SEE ‘I’ to EYE ~ Alistar Valadez

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Hakan Hısım _Moment of Truth

art by Hakan Hısım

..”We may not all see eye to EYE, but continuing to express opinions of ego only sinks us deeper into a hole of separation, if we cannot rise collectively as connected spirits, then we have failed the test and repeated the same mistakes our ancestors have made. We stand at a critical branch-point in history at this moment, one path leads to expansion and one path leads to decay, if we continue the same old habits of business as usual, then mankind has already sealed its fate. Across the globe the surge for expansion grows, for the future of the unknown unfolds a brand new vision, as the patterns of the old are continuously dissolving within us. For the time is now to return to a more collective society, and to dissolve the myths of the self centered ‘image’, as we are all brothers and sisters, born under the same stars, made of the same stardust, and the only division is created by the mind of ego. We are ALL connected by our true core BEing, the pain you feel is no different then anyone else’s, the pleasure you feel is no different then mine, the more One strips and peels away the details of the self like a onion, what they discover is the great silence from which every-thing continuously unfolds from. No words can ever take us to these higher realms of awareness, for words are more like freeway signs only to guide us, and as we all know, the signs are never the true destination. Let us not return to the old patterns of habit, so that we may reach our true inner destination of transcending mind into spirit, before the vehicles of our expression breaks down on the dark side of the road. Then, maybe then, a new vision of the self and the world will arise, as our world begins to SEE ‘I’ to EYE!” ~Alistar Valadez


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