Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives / Thursday, December 31st, 2015

bird tribes


As a caterpillar comes to the end of its evolutionary capacity in its present form it begins to embrace the frightening prospect of total transformation. It builds it’s own cave in which to retreat and allow for the metamorphosis that will utilise the propensities encoded into its matrix, to reveal the full extent of its transcendent, evolutionary design. In the still, quiet, darkness of it’s chrysalis it surrenders to its own cellular intelligence…it’s own magnificence.

Isolated, suspended in time and space, it is left only with its essential and elemental awareness. It has nothing to hold onto, nothing to convince it of its limitations. Beyond it’s cave the sun rises and sets, the rain and wind, the rustle and creak, count the rhythmic beat of life and death beyond its isolated womb of rebirth. It must die to the past.The sense of self, that is reliant upon the ordering of the world to meet its mundane needs, is yielded to the growing vision of what it is becoming. It relinquishes its hold on the restraints of all interpretations of the rational that might hold it back from the rushing flow of change that will ultimately deliver it to the promise of light…and flight.

The process of recalibration begins. Its present form slowly dismantled, dissolved, reduced to fluid, in preparation for the geometry of its primal template to realign and resurrect it’s codes into a form that will gift the world with weightless, luminous beauty…. a butterfly.


Juliet J Carter to The Template Ceremonies Community


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