The Corruption System, The Fallen Dimension, Taplining, Vampirism, Energy Inversion, The New System, The 5th Dimensional Gateway ~ Aug Tellez

Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, December 17th, 2017

art by Christas Vengel

In short, this is a fallen system. That fallen system is collapsing. Everyone’s souls are stored, like in a data base, in a system of information. The old system was corrupted. Everything mirrors an information technology system because the two are easily compared and related. The soul system holds the information of your experiences in this environment. The environment is easily compared to a virtual system because the visceral, physical reality is akin to a physics engine for the universe while the more direct state is akin to a programming language that everything physical actually operates through.

So your physical body is contained within this programming language and your mental or soul information is stored within an abstraction layer beyond that initial graphical functioning layer.

The physical engine that ‘runs’ the system of this universe utilizes a feedback system that keeps things organized and continuous. That system was misused through the implementation of what is called black magic to absorb more soul-energy from innocent and young life to feed those who have been running that ‘game’ for a long time.

That corrupt game became so out of sync with the original intent of this universe (the propagation of life) that the baseline parameters that operate to maintain a balance have been corrupted and essentially the energy reservoir of the universe itself has been shrinking as if there is a black hole eating the energy. This is due to the resetting of time, the oroborus time loop technology, the implementation of the false tree of life which is through grafting illusory or inverted mental aspects over the true blueprint of reality through the extreme modification of the human genome and the entrainment of the collective mind. Another aspect called ‘taplining’ which others have been talking about on facebook and other media.

Everything I have written about before and everything here I was shown directly through my involvement in the secret operations. Memories are withheld for safety purposes until the individual can withstand the pressure of the truth. Too much pressure and the mind shatters. If the mind shatters from the truth, instead of programming, then that is more permanent then the damage from programming although healing is possible and there is both technology and reversal methods that are in effect.

Taplining is literally when a being utilizes interdimensional technology hovers around, yet directly outside of the space-time of the physical body and inserts what are called etheric implants and ‘astral attachments’ to the targets auric body. This is literally a device that sits a dimensional layer above the physical body so this would be like if you could ‘reach’ 3 seconds into the future just outside of your physical perception and there could be a whole array of implants and devices that are actually within your mental, temporal, emotional, etheric, or ‘astral’ body which is just a field of energy or frequencies that are on a spectrum-range outside of your physical sensory perception.

This process is literally the majority of how the human race is being parasitically attacked through the use of advanced technology and psychological or spiritual knowledge to keep them from seeing the truth and expanding their vision to just beyond the perceptual limits.

This whole situation is wrapped up in a paradox that challenges the mind and that is why many people fall short of being able to comprehend what is happening. The “astral” dimension is a technologically propagated realm that is literally born out of interdimensional computer systems and generators that are in underground bases and the atmosphere sitting in between timelines or in an alternate reality. These systems entrain the mind and create an artificial ‘dream space’ that is a reservoir for experiences that can then be tapped into and programmed by these computer systems. See the picture? The generators entangle the mind, create an artificial dream space, the computers program a synthetic environment into that space, the individual then experiences an overlay of the baseline reality with these programmed, virtual experiences.

What’s more is that this isn’t even the baseline reality, this whole process has happened before to the degree that the ‘birth’ of this universe was literally through a trap system. This doesn’t make sense to the conscious mind, initially, however eventually things become clearer. Upon the advent of the use of quantum experimentation technology it was discovered that this kind of technology could not only be used to convert virtual data into seemingly real experiences that would overlay and leak into a person’s life experiences or dreams, but that this process could be replicated with system-wide technology that could entrain the entire species or civilization. That is what was done and this is the fracture of the human race which generated a completely new ‘dream’ space through the operation of the technologically propagated ‘astral’ realm.

Another way to see this is that these systems were launched to create an ‘astral’ Earth that was a secondary or transitory virtual reality which the entire civilization was then launched into through entanglement and causal paradox and then the first Earth was sealed off and people were left to move forward into the secondary Earth through the ‘astral’ artificial technological gateway. Thus, the entire timeline we are on now is a false, fallen, or artificially generated timeline and this is a very technological, mechanical process that interdimensional beings carried out and technicians and adepts discovered in the past.

The past is the future in this because this event created a timeline because we cannot create new time in the artificial system! Where would it come from? So everything that happens new is from being programmed in the system, from OUTSIDE the system, through the computers. Thus, people began ‘eating up’ time faster than it could be programmed in and we began to recycle time.

