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Uncategorized / Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

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Through detaching more from the separated natures of the Mind identity you are able to elevate beyond participating in the many outer dramas being promoted by the Dark involving racism, victimization, discrimination and other forms of chaos which are for the purpose of dividing humanity even more as a distraction amongst what is truly taking place here on your surface.

It is through grounding yourself beyond the Ego mind identity that you realize that you are “God” and not your physical body or any other superficial aspect of the physical, emotional, or intellectual differences that are expressed amongst the vastness of creation, where as the Creator all is your own creation beyond the illusion of separation.

Know that those souls being emotionally manipulated into participating in the quarrels, debates, and outer dramas of violence and social injustices involving souls of different ethnicities are being emotionally manipulated into lower frequencies that are self destructive in nature as an aspect of keeping as much of humanity as possible stuck within the illusion of enslavement, where those of the Dark are orchestrating these actions in recognizing the generations of energetic blockages and social resentment that they’ve implement amongst this species throughout the entirety of your recent linear experience.

Truly awakened souls know to remain detached from participating in such chaos as the Dark wants you to “get angry”, “choose sides”, and/or embrace one aspect of creation over another, in sensing the separated nature of these mind games, in it being necessary to recognize that amongst the divine essence that is this holographic experience there are no “enemies” or victims, where those souls not able to heal themselves beyond such distortions will remain within reincarnation cycles exiting this planet in a short time only to be born on other worlds within the same state until they are able to evolve beyond such illusions within the truth of unity amongst all life.


It is necessary to continue to realize that you are exactly where you designed yourself to be energetically in this now moment, where this perfection is also a natural aspect of your entire existence in sensing the counterproductive nature of the Ego minds activity in feeling there is something you don’t have that you truly need, which is never really the case.

As you ground yourself more into a space of peace you can sense how this mental activity remains based in fear and truly represents the Darks mind control programming attempting to stimulate low frequency emotions amongst your presence as you shine brighter in elevating your frequency.

This mental voice of analysis will continue to affect souls not embracing the practices of grounding themselves on a daily basis, where this is a choice amongst those truly working hard in remaining on this Ascension path beyond all the doubts, worries, and fear based questions that look for validation outside through asking others, “Hey, am I Ascending?” or “Who decides if we get to Ascend?, where this is clearly an individual choice which includes an intuitive stream of proactive participation through you as a physical manifestation of the Creator.

Know that there is nothing that you don’t know that you need to know consciously, where the same principle of perfection applies to the resources you have access to in this now moment, in sensing how entertaining the voice in your head is the root of all stagnation and confusion at present in sensing how those still allowing themselves to be manipulated by this voice are still asking those around them, “What should I do? I don’t know where to start… I should mediate right?”, when such a reality is much more integrated than having to be told what to do.

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