SIRIUS A through Karen Doonan – moving into the higher dimensional frequencies

Ascension, Galactics / Friday, October 11th, 2013

 October 9, 2013


Greetings beloved ones we are the BEings from Sirius A and we come to guide and to support as you now move into the anchoring of the higher dimensional frequencies in TRUTH. For many of the human race this will appear as an increase in chaos, an increase in the need to “have” control as the triggering of the lower dimensional frequencies begin to reach new heights. As we have guided previously this is but a residue of the old 3d earth paradigms, taught in order to firmly restrict the band width of your energy signature.

Movement out of this band width and into the higher, expansive energetic frequencies will see these lower dimensional frequencies begin to dissolve as their range is out with the resonant range needed for them to exist. For those of you in human form who are oscillating between both frequencies this may be a time of various symptoms that arise in your human vehicle as the human vehicle will attempt at all times to regain balance. Treating these “symptoms” will see your human vehicle pushed further out of balance and we ask for you to understand the need to find balance and allow the FLOW of the process. Many are now attempting to halt the process believing only their human eyes which will teach them other than what is happening in TRUTH for this is an ENERGETIC upgrade to the human vehicle.

Under the old 3d earth paradigms the human race is taught only to observe that which is visible to the naked eye and the New Earth energetic frequencies are not visible to the naked eye beloved ones. They are however fully visible to your inner vision which is now being honed and upgraded in preparation for the next unfolding in this your ascension process. Many of you may now be experiencing various “déjà vu” moments that may seek to confuse your human logical mind, for how can you move into a new landscape but have a sense of familiarity within said new landscape. This “déjà vu” is born out of the SOUL and the alignment with the SOUL, for many of you have already dreamed this part of your human life experience. It was then sectioned off into the higher dimensional timelines as it resonated with SOUL purpose, however at that moment the human race has no access to these higher dimensional timelines as access has only recently (to use a human context) been granted, this was granted when Mother Earth was moved to the new higher dimensional space within the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH.

The movement of various key events will now introduce the energies of various races/realms into the consciousness of the human race in general. This helps to set a foundation for all that will now unfold. It would serve no one least of all SELF beloved ones if you began to experience that which you could not reference at all. ALL races/realms now place their visible profile within those who are here to influence and to upload to human consciousness. This allows for reference and for context of who these races/realms are, this allows for you at human conscious waking mind level to understand who they are and to cross reference this with your SOUL who understands completely all that is now unfolding. The SOUL guides this process, you will now undertake this process at a speed that is set by your SOUL. We ask for you to stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and allow all to unfold. The human logical mind may now attempt to go into overdrive in order to replace your new landscape with one that is more familiar and we guide for you to detach from this. This is the old 3d earth paradigm making a last ditch attempt to survive, trying to teach that the “new” landscapes are where you should not walk and trying to lower your energetic frequency by triggering “fear of the unknown”. This is a deep energetic teaching within the old 3d earth paradigms and many may be struggling with this at this time.

ALL is in place to birth the dreams that you have within your heart space beloved ones, we ask for you to confirm our guidance by aligning fully with your SOUL and by gauging how you FEEL. Only YOU can FEEL TRUTH with respect to your personal human life experience, no other human vehicle can validate this journey for you for they are not YOU in TRUTH. Do you understand our guidance beloved ones? The old 3d earth paradigms teaching you to validate your life experience through others and this is not TRUTH and not supported. Another cannot experience life as you do, each individual human vehicle is unique in its make up and this is deliberate. For you are here to experience this planet in the way outlined by your SOUL, this is something that many filter out under the old 3d earth paradigms that are taught around “fitting in” and being “part” of something. Dear ones ALL ARE ONE, you are ALREADY part of a larger galactic family in TRUTH.

We are the BEings from SIRIUS A and we come to guide and to confirm with ALL at this time, the human race fully supported and loved at all times as they move into the LIGHT of TRUTH and begin to remember their journey into this human life experience, the context of this journey will now illuminate for many of you in your human form, this will allow you to align fully and begin to birth the gifts that you have taken to this planet in order to share with the human race.

More momentum will now be reached as the New Earth energy frequencies begin to anchor and to EXPAND within and upon planet earth. This will see much of what has been built upon by the old 3d earth paradigms simply dissolve before your very eyes. Vast miracles will now be birthed upon and within planet earth in TRUTH. BE at PEACE beloved ones for the New Earth now expands for all to see and to FEEL upon and within Mother Earth.

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