired to create more playtime as the desire to explore our world with new eyes increases. We have walked about Gaia and her offerings for so long in a state of sleepy disconnection from all that glistens and sparkles. Intrigue for nature and all of her gifts will replace mind-numbing addictions to technology as we feed the craving for intimately magical engagement with what exists all around us. These will be subtle shifts to allow for humanity to plug and tune in to a new world awaiting rediscovery, entanglement and love in ways that we simply have not allowed ourselves to feel and experience thus far.

Nature Alters Itself as Humanity Alters Itself
More and more we will see the symbiotic relationship between predator and prey, the balancing out of old political rivalries, and even the inception of formal open dialogue about potential first landings by those in official roles. Not only will compassion and acceptance be the desires of the masses, but we will begin to awaken to our own individual sense of sexuality and sensuality in much more open and loving ways. We may feel the pull to free ourselves from the confines of separation, judgment, and labels we have given with respect to sexual preference and gender ideologies, as liberation from the entanglement of the Divine Feminine and Divine Male attributes rise and enmesh as a balanced compassionate and lighted being. The profound spirit aspect of balance will be the point at which we begin to center and ground the emotional, physical, and psychic aspects of who we are. Remember, dear lighted ones, our societal experience is a reflection of who we are and how much love we show ourselves.

Ascension ignites the fire serpent of the kundalini as it spirals and oscillates at greater intensity and speed to be released into the Divine cosmos for reconnection and communion with Source and Creation. All of these are the unseen and incredible facets within every movement of planetary ascension and we are living it out for all to embrace and enjoy.

An innocent and childlike demeanor will help you release the endorphins that will inspire playfulness because with greater playfulness comes greater potential. This level of potential calls to action the magical frequencies that have patiently waited eons for humanity to reach a stage in which we could actively engage in play. The devas, elementals, faeries, and even inter-dimensional energies that swim within our existence excitedly await as more and more of us tune in and let the play time begin. These inspiring planetary energies will help us become acutely aware that our innate toolkit is the only equipment we require to tune in to any aspect of our glistening reality. The ability to set the intention, align with the purity of heart, and tune in to the faeries in your backyard will amaze and delight not only you, but all other frequencies tapped in and entangled with each experience. Higher dimensional living inspires us to experience freedom in an infinite number of ways, and that includes the freedom to play and engage with playful intent.

Merging Realities ~ Attributes of Higher Dimensional Living
Psychic abilities, sensings, time anomalies, telepathic messages, and prominent internal knowingness will begin to stir with each passing day. Time anomalies and reality toggling such as Déjà vu will allow us to see that Oneness of All That Is exists in the now. As we awaken in this incredible dream, the two worlds of consciousness begin to marry within Oneness. The seamless interplay of dream reality and waking reality become a perfect meld of magic and unlimited potential in the playground of new earth.

Oneness is something that we are all innately encoded with, but that we must re-member how to create. We have to realign and remember how to use our unique and innate skills that have tickled our imaginings since birth. We will unleash the glow of our infinite Oneness as physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects all meet at a pristine center-point.

Playful excitement will inspire you to get outside and entangle once again with Gaia in all ways. Even wildlife will respond differently as illusions and fears subside. Disproportionate numbers of species will balance, and our environment will heal itself, as we restore love and commitment to creating a more compassionate and holistic living behavior.

As we enmesh into higher frequencies, our refined and lightened bodies will tell us in various ways that the foods we have become accustomed to are no longer needed. Whether our body rejects the toxic foods by way of illness, disease, or fatigue, it will respond to all that is no longer pure and no longer needed. We will gain most of our nourishment through the energies and vibrations that are natural in our environment, including clean air and water, which will allow us to sustain not only health, but also youthfulness and vitality. We have already seen the profound change that humanity has created by taking a stand against various companies that produce toxin-laden GMO foods and additives, and, more recently, we have seen mass layoffs take place at these companies due to weak sales and capital losses.

Humanity has the power to change and alter all that we have known to be true within our society. It begins with the self-love, honor, and playfulness that we naturally know exists within. We will see communities eventually be self-supporting with communal gardens that produce raw and organic foods that only a refined 5th dimensional vessel can digest and process.

