Quantum Zero Point as a Reference Point for Creation ∞ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives / Thursday, January 30th, 2020

We have a massive Cosmic Timeline Convergence underway…..

Basically, everything from the last few months, all the frequencies/codes and clearings… all led up to “this now”.

We have Gateways opening yesterday and today, huge ones, shifting all to a whole new place/space… a new foundational nexus point, where more shifts to support each’s next phase, as well as service-role fulfillment, for those consciously living this.

The Cosmic/Multi-Dimensional Energies that dictate all, have amped up/ramped up and continue to do so… for the rest of our forever now…

Collapse and Convergence Are the Same

Understanding Cosmic Alignments and how these correlate to our individual and collective realities here, means tuning into the ENERGY of all, on every level, and learning all new ways of “seeing” and understanding everything too……

Our entire planet (and everything/one on it) is in a massive continual Cosmic Alignment Process….. where all is continually being brought into much higher states of consciousness than before…. This includes the “reworking” of every reality, on every level, to align on a multi-dimensional level, rather than a linear one.

Each “completion phase” occur when full alignment on every level occurs. This is what we often refer to as a collapse/convergence point. For the human aspect it’s viewed as a collapse, because of “how” all occurs, where as from our highest/purest/cosmically aligned place/space/consciousness (within), this is a convergence point, where all prepares to “finally” come forth, arrives, materializes within each’s actual experience…. 

The higher the frequencies, the deeper within each must go. The more each must work through their own programming/beliefs, see distortions and resolve all fully from within. Because this is about continually going deeper on every level, then there will always be “more” to see, more to feel, more to shift, yet the “how” is very different with each density and phase, as the “how and what” shift substantially too.

As each gains the ability to constantly, and fully, bring their own entire reality into a much higher vibrationally/energetically aligned and conscious place, Unity, Love, Kindness and Simplicity replace struggle, challenges and complicated, yet there are transition phases with every new reality, where new energetic foundations, systems and structures are created/built, requiring constant observation, seeing and shifting all to new platforms that support all new ways that support humanity as a whole. With every “point” being a part of the much greater whole, this will include everything….

Because our physical LightBodies function very different than our carbon-based human bodies did…. then everything is relative to QUANTUM/CONSCIOUSNESS/ENERGY, which breaks down to everything….

Because Quantum “Time” is non-linear and it’s completely vibrational/energetic, then every “thing” changes too…. Quantum is always from within this NOW… so everything that’s occurring is on a Quantum Level, which correlates on a multi-dimensional level, and occurs by way of what “appears” as different “times”, yet instead occurs relative to codes/density/light. Because density and light dictate the “when”, then a Quantum NOW can mean someone’s next week or 2 years from now, as linear time equates differently here. I refer to this as Quantum Linear, as the constructs and parameters are very different…. The “time delay” is relative to density, linearity and various programs that were “in the way”. As each resolves/dissolves/unifies all fully into/through Purity/Love/Consciousness from deep within, then the “delay” for RECEIVING is diminished, as the “barriers” before were within each’s own “self”. ♥

The “Point of Inception/Conception/Creation/Convergence” I refer to as Zero Point…. which is a Quantum Reference Point. Through full consciousness, all is created, experience and culminates from within this NOW. Rather than existing in separate times, we exist in different vibrations, therefore once we fully integrate the barrage of Quantum/Photonic/Cosmic/Universal/SOULar-Star Light Codes in-fluxing/activating and recoding all 24/7 of of every linear moment/day, we will naturally/organically clear all that was “in the way” from within us on a cellular/body/field level, so that a “lock-in” point can occur. We are in one of those right now…. yet still in the “wobbly phase”, so there’s still a bit to go…. 

Moving an entire planet from fixed, habit, rigid and linear to vibrational/energetic and Quantum/completely non-linear, means that everything done “the old way” won’t work anymore, because it’s not supposed to because of what it supported before, is no longer aligned with our NEW EARTH REALITIES/WAYS….. It means that all “new ways” are meant to replace all of those… For this to occur, it’s up to each to go deep deep deep inside, soul-search (if you will), to hear/see/feel what’s highest aligned (through Unity Consciousness), in order to bring this forth within their own reality/life, as well supporting/assisting others ready/open to this too….

