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The ancient ones have returned. The earth is ready to make a quantum leap and change in frequency regardless of who is in political power. Those that are in power will yield to the authorities that follow the law of one and are in harmony beyond physical containers, but to the natures to the souls of all life, animal, and human. Everything is intentionally being stopped for a reset, that is why this feels so strange.

There was grave darkness, oppression, and deception slated in the following months but a higher force is taking the plotted agendas from the elite offline. Fortunately, they did not release the deadliest pandemic and this had been a trial run. The race of man is loved with compassion from higher beings that are benevolent. The Roman Church and the bankers are being taken out and the whole currency of money will be changed.

There is a reason you are buckled up in your homes because much is being done to pave the way for major changes. There is a new celestial object coming by your solar system in the next two months and the heavens will rain with many meteorites, the seas will rise with great waves, the electromagnetic band waves will change on this planet which will affect your psyche and mental. Your minds have already been given movies about zombies, tidal waves, earthquakes, and ships set up for the rising seas like Noah’s arc 2012.

It is no coincidence you were given these movies. You have already been warned and this is why in the next few months major technologies will be exposed and given to the lower earth governments to prepare for earth changes. There is going to be a complete reboot of society and the world. It will not be done by their new world order but under the Council of the Galactic Federation and the space wardens who have been meeting and planning these great changes. Do not be in fear, because what would have happened is the mass annihilation of the population.

This is not going to happen now. The evil child abusers are being rounded up and tried. Human life is precious and so are the souls of every one of you. You have been given an opportunity to prosper with an expansion of being and to be given the real functions of the Universe not based on religious dogma and the agendas of the false leaders.

There are sightings of wormholes and interdimensional crafts happening all over the world. What you are now experiencing as ‘poltergeists’ are dimensional realms colliding with the physical. The astral realms are raising their vibration as well as this planet, so you will experience what you term ‘poltergeist activity’ because your frequencies are out of phase and these realms are very real. A life just to sustain a body is meaningless, but to those that hold the key and worked on creation and harmonizing with the lessons of life and soul will benefit from a higher state of consciousness.

Many will be seeing their bodies rejuvenate as they attenuate to the higher frequencies. The unloving and material bound souls are becoming more deadlocked in illusion and will not hold the frequency of the higher realms. They will not vibrate with these frequencies because they lack love and affinity.

But you will experience rays of light from the heart and quickening of consciousness. You will be in a higher state of bliss than you will remember with the cosmic energy you are a part of. You are free of the entrapment of the lower frequencies sucking your life force. All of which you have allowed happening by agreement – caveat emptor.

The message is to become aware. You know more than you think you do. Great battles are happening right now in the quadrant of the Universe all in perfect time for the emancipation of the souls of light. This is your childhood end. The beginning of a new quantum of experience is here.


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