The Faerie Activations

We are so blessed and lucky to have so much energetic wisdom through the various worlds that encase us. With the help from the Egyptian Goddess Isis and one of my guides Merlin, I have recently been inspired to tap into my magical skills and abilities through the faerie energy. The devas, elementals, and the faeries are just a few of the energies available to us so that we can awaken the magical essence that resides within. Recently, and by way of auspicious coincidence, I came across a brilliant author, illustrator and creator of a wonderful set of Faerie tarot cards and story-time books. Brian Froud has been creating stories and images of the playful and enchanting experiences that float within his consciousness. We are certainly blessed by it!

When I received the book, How to See Faeries by Brian Froud and John Matthews, I was amazed at the similarities between the Faerie drawings and the beings I have seen in my meditative experiences with the celestials that encircle me. I believe that we have been gifted with such beings to assist humanity in bridging more of our cosmic roots and heritage.

I felt such excitement in reading this book, and with its playful tabs and storyline, I immediately asked my daughter to join in the magical faerie-tale fun. We absolutely loved the book and even used the faerie mat to leave a gift for them before we went to bed. The faerie essence is truly magical and as we expand our understanding of all the lovely energy that we are surrounded by, we will continue to have greater entanglement with them. I imagine that, upon our new earth, we will see our mutual realities meld as we begin to co-exist in harmony and balance. This magical book, and all of the delightful images appear to be the trigger that activated more of Gaia’s magical essence within me.

The images within the book allowed my cellular memory to be set in motion within my energetic field. As I expand my understanding and sensings with other energetic beings, and as I move with pure intention to learn and entangle with them, the encoding within me activates to receive intuitive wisdom gained in other realms and frequencies. This is the awakening of the Akash. Triggers and inspirations like this allow us to continue to play a part in merging the cosmic, earthly, and energetic realms together as one supportive bedding and bandwidth. We must intend, allow, surrender, and trust that there is a world of tiny creatures just awaiting your discovery of them. We must understand that this is a chapter within our ever-expanding consciousness, and these magical gifts will assist us to create Universal Oneness.

Since the planetary adjustments of the fall equinox and the star gate energy of September 28th, I have definitely felt a shift in all aspects of everyday life including client consultations, group discussions and our radio show. Spirit never misses an opportunity to tap into our heightened landscape and offer loving and benevolent encouragement and celebration for the work and illumination that we are all co-creating. There are moments in which I can sense waves and energy packets that are infused with Source essence, love, and encoded with data and celestial wisdom. All of these new sensations are wonderful and lively. They will allow us to open up to what has been gifted and surrender to the magic of it all.

Our playful multi-dimensional soul desires and craves magic entanglement and interactive playfulness. There is a profoundly expansive opportunity to tap into the depths of all that you are, and unlock and reveal the ancient Seer, the wise benevolent magician, and the forest faerie within. As we expand and extend our beliefs and sensibilities, we prepare ourselves for the eventual entanglement and conscious engagement with our cosmic family and galactic brethren. It is within our evolutionary design to explore all that we are, and ultimately figure out how to align with the vibrant and magical elements that awaken our innate skills and abilities.

New Earth Imaginings

We have discussed in many articles, classes, and online shows that our ability to create and manifest new earth is housed in our individual potential to explore the possibilities and truths about what we desire to experience upon new earth. Humanity has been gifted with the tools to create the purity of intent, the will to act, and creativity to design. We are encoded with these tools, and rightfully so. These tools will be the core concepts that will open the portal to the creative play that will guide you to your own version of new earth and what it will look like, feel like, and offer to you for your magical adventures.

I imagine a new earth with varying hues in the sky that are crystalline and pure in their colors. With not only one moon, but two. I envision the landscape without tall buildings, but rather natural in every way, with only cabins, or coverings of sorts that support communal living and pockets of small communities that gather in locations to support the skills and desires of their blueprint. We will not be rushing around to work, or be anywhere but on the land entangled with it and all that it offers. I envision magical animals and creatures that come to life as we expand and desire to play and entangle once again with the magical essence of Creation. I envision steam pools that are naturally warmed by Mother Earth, and rich with the very nutrients that our ever-changing illuminated vessels will require to be sustained in a vital, vibrant, and youthful way.

