Pleiadian Council via Goldenlight ~ Transformation to Crystalline Bodies and Telepathic Communication During our Visits

Ascension, Galactics / Saturday, April 5th, 2014


Greetings we are the Pleiadian Council, and your Pleiadian family for many of you who come from the Pleiades star system. The channel had an interesting dream the other day about crystals growing out of her hands. She’s spot-on about her thoughts on this dream… indeed what is happening is that the structure of your physical bodies is changing from carbon-based to crystalline, and this dream was confirming this for her. The crystalline structures that will be materializing within your bodies (is a good way to explain it)…it’s a transformation that’s occurring as decreed by Source Creator, into your physical human vessels now. Everything is of Source Creator… All that Exists in the universe, multiverse, and All of All …is All an Emanation of Source Creator. You are an emanation of Source Creator. Your entire being is an emanation of Source Creator….that includes all of your bodies…all animals are emanations from source, all plants….all planets and galaxies… all universes. All that Is, is….an emanation of Source Creator. WE are an emanation of Source Creator.

We are a civilization that exists in the higher dimensions, and we have….journeyed through space and time, as you know…some of us, from our civilization have done this….to….wrap you in our love….our arms of love. As there are many of you on Earth who originated from the Pleiades star system, as did this channel. She had many lifetimes with us, living in the higher dimensions. We do not know of physical death in the higher dimensions. We simply…de-materialize when we decide to no longer take this form, and we can change our form at will.You, too, who are now of mind to ascend into these higher dimensions….and yes ascension is a harmonization with the higher frequencies that exist in the higher dimensions. You, too, will be able to change your form, and that is indeed what you are doing with your third dimensional bodies; you are changing their form.And your awareness of this process will assist you with this transformation. Your bodies now are transforming into a higher dimensional form which will be able to contain your spirit in a higher dimensional way. For the older human bodies which consisted of carbon-based materials could not and can not exist in these higher dimensions. And as many of you know and as we and the Council of Angels have mentioned, all of the old third dimension is now vanishing, including all of the old structures of your earthen society. That includes all structures in your earthen society. And think upon what this may mean. This includes governments, it includes schools … everything in your societies are changing now.

You, who wish to, will continue to harmonize with these higher frequencies into the 4th dimension and beyond…eventually existing in a higher dimensional, 5th dimensional society. This is the society where the Cities of Light exist, and we can see beyond your current dimensions that you are in, and we are showing a vision of this to the channel now, of this higher dimensional society. Your old 3rd dimensional earth is transforming into a 4th dimensional society. There exists portals – energetic portals – to a higher dimension beyond this 4th dimension, which exist going into the 5th dimension. We are showing a vision of this now to the channel now and we wish for you to tune into this as well and you will be able to receive this light encodement – this informational light packet – of information which we are sending to you right now.You see, it’s all energy, everything is energy…and frequency…and light. And the higher the concentration of energy, and frequency and light, the closer you are to Source. And the less of these elements, the farther away from Source you are, and the more duality you will have. And this is simply something that used to exist that was a learning school for you to eventually ascend through the frequencies on your journey home to Source.

And all in the universe is upgrading now, as we and the Council of Angels have said this many times, ALL aspects of Source Creator are upgrading now, and that includes your Earth. And your Earth is the so-called lynch pin of this transition and this universal upgrade that is occurring. And that is why many of us from many star systems are surrounding your earth now, is because we wish to help along this process and to ensure that this process is successful as it affects not only your planet, but many other planets and many other star systems. You are not the only planet in creation as you know, and you are not the only beings in creation. There are many others, as many of you know. And we (the Pleiadians) are just one civilization, and we come through this channel as she is of Pleiadian origin. You may receive communications from other channels who bring in other channeled messages from other star beings such as the Andromedans and the other various star systems. Now we all work in unity in these higher dimensions that we exist in, and we all work together as One. Yes, there are “rogue” elements but they are NOT in harmony with us and they are NOT a part of this upgrade process of which we speak. And they are not affecting in any way this entire upgrade process.

So all is well…and all proceeds as planned…and we wish for you to see this from a higher perspective.

Now we also wish to address the issue of our interactions, and particularly our FIRST interactions with you. We wish for you to be free of fear, and we also wish for you to know that you may communicate with us even before you meet us. You may communicate with us telepathically. Now, as part of your spiritual journey and growth process, we wish for you to be able to… tune into your soul… and tune into your soul origins, and discover for yourself of which star system you resonate. This is the star system with which you will have the best communication. You may be able to communicate with all the other star systems as well, for we all communicate telepathically, but we are speaking of right “now”, before you actually have the first contact. Begin to try to tune in. The best way to do this, as the channel and the Council of Angels has mentioned many times, is to first tune into your higher self. Your higher self is that aspect of yourself which is…not separated (or has the illusion of being separated) from Source Creator in any way. It’s the higher frequency, higher dimensional part of yourself that does not exist in a human body.

And this process of ascension, part of this process for many of you, if you so wish, is to bring in your higher self into your daily life, into all aspects of your daily life. We wis to note to continue to do this as a daily process, as part of your daily meditation, to bring in your higher self. The simple way to connect in with your higher self is to state, “I connect with my Higher Self, please connect with me.” And to do this in a quiet, meditative state where you are really tuned into your deepest self. And to connect in like this every morning, just as you may wish to connect in with Source every morning. You are Source anyway….you are a part of Source….but this helps you then to remember that you are part of Source. It helps you to feel more “a part of”…helps your brain so to speak to get on board as well. And thought processes are indeed a part of the brain.

