The Next Religion Is the Religion of Consciousness ~~ Special message for ISIL/Boko Haram/ et al …

Ascension / Thursday, March 26th, 2015




by Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

The next religion will be the religion of awakening to the Infinite possibility of success with Consciousness. We can learn to embrace conscious awareness so that all in this world can live together in peace and true prosperity, instead of only a few. Then, through the Grace of God, this conscious awareness may prevent the great likelihood of natural or man-made mass devastation on our Planet Mother Earth.

As an example, just watch the animals; they are so beautiful and natural, but look deeper, they are instinctive. They don’t have to learn anything. It is sheer instincts by which their life is regulated. The egg of the bird hatches, and then when it is ready, the young bird just flies.

But that is not true with MAN. Man, too, has instincts, but man is not totally instinctive. Only in Man has the most important evolution happened. That is the dimension of “consciousness.” This dimension has given man the biggest challenge. Because only in man have bioscientists found an enzyme which enhances a drive for “self discovery.” Only man has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Man thus is a learning animal. Man has to learn everything, and his greatest challenge is to learn to be more conscious and aware.

Consciousness brings the challenge to choose. Now man has to choose between the good and the bad, and the temporal and the permanent, and move from the past and future to the Present and Presence. Man’s journey thus is to transform instinctive energy into intuitive energy, and explore the inner world of infinite possibilities of true consciousness.

The essence of this new religion of consciousness is to become aware of one’s own SELF, for the only malady of humanity is SELF forgetfulness, whose manifestation is the ego. True Growth is always a movement. A movement from unconsciousness to consciousness, from unawareness to awareness, from ego to God!

A seeker asked me the other day, “Baba, what do you think is the biggest challenge for all of us?” The Mother in my heart spoke: “to constantly remember your self”! You remember many things belonging to the past and worry about many things related to the unknown future, but don’t forget to question who is the thinker, who is the doer, and who is the one happy or unhappy. For example, at this moment you are reading these words, you are in the words, but are you conscious of who is reading? Are you aware of your self?

To become aware and conscious of who is the “doer” needs training, training of the mind to move outside, but to not lose contact with the Source within. You need to enjoy life without forgetting the ‘seeker’ within. Have fun with friends, but do not forget the True Friend within. This will open up a new horizon in your life, a vast continent which you have not yet visited, and it is in your very Mind.

Your biggest challenge is not to prove to the world how rich and wealthy or socially recognized you are. That is the tinsel fame that fades with time. Your biggest challenge is to discover the SELF within. When this happens you do not win a Noble Peace Prize, whose creator ironically invented dynamite, which as been used for both good and bad. But what you win is infinitely more powerful, you win the Noble Peace Prize that is the nobility of your humbled self, feeling love unconditionally and living in moment to moment Peace. You award the all-time biggest Peace Prize to YOURSELF.

Unfortunately, man has become his own greatest enemy today. It is disastrous that man, in an unconscious state of SELF-forgetfulness, perpetuates the most heinous crime of barbaric violence against Humanity. If we all become conscious and aware of our own self, and respect the self that dwells within each one of us, we can bridge all differences and unite all with the Unified Field of Consciousness. Then love and prosperity can happen for all of creation.

We are passing through a critical time in human history; the air is overburdened with negativity. It is time for all of humanity to join together in evoking the spirit of tolerance and love which needs to envelop Mother Earth. We all need to trust in the infallible Grace of God and pray unconditionally for a conscious, peaceful world. Sincere prayers are always answered and are even more powerful when groups meditate together as part of a spiritual community. We must consciously rise above all religious dogmas and sectarian views and work for spiritual oneness. We need to lead true, conscious, spiritual lives so that we can radiate a positive spirit and inspire others to follow the path of positive light and love. We all need to bring in more positive vibrations to the world today so that negative elements can be naturally subdued or transmuted. If we all support and heal each other, the vibrations will spread and ward off all that is evil. Yes, a little positive effort with trust in the Divine can take us toward our coveted goal of peace and happiness. The biggest gift that you can offer to the Universe is your peaceful mind and happy state of Conscious Being.


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