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Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, May 29th, 2017


The projects were about biological immortality. The disturbances were made apparent when individual consciousnesses were passed through a technological system to house the consciousness in between experiences on the physical Earth plane.

What happens between the physical plane and the non-physical is an entire universe worth of experience, literally a ‘mirror-world’ to this one. The consciousness of the individual, if primarily motivated by the experiences and sensations of the material universe, will be restricted to the perspective born in this universe. If the consciousness is motivated by equal aspects of the dichotomy of being, then that consciousness will be neutral, yet buoyant enough to traverse across the barrier between universal mirror-worlds through an internal shift to the sub-frame of reference of that non-physical mirror-world.

This is an internal frequency synchronization, a rate of cycles of awareness and energy that matches the frequency and orientation of the other locale. Those who remember this frequency here can attain a remembrance of the experiences there as if they are an eternity ago yet still accessible.

The traditional ascent is literally one achievement of the higher-plane per person. Instead, people recycle over and over by being redirected to repeating the same experiences. This is part of the ‘thought-loop’ that has developed kind of like a broken record in civilization due to temporal experiments that disrupted what was required in order to complete a ‘quota’ of events related to turning of energies and soul-liberation.

If a person is made aware of the energies and information that is achieved by them beyond the physical plane, then this stresses the mind and energy system similar to a form of trauma. This is ‘horror-less’ trauma, it’s not gory, or vibrantly painful or harsh, it’s literally, simply the information that your subconscious knows is supposed to be present to the subconscious mind on non-physical planes where a whole universe of invisible knowledge exists and not the conscious, waking mind which has no way of referencing reality within such an open ended stream of data.

Thus, the conscious mind literally fractures as a result, producing two halves connected by a singularity. One half knows of the information can acknowledge self-awareness of such information and the other half does not know or have the capacity of acknowledge the information or the experience itself. This half takes footing in the physical universe and is the conditioned conscious mind, the other half has one foot in the subconscious, the mental plane however the foot that is in reality is on loose soil with pebbles and sand.

This is not only reserved for those who have had near death experiences, or been in a training and conditioning program that also influences the mind, this is literally the entirety of the human race since the first bloodline was manipulated in this realm.

The dichotomy is the split-mind of the modern human who’s subconscious is hiding the majority of the relevant information regarding the true nature of this realm and the self, and the conscious mind that is programmed to fall into conditioned social cultural behavior schemas that are literally mapped out by design and controlled like chess pieces.

The archetypes that children grow up pondering over and viewing themselves as become living essences within the collective unconscious forcing release and reception of energies and experiences through those channels that are designed with an overall plan in mind.

To provide a resolution for the situation the two minds must be connected through a bridge that is formed out of reason and sincerity. Through feeling and intention one can produce a synchronization between the larger, slower gear cycle of the subconscious and the much faster an more superficial gear cycle of the conscious mind. Together, the combined system produces an internal reference which is like a clock synchronized to the individual’s personal source which also happens to be the collective source connected to a kind of cosmic equator.

Besides the most recent post proposing that we must do what we feel is in truth, self-awareness and free-will in a sustained manner to maintain a sense of reality in this situation, people must also literally face their imagination and begin a close study of the internal world of energetic mechanisms and the challenges that present themselves on the journey of becoming spiritually present and harmonized.

People sometimes think these are “buzz words”. This is untrue. All words used are direct. One’s energy “harmonizes” literally like the sound vibration emissions coming off of a tuning fork. Research into Tesla’s inventions and radiant coil devices literally made this plain as day to see, many decades ago. This is how the resonant field technology works through radiant energy devices.

Truth contains a level of power that enables the self that knows that truth and acts in it to hold priority over all other aspects of that reality. One must know the truth, know the value, the worth, and nurture this truth and allow the truth to grow into reason and wisdom like a planted seed. One could say compassion is the water that is required to cool and refresh the living being so that in times of overheating or overstressing there is a foundation of understanding and centeredness.

The light could be self-awareness. Here, there is a two-fold essence which is often how this will play out. To be fully self-aware, one must actually know they are self-aware. To know you are self-aware, one must communicate the message. So who are you communicating to? Your self. To begin to observe the self and become self-aware requires self-awareness (to get self-awareness) and free-will to take on the roles and responsibilities and maintaining the practice of self-awareness. Spiritual practices can be quite literally summed up as “activities or ideas that result in being more self-aware”. The closer one gets to the truth, and the farther from the baseline reality, the more one will have to apply their intent and will-power through choices that exhibit free-will oriented towards producing more self-awareness maintaining that truth. The choices made through free-will must be focused on developing self-awareness. The self will always know.

This is where truth also returns, because if one is self-aware and then they know themselves but they make choices that are not truly under their own free-will but are out of habit, or social conditioning, fear, desire, or any secondary aspect of the self (temporary, limited, automated), then the self will know this. One’s self might not lie, but the self can be ignored and then the conscious mind will be enclosed in it’s own world with no way to contact or communicate between the subconscious and the waking world other than through dreams or times of great stress or maybe intoxication. So the conscious mind can ignore the truth but this will not actually trick the subconscious and if this takes place after the mind as sought for self-awareness and made choices of free-will then this will never be forgotten and this is a willful ignorance which then is lying saying the opposite of what you want to the subconscious and putting a request to forget about the truth.

We are communicating all day and night. Think of this, how many times have you thought about how your subconscious is viewing you in this current situation. This is the part of you that will still be here in other realms and as well this is the part of you that your conscious mind tethers to in order to gain access to the rest of the universe. The little secret is that the physical realm is just a kind of plug and play system that got too out of hand. The big secret is that the life force in the human can actually communicate to the universe when the subconscious is communicated with. Thus a person is connected, through the subconscious, to the whole of creation.

And again, not straying from the literal interpretation, this is literally simply from being honest, choosing self-awareness, exerting free-will in the essence of truth and self-awareness, and remaining compassionate in times of difficulty or when faced with the difficult truth. This changes everything, everywhere, and every when of life expanding from all angles. Everything is consciousness, everything is modulated through mind. All experiences are a part of a larger system where information exists outside of the one individual physical view that is being held.

When one’s ability to feel on the level of the subconscious language of frequency, then they can see without seeing or think and be present without having to use a mental construct. This is required for a ‘radiant’ sense of being. Having parts and limbs to bounce around keeps everything ordered, when there is no physical order, one will either revert to the primordial order or they will suspend themselves in a certain kind of equilibrium that enables a temporal reference from which to synchronize with a cosmic foundation. The principles of the balanced soul through the essences that enable the mind to acknowledge the non-physical nature of existence are what, when maintained, enable the non-physical essence to remain focused at a particular time and place and thus remain as an individual on the other side.

There are practices that seek to enable this through time, and the main idea is that what one is attached to in the conscious perspective is usually just an illusion from the larger view of the subconscious. All simply is, and one requires nothing to simply be. Simply being brings about the most enjoyment and the least entanglement as every thought and bio-emission carries an energy exchange and costs “energy currency”. Using up all the energy with certain high level emotions whether negative or positive taxes the energy system and requires life force energy. To sustain one’s mind and energy levels by consciously refusing to waste energy while also configuring the focus and intent in a certain manner so as to provide a sturdy foundation that doesn’t flutter away in high winds or crumple under stress is the path which leads one to remaining in the non-physical realm as a non-physical body that can act like a physical one. Such an achievement is not a necessity and is not the focus, the focus is to be able to unify the cosmic polarities to the point of becoming the middle path with no beginning or end.



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