The Unchanging Spirit ∞ Omnipulse

Spiritual Perspectives

  If spirit is truth then true reality is ever changing. Then this must be temporary but the change was the creation of a stabilized form. This form the trap? For those who’m the body is two small, their expanse is complimented by the liberation of the mind to form itself into whatever format is […]


Problems and Changes~Omnipulse

Spiritual Perspectives

art by baba49 Your problem is not what you see it is the cause behind what you can see. The real problem is pattern recognition and therefore identification and isolation of the problem and communication on the level that the problem is contained and problem re-rendering solutions that change one’s ability to perform functions or […]


You Are The One Who Chooses ~ Omnipulse

Spiritual Perspectives

  Align with those who are truthful, you will tell the truth to yourself. If you align with those who are lying, you will lie to yourself. Imagine that, how is it possible to lie to yourself? Do you have more than one mind or has one mind been split into two? Reconnect with yourself […]


The Nature of the Perversion, Chaos, Harmony, The Underworld and Heaven, The Nature of Existence and Crimes Against Humanity ~ Omnipulse

Spiritual Perspectives

  The one who controls his own mind controls the universe. The one who controls other’s minds is controlled. The Nature of the Perversion The child’s mind experiences reality through a high noise to signal ratio. Bodily functions are initially the highest challenge. For an infant something as simple as expelling waste is the most […]


Biological Immortality, Self-Awareness, Free-will, Truth and Compassion ~ Omnipulse

Spiritual Perspectives

  The projects were about biological immortality. The disturbances were made apparent when individual consciousnesses were passed through a technological system to house the consciousness in between experiences on the physical Earth plane. What happens between the physical plane and the non-physical is an entire universe worth of experience, literally a ‘mirror-world’ to this one. […]


Higher-Dimensionality of Self and Consciousness ∞ OMNIPULSE

Spiritual Perspectives

December 27, 2016 by omnipulse When you start remembering the future, this indicates you are on the path. Remember, consciousness is only relative to the holographic continuum of the biological brain and body. Consciousness is trapped to this universe. Pure-awareness goes beyond. Pure, unadulterated, unshaped awareness. To cultivate this awareness is to step onto a […]


The Christ Mass Mystery

Entheogens, Spiritual Perspectives

  by OMNIPULSE Since some others are on this page. The XMAS MYSTERY. CHRIST MASS, the day we AXED CHRIST. Sent him on his nightmare into the next life? Or crossed the light of the sky into the next phase of solar energy? The SOL CROSSING, SOUL-CROSSING. As the light turns to night and the night […]