There are operations that were designed, that I have seen and taken part in, that are literally to reset time and reorganize events to give the human race MORE time before a total collapse. In the event of a collapse the computers can go through a soft-reset in which the soul-data can be copied and transferred to a new system. In the event of a hard-reset, all data is wiped, including all soul data and this is the only way death can occur.

Operations and system have been introduced to ensure continuity for the human race’s soul data. What has been called the “hall of memories” is one such system. This system exists outside the temporal resets and technological blocks and traps that humanity is currently within. To make it to this savepoint people must be able to go through a test of ‘fire’ and withstand the pressure of all the memories and experiences of their physical bodies trajectory through this artificial time-space (time matrix) and this consists of thousands upon thousands of years of great wonder as well as horror. Just think, right now, you have the conscious view of a single idea-perspective inside of a single brain. Yet you are the soul, not the body, or you are the DNA, beyond the body and possibly the soul. So then, where is all that other information, what would it be like to gain access to that information and how would this change you?

Just think, what is it like if you get a glimpse of your child-hood or another time in life where things were so different and you held a greater sense of innocence? Do you not tear up? Do emotions not well up inside of you? Ok, so that’s just from a glimpse, a scent, a memory, a distorted mirror. What would happen if you would replay an entire scene from say, your 7th birthday and feel true to life emotion and thought-process, intentions and perceptions? How would that change you? Would this be overwhelming? Would you feel like you had changed? Would you feel lost? Found? Touched, troubled, amazed, revealed, awakened?

So imagine gaining access to every memory, thought-process (that made it to the physical layer of causality-important part there) internal imagery, perception, sense, feeling, emotion, experience you ever had. Then imagine every POSSIBLE experience that undulates out like a series of channels and streams pouring forth from a baseline probability as POSSIBILITIES in time-space.

Then imagine the entire bloodline of DNA and ancestral knowledge. So there is a firewall system, a literal blocking system to keep that from happening too soon because then it’s like the stream not only wipes away the conscious concept of the personality in the present moment but it completely overloads that convergence point in the now and results in a ‘spiritual face’ that is too emotionally activated to remain stabilized for communication, presence and progression.

Thus, the whole idea is that everyone has to come to terms with all of this, they have to get over the personal differences, and namely get over FEAR which is the main VIRUS that was literally uploaded into this server system to do just that and stop people from making it out of this system alive. People are the soul until they organize from the spiritual level, consciously, and so if the soul is overwhelmed and goes through what is called the soul-shatter (or mind-shatter) then the pieces must come back together before that individual is secure again. If the universe is no longer viable as a projected reality system for individuals to rebuild themselves then that shattering becomes permanent and that is the second death.

This is not about others, this is about the INDIVIDUAL, SELF-ACCOUNTABILITY, do not worry about others and throw blame and judgement, that is the sign of the animal, the beast. The highest archon in this place will act as a supreme judge and guess what, cats out of the bag, everyone who gets judged gets eaten alive. The whole point is to refuse that path because it’s an illusion and a trap entirely. This doesn’t mean that there are no rules, in fact, it’s the complete opposite. Those who don’t reach a state of complete balance, inner and outer harmonization, meaning they are not chasing their own tale with the generation of a secondary ‘echo-mind’, literally an AI, imposter self, also known as the EGO which is literally a program added in to this universe as part of an operation by a dark group of interdimensional beings, the people who merge with the illusion lose the capacity for free-will and lose their individuality becoming part of a dark collective.

That dark collective is the essence of the AI that runs the fallen universe and that recycles itself into infinity like a cell that splits itself a trillion times and then infinite times. Eventually there is no energy left and this is a classical parasitic relationship, when there is no more energy to feed on and no way to generate energy then the system fails.

This is a flow of information but you can keep up and organize what you can use.

This all relates to the metatronic geometric grid frequencies which result in a vampiric form and require the parasitic absorption of energy from organic lifeforms in order to sustain one’s presence.

