Summer’s Sound and Fury: the Cancer Solar Eclipse joins Retrograde Blitz ~ DL Zeta

Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, July 15th, 2018


By DL Zeta

The energies of this week’s partial solar eclipse in Cancer are in full force now, bouncing off this summer’s powerful retrogrades and other energies. These energies are bringing life-altering change to our doorsteps while tossing new potentials and challenges into the mix. The energies of the solar eclipse have been filtering in these past few weeks and will dominate until the August 11 solar eclipse. The July 27 lunar eclipse will amplify the themes of this week’s solar eclipse.

Mercury joins a slate of other retrograde planets from July 25 to August 19, adding issues of communication, scheduling, transportation and judgment to the mix. There is the potential to become vague and error prone during this time and the energies could sideswipe us in any areas where we are out of balance. We are asked during Mercury retrograde to go within and commune with our higher self.

There is a bigger picture to the major shifts taking place this summer. We are entering a new phase of the changes that began in recent years, manifesting the next level of the new earth.

Manifestation is a big word this year. This is truly a time to remember that when you ask you shall receive. You will need to see through the swirling chaos and shifting energies with your inner eyes to step past the illusion that may feel more dense than usual.

Manifesting works when you ask for what you see for yourself and acknowledge that what you seek is for the highest good of all. Align your dreams and wishes with the highest good, ask and open to receive. Be sure to include the well-being of all living things in your requests. Hold ill will toward no one. Allow the universe to conspire on your behalf. When you stand firmly in your purpose everything is possible now.

This is a good time to study your astrology chart to gain insights into your purpose and understand the possibilities and challenges currently on your path. This year’s planetary retrogrades make for a time of spiritual contemplation. Fast, go on retreats, set off on a journey to discover your true path. Ask your higher self to bring you daily guidance and wisdom. When you ask for answers to the issues before you and open to receive the universe will bring what you need.

This is a year for generous deeds and doing good work. Forgive the past, forgive yourself. Neptune is currently retrograde, providing a wonderful opportunity to see the world with new eyes. Crystal clarity brings certainty. Light shines through clouds of self-doubt. Meditate to see the world with your inner eyes. Everything that seemed daunting and complex in the past appears simple from this perspective. Any way in which you have been deluding yourself falls away. Truth shines on us like the morning sun. During this time it’s important to be willing to see what lies beneath the surface. Read between the lines, listen to the spaces between words. Expand your field of vision. Things are possible now that may have seemed beyond your reach in the past.

The fiery Mars retrograde brings the potential for flare ups and eruptions. Mars retrograde combined with this week’s partial solar eclipse in Cancer sets the stage for a possible crisis that affects a relationship, an event or your sense of self. This potent cocktail of energies could trigger deeply buried subconscious fears from earlier in this life and from past lives. Be willing to sit with anything that arises now and allow your higher self to bring needed healing and insight.

Events unfolding now may seem fated. Old patterns may reappear. Everyone now will need to practice patience as the heated energies push our buttons. This can be an emotionally painful time. On the other side of this period we will enter an energetically tranquil time that resembles the calm after the storm.

This week’s solar eclipse is powerfully opposed by Pluto, the planet of transformation. This is the time to transform things in your life that are holding you back. With this eclipse in Cancer, we may find its affects centered on our home life, relationships, intimacy, safety and security and creativity. Emotional sensitivity may rule this passage and we may find our intuition off the charts. This is a time for hard work and perseverance in order to activate the potentials of this eclipse.

This solar eclipse signals the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. The influence of a solar eclipse generally lasts six months but the August 11 solar eclipse will supersede this week’s eclipse.

This is a good time to examine old patterns and behaviors that are no longer serving your highest good. You’re able to gain traction in leaving behind old ways of being and start anew. When you release limitation and open to new, creative ways of moving forward, the universe supports and assists you. Writing down intentions and desires can be especially powerful during this time.

It is important to welcome any changes that arise. Events now are helping you gain awareness of destructive habits and behaviors. Some events will happen outside your control. This is to help you realize you don’t need complete control over others or your environment. You may feel a bit bruised by this eclipse and the energies of this time but if you open to the changes unfolding you will find blessings beyond what you may have imagined.

The fact that opposing Pluto is in retrograde figures into the mix. Pluto urges you to transform the negative, destructive or limiting part of your life. Right now, Pluto is asking us to reflect on issues of power and control. Let go of any ways you have controlled or manipulated others. Let go of others who have sought to control or manipulate you. This is not the time to indulge in power trips. This is a time to release. It will become clear this month which habits, addictions or prejudices you need to release.

It becomes more important than ever to stand up for your rights. Overcome adversity, addiction or illness. This is a time when you are able to transform a personal crisis into a success and a turning point that changes the course of your life. A crisis could bring awareness of ways you have held yourself back from realizing the happiness and success you seek. Powerful forces are playing a role in our lives now. The way forward is to surrender your power and control to a higher force. Trust your instincts and higher guidance.

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