In these lovely moments we allow ourselves to dream, envision, and entangle with the magical elements of what we are moving into. There will be a greater free flow of light that embeds itself into your bandwidth. We have been preparing ourselves to take on greater refined light and resonance. These streams can be amped up and enhanced by your team if you so desire. As you allow the magic to float within your everyday life, you open the potential within your bandwidth to further co-create this very vibration with all other frequencies awaiting for you to awaken to it. Awareness creates knowingness, knowingness creates experience. This is the process of Law of Attraction. It has been widely misunderstood and blanketed to our monetary desires and needs, but it truly expands into all aspects of Creation.

In each day, as we imbue all that is self-love, do not forget to feel all that self-love is teaching us. We are expanding into our innate sensuality of breath; breath is life, and it is truly Divine and magical. In each of our weekly radio shows and UStream UU Free Learning shows, I access the Universal wisdom that I normally tap into with my ever-expanding teams. These past few weeks have been packed with many unbelievable experiences, and with so many new beings now tapping into my energy field it has been a challenge to keep up with the written work I was used to doing. There is great cosmic excitement with the work and advancements that humanity has moved into and many, many beings are waiting in the wings to offer their energetic download of joy, feedback, and encouragement to us. It has been a lot of fun, but it has also created a knot in time that delays my ability to write and disseminate all of the messages I am being sent.

The essence of spiritual magic is reserved for those with a certain level of self-mastery, and self-clarity who can see, play, and interact with the faeries, or to intend a desire into manifestation. Just as the masters that had walked this planet in unwavering devotion and commitment to the love wisdom of Source, so too will it be for the 5th dimensional initiate. We are at the initiation stages to intently move beyond and prepare the body and energy field for what we are being gifted. Fully understanding the Divine spark that ignites the spiritual magic within is the pathway to deepened Universal wisdom. It requires each of us to live in grounded reverence for the gifts and power it possesses. Grace, gratitude, and reverence are the prerequisites for higher-dimensional living.

We gain greater wisdom as we gain greater awareness to our innate skills. Through daily path work and practice, and as we commune daily with our teams and Higher Self, we expand out and engage in more so that we can maintain balance in accordance to what is unfolding. There is responsibility that comes with the skills unleashed from within. It is a moment-for-moment awareness as we advance up the evolutionary web. Just as we would approach any job promotion or new employment title with maturity and respect, so too is the need for us to use the same reverence with all that unfolds with our expansion. We must use our advancing skills and abilities in a playful and loving way, and also move forward with the awareness and intent to serve with benevolence to the greater good. We must give considerable time to ensure we have worked through the corporeal aspects of competition, greed, jealousy, and gluttony so that we release the old world patterning and rise up to the level in which new rarified light can enter and activate the release of brilliance that exists within you. We are experiencing greater magic as we prepare, explore, and step up into the greatness that awaits every 5th dimensional illuminated galactic human.

As we accelerate in every way, we will find ourselves moving away from the written word and move towards intimate gatherings, telepathic and multi-dimensional communications that teach us how to intuit one another in a whole new way. Learning how to store certain key information within crystals, telepathically send blocks of information, and using our sense of focus to place us within whatever frequency thread or bandwidth we desire for the roles we have signed on for. New and more efficient ways to process, send, and receive information will be one of our first learning initiatives upon new earth, and it will these ‘first landing lessons’ that our celestial mentors will share and provide. Many magical experiences await within every moment of lively breath, and it is why ‘breath’ is the seed of life. Threaded with Source essence, and unlimited potential for the freedom to breathe new life into all that we experience. We are breathing in the rarified Source essence, the elements of our potential new earth, the golden glitter that aligns the illuminated lungs of a new earth human, is what we are transitioning within right now. It is Divine and it is magical, so breathe it in and embrace this rarified love, for it alters and shifts all that you are and all that exists within you.

My love and blessings to you all, dear lighted ones, and my deepest gratitude to you all for the lovely messages, comments and feedback on our classes, shows, and channels. I sense and feel it all.

Blessings, light, and unconditional love,
Joanna L. Ross

Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Ambassador for New Earth, Author, Public Speaker



Such profound love and energy and I am grateful for this moment to share it with you all.

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