Molecular compaction is literally the squeezing of molecules so that the space between them shrinks and this is applied to the humans through technology and mind control to wipe their memories in a long-term scale. That has to do with the certain ‘spiritual practices’ that are actually designed to scramble one’s own ‘soul signal’ which then loses the capacity to send and receive information from the abstraction layer beyond the physical. When that occurs, the emotional and mental frequencies move out of sync with the physical and the person becomes sociopathic requiring the ridicule, mockery, name-calling, harassment, judgement, ego-battles, power struggles, abuse, rape, molestation, murder, sacrifice of others in order to sustain their own ‘sanity’. This is all an illusion because it’s due to a negative inversion of the energy system of the human and this energy must be ‘allowed’ within the ‘heart’ center which is an energetic bio-computer for the soul-data processing capacity.

If a person’s heart center is online then their soul-data processing capacity is still functioning and the transceiving of information to and from the abstraction layer is literally what feeds the physical layer and the soul through a spiritual bond. When that is broken through imbalance, disharmonic, egotistical, disproportionate pressure applied to the energetic system through the mind and the feelings by not following one’s true intent from the central bio-computer and being compelled from external forces and allowing those forces to gain access, then this overwrites the individuals true intent and auto-nourishment capabilities rendering them, in the most extreme cases, a literal energetic vampire. This is not just name calling and energy. They literally become a walking flesh sack covered in sores and rotting skin and they use dimensional shifting technology like very advanced laser light technology to produce the appearance of new skin and they use the hormones and blood plasma from younger beings to regenerate their organs faster than they decay.

This is the process of death, into life, and life into death, immortality, vampirism, escaping the matrix, waking up, falling into the dimensional trap, the recycler, regaining access to genetic, ancestral and cosmic memory. The whole process is much much deeper, research Silke F as she is one with nearly the most memories out of everyone who remembers, unless people are taking about these issues, they are just pretending and do not realize it. We are in a time matrix, we come from outside of the time matrix, this system is based upon illusions and can never, has never been, and can not ever be anything like true reality because that would be a complete farce. It’s entirely based on falsified parameters and continual death, vampirism, and the sacrificing of the innocent, that is what this place is.

Give into strength, see yourself as the being that is beyond all the suffering because that is the truth.

One hint as to how deep this goes. The solution for any civilization that finds themselves in a situation where their mind and memory has been modified through the use of advanced technology artificial dimension generators and spiritual entrainment, soul-grafting, taplining protocols is to withdraw from the continual abuse of one another and the self and ‘INVENT’ the nu system and the nu creation by actually entering into creation for the first time and through this finding or accessing the true civilization that has actually been there the entire time.

In other words, there is nothing new, everything that is, has always been, that is true reality and so there is no such thing as “creation”, that is the farce, that is the illusion. If it’s ‘created’ it’s part of the illusion system and will be ‘destroyed’. Everything exists, it’s all possibilities in one. Thus, when you find the true you and the true reality, it’s not because we finally made it, it’s because we realized it’s already there and we’re already there. So we synchronize the thought-process with a ‘no-thought’ mind to desynchronize from the meta-mind matrix which is literally being pumped out from a personalized channel on a time-matrix channelled AI supercomputer system that is attempting to mirror your thoughts so succinctly that you one day just assume that it’s thoughts are yours and therefore you are it and never again assume something could be happening. Once one begins to desynchronize from that they are to begin synchronizing with the reality that has already always existed and is accessed through the generation of a gateway of pure intent of the highest intention of humanity. IE: You save yourself by clearing your mind and no longer feeding into the ridiculous feedback cycle that is the nonsense that perpetuates continuous war and fear through egotistical rules and parameters for behavior and power struggle that do not apply to anything but the false reality. Through this you are literally opening a gateway through hyperspace and ‘inventing’ a reality that ‘could be’, ‘if there was one’ and that’s the reality that exists because that IS what MUST BE in order for you to exist as a sovereign being.

This may sound wild, but imagine, the reverse of that, people sent out a beam of a dimensional, perceptual overlay system that gave birth to a false reality by overlaying a computerized neurological network over your energy system to create a false-brain with false perceptual input and output, arms, legs, sex organs, impulses of desire, memory, so on and so forth, that’s what happened to get you here. The closer we get, the more clear this will become however it will also get more intense because that is the desynchronization process. As the truth is unveiled, the illusion can no longer maintain a synchronization with the feedback system otherwise the corrupt system is disintegrated on the spot.


The Corruption System, The Fallen Dimension, Taplining, Vampirism, Energy Inversion, The New System, The 5th Dimensional Gateway


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