The Year of Truth ~ 2016

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives, Zeitgeist / Thursday, December 31st, 2015

2016 One Light


You have arrived at a year of direct guidance from spirit. More and more channels delivering messages are opening up. The partnership of the trained hearts with spirit will manifest in new and unusual understandings about the nature of reality and the nature of humanity – This is why you have prepared for this age. WE are talking about a dream-like reality where world orders will be completely changed because the conditioning of humans is changing, and the Self-authentic authority of each and every human will expose Heaven on Earth.

Pay attention to how everything meets you right in your face. The migration of animals is changing direction, rhythm and pace due to changes in weather patterns. You start seeing the connections, the nature of consciousness, cosmic entanglement in action.

2016 is a year of truth. This is the completion of a circle, isn’t it? The more the jargon of the New Age spreads, the more truth will spread on planet Earth and show herself in various mundane expressions. Words such as quantic, frequencies and vibrations will penatrate your daily language. And there are spiritual streams that you will examine to see whether they are revealing the truth or covering it up with more words. Be gentle with your feelings, because they are dancing to the sounds of tuned chords.

Let Feelings of LOVE, compassion and generosity open your inner gates.

Be the sun. Lightning reflecting life-giving sun which is not screening or choosing her rays. Her rays don’t come back to her. And it’s only the clouds of mind which reduce her strength.

Light reflects itself through you. You are the sun that reflects its rays and lights up the environment.

Consciousness is not asking to fix anything, because nothing is damaged or Consciousness is not looking to complete the missing, because nothing is missing.

Ascension and elevation are not actions. Elevation is containing. Ascension is containing.
When your energy has ascended you contain all other dimensions – from ONE reality to the other you no longer discern between has it been or did I have a dream.

You contain multi-dimensionality, and now learn how to contain all these realities. The bodies of the trained hearts vibrate at frequencies that will not disassemble existing structures but add to them.

Your task for the year 2016 is to awaken with a compassionate determination of remembering.
The Photon Light Belt supports the process of remembering.

What a magic it is the field of the heart vortex?! A powerful portal to a multi-dimensional reality whose strength is exposed in abundance. The power of the heart vortex is the unification of everything that flows through it. Magic in simplicity is that which crosses the border of possibility in your eyes.

The truth and the LOVE are transparent – choose to walk safely between transparent drops of true spirit’s LOVE.

~ Shelly Sharon

٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

WE as the human race have the opportUNITY now to truly step up in Highest Service and to render this for the greater good of ALL.

٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

LOVE, ONE Inner Light & a Happy New Year of Truth to EveryONE ★


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