The Pleiadian High Council ~ Telepathic Conversations Have Always Preceded Contact

Ascension, Galactics / Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Channeled by Wes Annac

We spend a vast amount of your “time” to borrow that term from our channel’s mind, working aboard our ships for your planet and for a plethora of other planets and realms actively involved in the ascension of the Universe.

We work from our ships quite often, and in our leisurely time we can travel to infinite other realms and landscapes if we wish — by stargate travel; by travel which is bred from the sheer intent to travel somewhere which takes us there instantly; or via the holographic rooms we have aboard our ships.

We have what you best would know as projectors of a higher dimensional, conscious nature in most of the rooms of our ships. These projectors project an entirely real yet holographic reality, which is fifth dimensional (or purer) and which we can enjoy and exist in just as much as we can any other location.

This is because the holographic projectors aboard our ships are using the very energies used to Create and sustain your reality and indeed, our reality, to Create and sustain specific environments we would work with the projectors to manifest for ourselves.

You will discover and understand so many things about the free energy Creating your realities, and learning how to utilize our technologies will be a strong facet of learning how to work with energy to manifest anything you desire.

Fruitful Technologies and Revelations
The technologies you will be given from we Galactic beings will be just as fruitful as the revelations that are to be uncovered on the surface of your Earth and in fact, many of the revelations you will be given will concern our technology and how it has been back-engineered and turned into the technologies emitting destructive frequencies that are meant to disturb humanity’s brainwaves.

Ultimately, the cabals have attempted to Create a society of unaware individuals who serve them in nearly every sense. In the spiritual sense, the cabals have attempted to get you to serve them by Creating and having you feed very real barriers of negativity and lower dimensionality, which are different from the veils you have instated unto yourselves.

These barriers are different because they have not been Created by you, but they can have as little influence upon you as anything else as long as your energy and focus is not lent to them. We trust that you dear souls will be able to feel and understand the influence those barriers can have upon you in the time ahead and already, so many of you are awakening to the reality of what they attempt to enforce within you and we are brimming with joy to note the awareness being gained in the awakening humanity as to the many ways the cabals have attempted to hold you back.

You do not have to allow yourselves to be held back; though outer circumstances in your Lives will indeed attempt to arise and convince you that your perspectives must be dampened because of them.

Much is happening that is intended to test your resolve and ability to remain within a higher dimensional center in any and every moment, and the awareness being gained at present is seeing the Light very easily able to permeate the minds and hearts of a plethora of awakening souls who see that the time has come to change aspects of their Lives and behavioral patterns that are no longer in resonation with the experiences they wish to have.


Pleiadian High Council – via Wes Annec – Holograph Rooms – Stargate Travel – Learning To Work With Energies – Telepathic Communiication

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