Some say the Universe whispers messages throughout the hearts of artists ~ Alistar Valadez

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

…”Some say the Universe whispers messages throughout the hearts of artists, many visionary paintings are not unlike fine wine or music, it effects our mind and requires a certain refined taste in order to enjoy it! We all have different tastes and preference, but to an open mind any artwork or song can take us to that sacred space of silence within us. That place beyond our roles and dramas, the place where only energy, frequency, and vibration matter…that space where we remember who we really are! We each have a unique story to tell, a drawing or message to express, a special song to sing, and as they say if the inner artist cannot find the way then the way cannot be found! Looking at history reveals that those who make waves of difference live as an immortal, stories of great spirits changing the world by expressing their inner sacred message have been told for countless generations, for those continuous waves echo out and make change through the corridors of the eternal unconscious ocean!” ~Alistar Valadez
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