Everything is from a deep sacred respect and love. Even when it doesn’t appear this way to the human ego aspect…. because of how one “views” all, perceptions and mentalities either resembling embracing all new or attempting to hang on to the old ways still….  

Everything happens in stages and phases, so this too is just a part of the next and the next and the next…..

Some may notice some “wobbling” …. as the energies shift, as the foundations shift, as the structures shift/change and the infrastructures/systems for all continue to go through a massive overhaul, as a part of a much bigger picture for us all here.

Before the new realities can stabilize, they must be fully anchored within each’s body fully and held from deep within, and then the “new” Multi-Dimensional/Consciousness/Quantum Information/energy applied to the current now reality, evolving the whole reality itself…..

Moving from the old ways over to all new ways can be challenging for a bit, because of how the new has to be established, synchronized, harmonized and vibrationally/energetically aligned, as well as seeing how the “runs” and works, and what it takes for each to fulfill various multi-dimensional roles on every level too.  

This has been an important “time” for all committed to anchoring/holding/embodying the templates and codes for a much Higher Consciousness Humanity, in conjunction with Gaia/Universally/Cosmically as well. As we each restructure our own lives and realities according to these new codes, we also work to support/assist in various ways and through the fulfillment of various multi-dimensional roles through our own actual realities and service/services too. Many are coming together and going apart as a part of the new vibrational alignment templates now in place. There’s a massive energetic alignment process that takes place for this to occur….. 

All over the planet there are vast changes occurring as a part of all of this, yet because all is multi-dimensional and Quantum, nothing is just “one linear thing/way” and is ALL a part of a VAST Multi-Dimensional Quantum Equation if you will….. Seeing and understanding this is done through each’s own inner-expansion/Expanded Consciousness from beyond that space/place/level and into a whole new one that provides a wealth of knowledge and information that supports shifting with greater ease, when done through purity, unity and love for all as ONE here. Observing all the moving pieces and parts is a part of expansion/full consciousness too, where nothing is as one perceives, yet is exactly as all perceive…. which is why it’s so important to stop, come into full alignment/peace/unity inside and observe without judgment, see without the need to inner-fear/save/convince, while opening portals of opportunity for all through being the Cosmic Gateway/Portal here. 

Light Keepers, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Code Keepers, Multi-Dimensional (NEW Earth) Template Holders and more…. fulfilling your roles as Light (which IS LOVE) means embracing/loving/respecting/honoring yourself fully, your own reality fully, each other/all fully, and your service roles fully, shifting constantly, anchoring/holding/stabilizing constantly/fully, while also doing your own journey/life/experience fully, while supporting, sharing, showing, shining and emitting the tones, frequencies, chords that transmit out the encodements for unlocking all within the field….. This can be higher consciousness/Source Code Knowledge, Light Intelligence (all through LOVE), through things, exchanges and sharing in every capacity (what’s appropriate will be different every time, because the energy dictates this). This is done in many ways…. Full presence is “how”, energy is “how” and love is “how”… the rest is relative to each’s personal journey/pre-chosen path and the “how” will correlate to each’s current energy/level of consciousness/now.

Observe from deep within, what needs to/is ready to shift and honor from your own highest place, as your purest version/aspect that which you see through your own (Higher) HEART and Mind….. and shift this yourself. There will be so very much that all let go of/release that no longer serves…. and it’s up to each to see this for themselves and then “do” as is highest vibrationally aligned too. Always Love, which includes your inner power and saying “no” to tons… as it’s the only way to “reverse polarity” and bring all into a new vibrational space so that all can vibrationally align easier…. as what “arrives” as an actual experience is a result of this. ♥

Hold LOVE from your Core…. inJOY fully and as Love… honor on a Soul Level and respect all as is most appropriate too. ♥

With respect, care and kindness,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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