CORONAVIRUS For your Contemplation

COVID, Spiritual Perspectives, Zeitgeist / Thursday, April 16th, 2020

A virus is packets of DNA or RNA genes that are looking for a cell to dominate. Viruses can only exert influence by invasion as they need a host cell to replicate, they cannot thrive outside a body.

What is being reflected to us is a dominating parasite that cannot live on its own.

For those of you familiar with deep psycho-energetic work you may be able to see this as a reflection of consciousness as we are being shown shadow at a cellular level.

Shadow is consciousness that we are unaware of that is projected outside the self. It cannot exist without us, the host, just like the virus.

It is a pre-condition already built into the DNA.

The virus invades the cell boundary. At its very core level this is about victimhood and the consciousness of the cells allowing themselves to be overcome, without the adequate power to create the antibodies to prevent this. So dis-ease within the lungs and possibly death is manifested as the physical outcome.

Can you see how this cellular picture simply reflects the larger picture of how the victim/perpetrator dynamic is responsible for all that does not work on our planet? Essentially this is about power.

If we approach this as a war this sadly is the expression of our fear, then this causes its proliferation and likely resurgence, despite the measures being adopted, and why we will always require vaccines.

If we adopt the approach of moving out of fear and into holding UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in our energy system this creates a resonance that brings in coherence, harmony and balance into the physical body and the consciousness that is a higher frequency (POWER WITH) than that of domination (POWER OVER) and the body can return to homeostasis and health.

I am not for one minute suggesting that you do not adhere to the instructions the world governments are suggesting. At this moment in our history most are not at this level of consciousness and is why this is now being reflected to us in this most powerful way.

It is interesting that the presence of this virus is opening the hearts of many and the whole pandemic is creating havoc and chaos in many of the systems of the world that require revision from the way we govern ourselves through to our healthcare systems.

You may also wish to consider where in your own life are you a victim and where might you be a perpetrator? Where do you not take responsibility for your own creations and where do you always project blame out onto others? Collectively we hold this dynamic in place when we do not take responsibility for the outcomes in our life and when we use control to dominate others.

If you are still with me so far and for whom this resonates

I would like to share a version of a very powerful Invocation I have used for many years.

Some of you may recognize this and I have revised the words to more fully reflect the consciousness of the ONE UNIFIED FIELD we create when we come together as ONE in love and service for and to one another, our planet and all sentient life.

With this we can create a very powerful energy field of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that can be used to transmute all dysfunctional energy and consciousness within our DNA, our physical bodies and our multi- dimensional energetic anatomy.

This brings our energy systems into equilibrium, harmony and balance through harmonic resonance so that any dominant energy joins the whole and is no longer a threat to healthy functioning. This is a very different approach than “killing” it. And also a profound example of how we can bring peace, harmony and balance at the macro level in our lives and in our world.

Repeat x 3 every day

Please use for yourself and share with your own groups AND with ANYONE YOU KNOW THAT IS SUFFERING with this virus who is willing.

Source: Athena Melchizedek Sananda

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