Moving From the Material to the Multidimensional ~ Sanat Kumara

Ancient Science / Friday, October 11th, 2013

Message from Sanat Kumara

Channeled by Meredith Murphy

Telepathic Transmission – 8 October 2013

Greetings Dear Beings of Light,

I come to you today recognizing your abundant realizations about the true nature of things on Planet Earth. I celebrate with you as this increasingly accurate assessment of the dynamics of life open. This unfolding is altering your individual experience, the capacity for life on Earth and Earth as a field is more vibrant, more available and thus connecting with and accessing broader fields of light. This is benefitting everything that is and is part of the Divine Plan as all life returns to the ultimate reunion, as One.

You have invested yourselves in opening up more fully to the inner knowings about your situation here and to the inner connection to Source which is your true identity. You have grown to trust all of this. You are allowing and focused upon living, more and more, from this knowing. You are shifting from living in the time/space realm of the material into the simultaneous time of the multidimensional, en route to the Universal experience of the ultimate reunion, as One.

The realizations of these layered, nested implications to awakening come forth in many ways and are sequenced by your vibration. Your resonance with various levels of energy open up perspectives to you and create your awareness and your understanding.

As you become increasingly uplifted there are very significant changes in your way of being human. You notice that you are trusting your own intuition more. Your gut sense of things. Your perspective — regardless of outer agreement or validation. You are becoming Self-referencing rather then externally referenced. You relate more and more to the experience of your life as an out-picturing of your inner and collective energies.

As you reorient, you are living with a lighter touch on the planet. You have less demands and more appreciation. You are more generous with yourself and also more present-focused, more aware of fulfillment and enough-ness and deeply committed to your joy, you are increasingly in a much more balanced relationship with everything. You feel yourself to be engaged with the Earth in an experience of expansion and unfolding, rather then hoping life delivers things to you and feeling it is outside you — whatever it is you want next — this is applied living which reflects Unity Consciousness.

You are being very pointedly made aware by the more elevated energies within you, of where you opportunities are for merging more into Universal Presence. You are discovering how much or how little you have the ability to sustain your focus as you wish and to be in Unison with yourself and with each moment. You are becoming aware of the way you are focused, the way you are therefore feeling and the abilities you have so far cultivated to respond to your own presence with attentiveness and love and to be able to choose your focus and what you pay attention to. You are discovering where you have untapped potential. It is lighting up for you to see and get at, becoming more skillful and alive.

You are becoming increasingly aligned with higher dimensional momentum and energy fields and this is informing the inspiration that is flowing to you. You are becoming increasingly resonant with higher fields of light and so the inspiration that you receive is more fulfilling. It is more coherent; revealing to you of how the essence of life might be more fully expressed and become more fully present on Earth.

Most impressive, is that you are tapping into your innate ability to receive. You are starting to understand instinctively that life is presenting to you, showing up for you, answering you, speaking to you, inviting you, opening up further and further for you and with you. In this awareness, you become more relaxed physically.

You are more tuned in energetically and when you are, have all the clarity you wish for in every moment. Your knowing is fulfilled, practical and reliable. Your self-trust isempowering you to experience grace. You allow the world to meet you, and you are gradually realizing that there is no place you do not fit in, no one you cannot be in harmony with, no situation or person, no thing you need to avoid, for you can allow everything to be as it is and you can be you, and it all not only works, it literally sings!

You are experiencing both the expansion of your energies and the clearing of your energies. There is a strong energy of life’s motion experienced within you as expansion. There is a strong energy of upliftment which is doing a powerful sweeping of your cells and energy field, so the spaciousness may be created. So you may be continually fulfilled and uplifted. Learn to recognize the dynamics of both of these activities and become increasingly used to them taking place and being present simultaneously.

It will serve you and support your joy to identify with the expansion, rather then what is arising and clearing out. You will easily know the difference. Expansive energies feel good. Clearing energies are often lower and denser then the ascending current so they can feel less good. How you notice them, your perspective on all this, of course gives rise to your emotions, so you might consider choosing to relate to the releasing energies with even a conceptual savoring of all that has happened in your experience, all the expansion you experienced from these moments in the past and all that was encouraged and opened as a result of these less high-vibe energies which are gradually being retired from your experience.

You can look at the world with a deep appreciation for the aspects of civilization and culture which have opened your heart more. Which have triggered you into greater awareness. Which have shown you the diversity and freedom here and challenged you with this so that you might remember the confident neutrality that gives you peace since it is your true nature.

