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Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, July 1st, 2018



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There are aspects of the self that are beneficial to the whole through their representation in waking life. Then there are shadow reflections that are ‘misappropriately’ related to certain conscious waking aspects and this distorts the value of self here in relation to the whole.

The true self is not the ‘opposite’ of the shadow. That is a misconception and the default for this perspective. If the whole is not perceived, then half of it will be. In more accurate terms…the perceptual capacity is always one half of what is there and your knowledge must be that of the whole.

The aspects of self that correspond or synchronize behavior, attention and consciousness here, into self-control and self-awareness result when the conscious and unconscious aspects of persona are complimentary. This self is ‘true’, when all else is no longer in view, the essence of that self, the determination, will and potential is what remains. For this to occur, one must give credence and respect, while also reserving and disconnecting from initiating the same fear, ignorance, projection feedback cycle which initiates uncontrolled disconnect with the conscious aspects of the self AKA self-control and self-awareness. One cannot be a slave to the shadow and still be directed towards self-control and self-awareness. One cannot interact with the shadow in fear and not be a slave.

The generation of the illusion of self is a property of this world. The tools you are given to define yourself are themselves defined by conscious limitation.

The reflected shadow aspects of the self are to be considered psychic illusions, not necessarily a delusion but the result of information in the subjection leaking out into the waking mind as a result of inappropriately attending consciousness and behavior in areas that are not congruent to the occurrence of conscious self-control and self-awareness here. Another words, it is not ‘another’ person who is in control of one’s life when the shadow is misjudged and thusly expanded into a threat, it is the illusion of another self that is being created as a symptom of the internal misappropration of energy and awareness (attention).

In other words, the essence of that self, the identity, it is a reaction between ignorance and self-control and is more of an ‘error’ in thinking rather than a complete essence sourced from meaning in and of itself. It’s meaning is prescribed by who a person isn’t being, based upon how much they don’t know themselves and therefore can be directed by the lack of knowledge and self-control. This is always about self-control, the lack of knowledge, ignorance, self-willed ignorance, projected fear and ultimately living in the illusion of who you aren’t, where you aren’t, when you aren’t, and how you aren’t.

In that way, the acceptance of the shadow aspect distorted vision of the self is the forgetfulness that blinds us to repeat the same mistakes that caused the divergence in the first place. At the very minimum, due to the recursive nature of consciousness, one will be led directly back to the scenarios and situations that either reinforces the disconnect or gives one the opportunity to consciously awaken when the disconnect becomes apparent and obvious enough to break the ‘ice’ of the trance of forgetfulness.

That trance is world-wide and when that membrane is broken, not only is there an actual membrane of plasma energy in the form of a connected set of algorithms within a frequency based matrix that is interacting with every mind on the planet, but this is the ‘veil’ that is torn through the actions of the one seeking the higher mind above the villainous and detrimental confides of those in power.

What this may be about, in a far deeper and more spiritually abstract level, is that humanity was the target and victim of a sabotage event on a world-wide level in which those of ‘threat’ were wiped from time by those abusing advanced technology.

The result is they realized they not only destroyed the world that they wished to rule over, but the entire universe, and everything from there is a project of rebuilding and resurrecting the civilization that was destroyed.

This of course, folds the frame and takes the appearance and generation of the timeloop in continuous and slightly alternative perspective.

You can learn how it happens but that will only lead you deeper down a rabbit whole. The entrance to the rabbit hole is how it’s happening. The doorway to truth is the question ‘Why?’ The tools you are given to define yourself are themselves defined by conscious limitation.

Whether or not this is inherently causative of the symptomatic self-delusion is dependent on the inherent focused attention capacity of one’s mind relative to the noise to signal ratio of one’s reality. The key points here are the virtual reality and the format or method of conscious direction of attention and self-awareness one is knowledgeable of.