So we wish for you to know that you can tune into your higher self first. Then you can begin to tune into your… family of origin on a star/galactic level. You have your family of origin on earth; you also have a family of origins on a galactic level. For the channel it is the Pleiadian family which is a group of us now speaking through her that are her Pleiadian family. She has spent many lifetimes with us. We of the higher dimensions do not physically age, we can transform our bodies at will. Most of us take on a form of someone that you would say would be in their 20′s, who is healthy with beautiful skin and hair and such. and many of us do take on these beautiful forms as we can change our form at will with our minds, with our powers of creation. You, too, will learn (or “re-learn”) how to do this.

Now back to our meetings, then. After you begin your telepathic communications with us, if you find that we…. do meet, in “whatever way we may”…and we are being purposely vague here….once we meet, we do wish for you to know that we do telepathically communicate. We do NOT communicate by speaking words. This is a very archaic form of communication for us. We are laughing because this may sound like strange information for you…we are perceiving what your reception of this information may be and we realize that it may be very “archaic” or strange in itself to hear these things…that it may sound strange for you. But we want you to know that when we do meet – and we say WHEN, because in the great “Now”, which is outside of time, this has already occurred – that you may communicate with us telepathically.

We wish for you to know that we are of the Light, we wish for you to know that we wish to assist you in your spiritual growth, and to assist you with YOUR assistance to humanity in this great transformation. We are all in this together. We want you all to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS PROCESS. Please take a moment to really let this sink in.

You of the lightworker are not alone (in the universe or in this upgrade process) like you think you are. It feels like you are but you are not. And the channel is breathing a sigh of relief now too because this is very comforting information. So….WHEN we do meet, we want you to know that we will communicate telepathically. So, you can begin to open up your minds to this…possibility….this reality….of this telepathic communication. And this message that the channel brings forth now is actually a form of telepathic communication… in that we are relaying this information to her telepathically then she simply speaks out the words…there isn’t even a translating going on. We almost just speak through her.

So, these are the beautiful things we want to tell you…that….there is no need for fear. To begin to prepare yourselves mentally, emotionally and physically for our meetings. To begin to prepare yourselves that the communication that will occur between us – and communication is a very important aspect of Creation, by the way – the communication that will occur between us will be TELEPATHIC. And the channel was watching a video with the person who wrote the Fire in the Sky book/movie, and this person thought that he could not communicate with the beings he came into contact with, and we wanted to note that if he had not been in such a state of fear and if he had been a bit farther advanced spiritually he could have communicated with us telepathically, but he could not pick up on this communication for all of these reasons. We know of this visit that occurred and this is what we wanted to say about it.

So then to begin to prepare yourselves emotionally for this is very important. This is very important information that we are putting out there right now because this is a necessary step of preparation (for our visits). The other thing for you to know is that you are all beginning to raise your frequencies in a very effective manner right now, so that you are beginning to resonate to a higher dimensional frequency that is beginning to meet or intersect with our frequency. This is why more and more of you are seeing our ships now. These visitations – the visitations of our scout ships – will begin to “seemingly” increase now. They are not actually increasing; it is your vibration that is increasing so that you can now see them.

There is a crescendo of energetic vibration occurring in this NOW moment, and you are beginning to resonate with this. It is a crescendo of chaotic change which is creating new realities. And this is part of this upgrade that we speak of here.

So, our main reason for wanting to come through today with this message is twofold. The first one is… continue your work with your physical transformations and know that these physical symptoms of pain and such that you are having are part of this physical transformation from carbon to crystalline which is necessary for existing in the higher dimensional frequencies, so that your bodies can resonate with a higher vibration….which is part of your ascension. The other thing that we really wanted to impress upon you is that when our visits occur, when the intersections of our civilizations occur, please… be free of fear …and prepare yourself now to be free of fear and welcome our upcoming interactions. Also to know that we will telepathically communicate. We will communicate in a telepathic manner which is done with our minds….and to begin to train yourself to know this. There will not be speaking of words; there will be telepathic transmissions between us.

So we of the Pleiadian Society wanted to tell you these things today, and to give you this message of hope and of love…for we do love you All….and…we are wishing you a peaceful day.

So keep these things in mind in your meditations… this communication with your Higher Self, and this freedom of fear and… the need for telepathic rather than spoken communication when we meet… and this transformations of your bodies which is sometimes slow and sometimes rapid. And you are going through a phase right now where it is rapid and it is quickening, and that’s why some of your symptoms seem to be quickening.

So thank you all for listening, and we are sending you our love today, and…wishing you a blessed existence in this light frequency that we emanate. And that we are looking forward to the day when you are a fully intergalactic society, as there will be open relations between us. This is something that exists in the NOW – and we find it hard to speak of these things sometimes because we exist outside of time, so it may be difficult for some humans to understand some of the things of which we speak because we are outside of time and everything is now and occurring simultaneously. So we are existing in a “time” which is the “now” where we have open relations with you already. So we are seeing this from this perspective. So think about it that way, and that will help you to “tune” yourself into being outside of time and also tune yourself into harmonizing with the knowledge that we all have open relations already, in the now. And that you as a society, thinking you are all separate but you are not, you benefit greatly from this interaction, because we have a lot of knowledge, spiritual and not just spiritual but technological knowledge which will help you in being a higher dimensional society.

So we love to share all this information with you and we hope that you can understand things from this perspective of being outside of time, and this is all occuring in the now. We wish for you to try to “wrap your minds” around this, so to speak, and…maybe that in itself can be a meditation for you tonight.

We thank you for being here, and…for participating in this transmission. And we thank you, Goldenlight for bringing this transmission through. And Namaste to you.


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