Life is serving you in all ways. It is serving itself and all of itself in all ways. If you were to look at your world this way you would feel better and you would appreciate so much the diversity of life which is present and has been present and the incredible expansion arising from this. LIfe has extended into many unique pathways you each have traveled as you come into this realm to expand and experience more and life, all of life benefits from everything which is arising within it.

As you are becoming more and more aware of your own multidimensionality, you will discover most naturally the ways you are more focused on space and time and aspects of the material then suits you any longer. Please allow yourself to be easy with this! It is a gradual process and the ability to orient to the ongoing clearing and the ongoing upliftment — which are truly one and the same process — is a way to become more skillfully present within the many perspectives available to you, while continually unfolding into a greater and greater fulfillment of YOU.

Becoming more and more open multidimensionally, you will want to be able to choose consciously and sustain your focus in ways that are aligned with the upliftment you are creating. As your energy field increases in influence, your ability to focus with more skillfulness is how you will use your influence to perpetuate and expand the momentum of light and to create with the unique essence blueprint you have brought forth into this now. It is very beautiful and such an achievement to allow yourself to be you, fully and with free rein.

The Earth has been seeded with light many times over many many many incarnations that you and your fellow Lightworkers have so willingly, boldly and enthusiastically created and in which, we have been with you always, encouraging, supporting, assisting and loving. Now the light has opened so much the planetary potentials are revised and enlarged. The ongoing momentums and the exploration of the leading edge are giving you a chance to discover and experience in form, a new level of presence and collective skillfulness in creating and experiencing the material, while present in an increasingly multidimensional consciousness.

Being within your heart is the way you listen to you. Noticing how you love yourself is the way you cultivate your standards and define what you are available for. Earth is opening up to much more expanded potentials for connection, communication, collaboration. Remember these things and learn to apply them in your life.

The old ways of living are still around, and people are living from them, as you know. There are people who do not yet consciously know first hand by their own inner awareness, that these old patterns can be eclipsed. You Lightworker, are the example that this is possible. You do not need to make any effort to be a leader in this new paradigm, this is a natural occurrence as your skillfulness becomes more and more clear and the standards of your presence become more steady and brilliant. Your happiness alone and the amazing grace with which your life unfolds is inspiring.

You are living in a new way, bridging the old world and the collective awareness of the new world. You are becoming Universal. You are creating the experience of the Universal in the material by allowing the multidimensional to be your truth. It is within your sacred heart that you stoke the fire of your inner knowing. It is for each of you to treasure the awakening you have cultivated and to love yourself so very much and in all ways.

You are opening more and more into the New Harmonics and becoming more aware and more attuned to what they are. You are really learning how to live from the new truths you have remembered and to release old, out-dated aspirations of what it meant to be human. So many of these ideas had to do with lack, with limitation, with something or so many things not being “okay” about you. You are gradually noticing all the ways you have not loved you and you are bringing love to everything you are. You are becoming more and more aware of how well you can use your focus and choose your attention in your physical body and with feeling better and feeling joy being criteria you embrace and allow to guide you.

This is a very new things dear ones. Do not forget this. Do not forget that you will need to build this capacity, to practice and cultivate it as your new standard and then in this ongoing expansion there will be new realizations to practice and embody. It is an ongoing unfolding which you have summoned and are living.

You will be marching to the tonality of an entirely field of energy, the New Harmonics of Consciousness, and it is really changing how you understand, perceive and experience life. As this seeps into your life, you feel different, you remember more what you really care about and what you love to experience and you discover that this trail, this choice of orienting, makes life easier, more fun, more free. It also builds your energy field, making your more radiant and light.

The freedom of your experience is a huge and an important key to what you will all create collectively, so do pay attention to this as a standard. Choose perspectives that make you feel free. That give you a sense of hopefulness and elation. Trust these influences in your life. Allow yourself to become trusting and hopeful once more. Uproot all distortions of this with a determination to claim who you really are. Allow yourself to be renewed.

In the same way that you have access to more expansive fields through resonance as your field rises in frequency the same is true for Earth. Discovering more and more about new planets within your galaxy and your Universe’s expansiveness are insights being revealed naturally — they are simply fuller perspectives becoming available as fields on Earth are in resonance with this more expansive awareness.

You are expanding the domain of Earth so that Spirit can arise as the material, and with your focus liberate the essence of life in all the amazing and diverse forms present here. This essence, of course, is love.

Blessings to you each upon this auspicious moment of shared focus as we continue our shared expansion opening ever more to the ultimate reunion, as One.

I am fulfilled in our connection.
I AM Sanat Kumara


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