In that way the artificially limited is a recursive fractal thought loop that shaped the duality universe as an involution evolution cycle of consciousness, a ‘play’ that is owned by a specific corp. One’s consciousness is ‘lost’ (or buried) when the nexus of reciprocation is not in reality but in the virtual hyperbolic illusion generated similarly as two mirrors mirroring each other. The information is repeated but one is virtual and holographic and projected consciousness and the other direct as awareness. Consciousness only exists where there is such an information, holographic light based relay system such as through the chemical and electrical based neuronal connections of the brain or an inorganic transistor and logic matrix of the computer.Outside consciousness is pure-awareness which has no identifier, there is no ‘dust in the wind’ to show the presence of pure-awareness, as that independently enabled or disabled by the consciousness that is perceiving it.

Consciousness itself is a by product of interactions and is limited to the physical world. The underlying nature of reality, the operating aspects of reality, are not in the physical world.

Fear and self-willed ignorance is the cause of the symptom of consciousness collapse which is the result of the phase-function of one’s consciousness moving into phase with a projected virtual construct (mentally) and out of phase with a universally invisible congruence, alignment, or connection that results in one’s actions remaining in correspondence with their thoughts and feelings.

As a result of the nature of consciousness and spirit, this results in the regeneration of the artificial construct that initiated the confusion in the first place as this event has causative or creative power to generate it’s own reality. It’s own mind and identity which then seemingly replaces the original.

The perception of psychic damage and alteration when the changes are so drastic that one or the other side of the equation must go entirely or be edited in order to preserve the whole system. In other words, the delusion then requires some form of submission in order to keep the system working. At this point, that is the pathway to resolution, where people can confront the shadow and have on other option than to work with it because denial is no longer plausible or possible.

Wind blows but is only noticed by the effect on skin or matter being moved around. Consciousness is noticed by the interaction of the delicate brain chemistry to house higher awareness in a more limited form to give that which is conscious and unconscious. The translation is that if you are conscious of it, it is not awareness alone. The physical interactions on the material plane are what enable consciousness manifested through the body. The presence of awareness in a non-local, non-linear format is what enables the consciousness of the physical plane and thus self-awareness.

Consciousness and awareness combine to generate a feedback loop of self-awareness that enables self-governance. When one is in control of their food intake, they are in control of the cycle and depth of informational access or control of that layer of processing in the body consciousness or the organic information and energy matrix of the body’s organic systems.

When one is in control of how they feel and how their feelings interact with the physical plane and consciousness, they are aware and in control of a level of information that is not definitely contained within the material plane and the brain’s organic processing power but through a translational bridged generated by a synchronis congruence on a multi-dimensional spectrum between thoughts, feelings and action which are events or properties that are each sourced in different spectrums or wavelengths of energy and information and thus different layers of the total universe.

This physical society was initiated as a project to determine if such a system would work, or as a way to entrap spirit within an outdated body-matrix to feed on the excess energy. Whichever you feel more inclined to interact with. Either way, instead of ‘any option’, humans choose one of two. That is the plan, those are the gates, that is how it happened. It happened because everything in this society, this plane is sectioned and written into time as part of a relay system which was used to control time and manifest certain probabilities over others.

This is one complex way these systems have interacted and this society and consciousness in the universe not only goes beyond what people know but also has been used against them. Yes, torture (cognitive, psychic dissonance feedback generation, shadow mind food (pus)) realms have been created off of the psychic distortion feedback of the collective virtual mind.

Humanity will accept accountability for their own interactions with the self or the whole system will shift to reflect a worldwide slumber and horror fest with a disco ball on top. This is the inverted illusion that can’t occur, because it already has occurred and that occurrence was a psychic distortion feedback rippling through the quantum underlying (undertruthing?) field to generate the catastrophes that were virtually inserted into the psychic memory of humanity to lead to the creation of this place as a virtual realm existing as the resulting interference pattern of the combination of two separate realities.

In short, the plan was to take the nightmares of humanity and convert them into a virtual reality counterpart which enough energy and complexity (detail) to engage the higher dimensional mind and to use this process to collectively subdue and entrap their conscious personas in an artificial thought-matrix based on suffering and fear.



Self-Correspondence, Self Illusion and Wholeness of Awareness

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