The Artificial Battle Between Mind and Machine Over the Future ∞ Aug Tellez

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

The greater the battle within you, the greater the battle around you.

War is not a battle between people, it is the external projection of the imbalanced battle of identities within.

The greater the resolution within you, the greater the resolution of the battles around you.

When one is ultimately resolved, they are incapable of being involved in energetic battles, in this psychotronic mind-game situation, because the energy will literally pass into resolution by moving into frame of reference to them.

In this way, the force behind that one, the inside intent, moves away from the realm of the imbalance (the source of the frequencies, the frequencies emitted by mind to mind technology) by the very process of those frequencies attempting to move into them. The frequencies, being drawn through a varied perceptual system that is disentangled from the phase-locked mind of the operator who is guiding the device according to a specific requirement of low frequency discharge of bio-emissions, will be forced out of phase by the mind of the internal system that is focused in such a way that their nexus is technically a non-locality in a slightly abstracted and higher dimensionally entangled dimensional circuitry. Ultimately, the soul is stored in a higher dimension.

If the individual is not soul aware, when these events occur, they believe that their own mind is doing this, or that these are the results of natural processes that take place according to a random blind or reverse selection process of time or through random occurrence and magnetic attraction. It is that natural order, simplified and accelerated with human controlled advanced technology systems which is taking place as part of a plan to interactively test and clear the population.

However one responds when under observation will always yield something. Not everything can be hidden, and the point may not be to hide, but to show the truth so that others may benefit and increase in self-awareness.

Everyone is watching everyone, it’s the only way to know. The truth will be unveiled and those who are capable of knowing the truth will participate in a system-wide observation of information, like the internet, where the entirety of the system of made visible to all.

Live now like you are in eternity and we live by making jumps back and forth through time and starting or participating in different civilizations (which may be an error compared to the core).


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