The real miracles, and the real miracle workers, are yourselves. – The Council

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, March 25th, 2015



The Council

Change. Let’s examine the change that you are in the middle of at this time.

Is it not somewhat inconceivable that a sea change in the planet’s systems would be largely unmentioned in the media? Would you not expect that some discussion of anything of this magnitude would be happening? Is such a thing not more important than an annual basketball tourney or a reality television show?

The entire financial structure of your world is being radically modified. You are about to find that out whether or not you have been following these things. And the resultant effects upon your everyday lives will be enormous. That alone should be enough to excite everyone. But we tell you once again that the true miracle is that the changes in your consciousness, your frequencies if you will, are the true changes. Everything you see outside of you is illusion. All of it, no matter how real it seems, is destined to change, to cease to exist at some point. Why? Because you will change. You will grow. You will continue to create. Your true nature is to always strive for more and better. And you will always succeed. You always have.

Now that the truth of that is about to be undeniably demonstrated, you might wish to look inside at who you truly are and apply these realizations to your own lives. The real miracles, and the real miracle workers, are yourselves. Once you understand who creates the life you are living, you will have taken back your ability to make the changes in your own lives that you desire to make.

Sometimes it is more comfortable and convenient to be a victim of circumstance. But next to the thrill of achievement it is dusty and tasteless. Find out who you are. Be your own hero. We are not speaking of the ego you, but of the feeling, knowing you that holds the spark of your Creator.

Look inside for the you that reacts when you are disrespected. Find the you that explodes in joy when you learn to do something new. Find the you that melts when you see a happy child or a loving animal. Find the one who lives deep in your heart. Allow that you to surface and live more and more through your actions feelings. Tell your thoughts that your ego is not in danger, but it does not need to be in control either. Give this new and growing self the chance to build a new life for you. As we have said several times in the past, amaze yourselves.

We have also told you that there will be efforts to scare you at this time. The sky is not falling. New wars will not solve anything. The end of the world is not at hand. Look at what is around you, not at your television set.

This short message is a bit off our usual message, but you have entered the time of rapidly cascading changes that we have spoken of so often before. The long period of delays has come to an end. That saddle that we spoke of before? Hang onto it! Congratulations.



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