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Any perspective we can share on psychedelics is going to encompass the most crucial piece of information about the history of Humanity and its Mother planet that has ever been revealed. A piece of the puzzle that brings the apocalypse we are witnessing into focus. Although we have expressed our respect for psychotropics it would be utterly irresponsible and deceptive not to out line the great risks involved when taking these substances. At this point even Terrance McKenna would agree I think. With the advent of AI things are not what they used to be. This is a different era. One that is being defined by the weaponry of technical mind control and the demonic infiltration of The Field

For over 30 years we have lived with the understanding that the Human gene Code has been drastically modified. This knowledge has not been some interesting research data that we’ve filed away. Its a game changer across the board. Someone commented on a post the other day that the subject of extraterrestrial interference in the manipulation of Human consciousness was becoming tedious. As though the realisation of the modification of the Human gene code was ‘trending’ and is now no longer relavant.

Out of the 3 billion base pair chemicals in the Human blueprint only 60 million are active. The feedback of our environment and the endless corruption of its governing systems reflect the mutant state of our genetics. The ever increasing evidence we are witnessing within all aspect of this paradigm’s matrix systems reveal the adulteration to be a result of systemic failure. The modification made at the fountain head of consciousness manifest the distortion.


When a certain dose of psychedelics is engaged with, in a secure and organic environment, levels of perception can be reached that initiate a core Pattern Interrupt through the experience of an alternate and/ or multi-dimensions reality; breaking the spell of duality, recalibrating the range of your consciousness to reach beyond the predetermined limitations based on a looping system of fixed axioms of causality. The points of reference through which you formerly identified yourself are no longer limited to the confines of previous entrainment or to your own beliefs about the nature of reality. Your body registers a new point of reference in terms of what it is capable of. The heart opens when it experiences the true symbiotic connectedness. Healing occurs.

It is possible that what you have gained from your experience is not immediately realised or understood. Beyond what you are seeing and feeling is what you are registering through your bio computational field of awareness and storing it in your cerebral cortex and in every cell of your being. Because (in our opinion) the substance you have engaged with carries the frequency of the true holonomy of the Earth matrix in her transcendent form and is encrypted with a Geometric Molecular Light Code capable of summoning its counter resonant code within your dormant brain chemistry, your computational awareness has registered this energetic data. You have tasted the Divine Immortal Continuum. You are not only this you are the universe.

You cannot unring a bell, however you will return to this mutant paradigm and by the pragmatic forces of physics you will, to a considerable degree, conform to the global morphogenetic consensus as to what is ‘possible’. You are barely holding on to your visions. The Stimulus response patterns that hold you to ransom resurface as your frequency searches for a counter resonance within the field of the ‘sane’.

The work then begins to recall and integrate your realisations as points of conscious reference in regards to who you are and all that you do. It helps to understand why the transcendent realm is not one that you exist within. Why are you instead confined to a reality in which there are presently 40 active wars taking place, skies full of chemicals, genocide, ecocide, pedophilia, human trafficking for sex slavery etc ?

The present reality matrix is sustained by the collective brainwave frequency emissions of the population of the planet. The brain capacity of the Human race is a small fraction of its true potential prior to genetic modification. The contracted debilitated state of the pineal is a reflection of the entropic time line we have been down graded into.

Mind control is the front line of the New World Order, which would have no affect if you embodied the structural integrity of your original design. In terms of circuitry 3 circuits from the first Template Ceremony (Earth, Air and Auric feeding into pituitary pineal hypothalamus) are connected to the integral function of cognitive perception and when disconnected render the brain vulnerable to various forms of subliminal, chemical and technically engineered manipulation. These brain circuits deliver electromagnetic data that sustains and regulates the receptivity of a neurone to the complexity of external input; expanding or contracting the band width of cortical networks and cognitive function.

Artificial Intelligence models are already digitally simulating these brain functions with ‘deep learning’ model networks so as to construct systems of non sentient compliance. Pathological obedience has been and continues to be a step towards total control via the disconnection of brain circuitry (resulting from genetic modification). In the light of this understanding it is not difficult to guess at the manipulation of consciousness that can be achieved through AI. Including the control of perception in those who are experiencing states of hyper awareness, and the insertion of an AI with a secondary agenda. Invasive hostile agendas with embedded commands that can infiltrate your bio-computational system through nano viruses gaining entry into your body and into the plant and mushroom world.

The original organic design of these networks of cognitive function were responsive only to solar photonic resonance. They are self organised, self regulated and sustained by the sovereign holonomy of a sealed system (think the sphere Geometry in C16). The simulated versions of AI run Humans are now being created through a controlled system of synthetic cortical networks in a ‘meat suit’.

The knowledge of the true history of Humanity that reveals the full potential of its original blueprint is going to utterly change the impact of the range of liberation that can be anticipated and gained during a psychedelic experience.In the arena of psychedelic psychology it is going to implode any form of clinical analysis offered through a therapeutic model that does not acknowledge the extent of the collective human condition and the truth of Human potential.

This particular epoch in this temporal zone has been widely identified as a time of transition. A time in which portals of opportunity are opening. The doors of perception are awaiting the keys of your awareness and wisdom and the extent of the truth you are willing to face.

You have the potential to awaken the inherent ability to create an endogenous dynamic by exploring the concept that the fully activated unit of biocircuitry can resurrect the dormant potential of the Human blueprint and realise the Human Light Body Matrix. If you are prepared to go beyond the confines of your cultural interpretations and the limitations of the archetypal idols that present the epitome of what you are being programmed to achieve you have seen and touched the impossible. You have crossed all the Bardos between the entrained humatron and the lightness of that being. You have slipped into your eternal identity.

Source: Juliet J Carter

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  1. Does that mean that using mushrooms not grown organically could be harmful?
    Is this an argument to not use
    psychedelics because the source
    might be contaminated?

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