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Cosmometry is an emerging field of knowledge and application that is the synthesis of millennia of observation, study, theory and direct experience – scientifically and metaphysically – of the fundamental patterns, structures, processes and principles of universal creation. Be it through physics, music, bio-energetics, visionary art, shamanic journeys… a unified understanding of cosmic coherence is arising in consciousness at a new level of integration and wholeness. This article is intended to provide a succinct overview of what are foundational aspects of this understanding. Though it is in some ways rather long, it is also woefully short on including much of what is key to this understanding in the larger picture. For example, the nature and primary role of consciousness and its relationship to energy and manifestation is not expanded upon here. What is focused upon, as an introduction to this field of knowledge, is the energetic patterning upon which it appears all manifest reality is based, and the fundamental nature of the cosmos as a most elegant and harmonious living wholeness. I hope this overview provides a basic understanding that can carry you further into exploring this site, this field, and this amazing play of Light in energy and consciousness that is us and all.

~ Marshall Lefferts, November 2011

Fractal-Holographic Pattern, Structure and Flow Process

The premise of cosmometry is that the universe is a fractal-holographic phenomenon comprised of a synergetic interplay of energy and consciousness. Physics has determined that, at the quantum level, there is only a fluctuation of energy interacting in dynamic patterns, structures and flows, and that these come into what we perceive as “reality” when consciousness “observes” this quantum dynamic and it “collapses” from a state of infinite potential to one of manifest existence. Energy and consciousness always-and-only coexist in the ongoing creation of physical and metaphysical existence at all scales. This is as well the fundamental insight of many spiritual and mystical traditions. Science and Spirit are converging into a unified awareness wherein the purely metaphysical and the purely physical pursuits of knowledge become seamlessly integrated.

The Fractal-Holographic worldview is quite simply that “the same patterns are repeated at all scales” (fractal), and “the whole is present everywhere at all times” (holographic). Cosmometry also includes a Synergetic worldview in that an innate attribute of the cosmos is “the behavior of whole systems that is greater than and unpredictable from the behavior and sum of the constituent parts when viewed separately.”

At its foundation, cosmometry as a study of the fundamental patterning of cosmic manifestation (cosmic meaning all phenomena at all scales, micro to macro) is comprised of three energetic-synergetic components. These are:

Vector Tensegrity – geometric pattern and structure (think crystalline forms)
Torus Flow Process – primary form of energy in motion as a discrete entity (think whirlpools)
Field Patterning – standing-wave interaction of vector and torus dynamics (think patterns in water)

Although we can discern these three components as unique patterns and forms unto themselves, they are ultimately a single phenomenon in the unity of wholeness. The most basic model of cosmometry is this unity of wholeness. Here is a very simple rendering of this model in its most idealized and balanced expression:

Starting from Zero

Foundational to the cosmic phenomena we can observe (photonic and atomic radiation), conceptually determine to exist (e.g. dark matter/energy), and directly experience (consciousness itself) is a Unified Field of infinite energy and creative potential. Commonly known as the zero-point field or vacuum of space (or more recently and accurately called plenum, meaning “fullness”), this is the source state that precedes manifest reality (both physical and metaphysical). This Unified Field has a specific cosmometry (or geometry, if you prefer) wherein all energetic radiation, gravitation, magnetism, tension, pressure, thought, feeling, etc resolves into a state of perfect and absolute equilibrium – zero differential and fluctuation. The name of this cosmometric pattern is Isotropic Vector Matrix (IVM, for short). Isotropic means “all the same”. Vector means “line of energy”. Matrix means “pattern of energy lines”. It is a pattern of energy lines that are all the same everywhere. Here is an illustration of this matrix (that includes highlighting of two basic geometric forms inherent within it: the green cuboctahedron (also called a vector equilibrium, see below) and red octahedron):

Illustration by Goa Lobaugh – Liquid Buddha Studios

When energy comes into a state of perfect and absolute equilibrium, all differentiation becomes zeroed out, resulting in a Unified Wholeness that is beyond even the concept of unity (Buckminster Fuller’s synergetics states that unity is plural and at minimum two, a tenet embraced in cosmometry). The Unified Field… The “Oneness” of spiritual awareness… the Tao that cannot be named or described because to do so is to collapse it into a finite “something” (even the word Tao, for example) that is inherently less than the infinite and eternal “it” (or “no it” as the case may be).

To understand this concept of a geometry of perfect equilibrium, we look to the pioneering work of Buckminster Fuller who first discerned this geometry in 1917 and came to call it the Vector Equilibrium in 1940. As a geometric form it is known as a cuboctahedron, but as an expression of ultimate equilibrium he gave it this name to describe its energetic condition – vectors that are all the same in length and angular relationship. The VE, as it’s also called, is the only geometry that satisfies this condition (others, such as the platonic forms, have equal-length edges, but shorter or longer vectors to their center point and multiple angles). Here’s what it looks like:

Due to it having square faces (squares are unstable structurally), the VE has the inherent ability to “collapse” in a spiraling motion in what Fuller called “jitterbugging” (because it can rapidly collapse and expand in both left and right spirals, pulsating and jitterbugging like a dancer from the 30’s). And quite remarkably, as it does so it transforms through phases that include symmetrical articulation of the icosahedron, dodecahedron, octahedron, cube and tetrahedron. In other words, the VE inherently has the potential to create all of the platonic solids in one swift motion.

The VE is the most basic symmetry of the Isotropic Vector Matrix, and is essentially the focal point of all manifest energy events, be they protons, electrons, crystals, planets, stars, galaxies… This is because every one of these events is the result of an impulse that introduces tension/pressure dynamics (differentials) which collapse the zero-point IVM/VE cosmometry into a discrete phenomenon with its own unique focal point – the center around which it exists. This center point is the center of the VE. It is the “singularity” that connects the entity to the Unified Field in its zero-phase. Everything is always connected to the Unified Field in its zero-phase, and in this way, everything is always connected to the center of everything else.

Dynamic Flow

When energy becomes manifest (collapses out of IVM zero-point equilibrium) it immediately sets up a polarized dynamic, creating the fundamental form of energetic flow called the Torus. Everything, from atomic “particles” to electromagnetic fields, to weather patterns, to trees, to us, to ecosystems, to planets, to stars and galaxies, is toroidal in nature. The Universe is a seamlessly embedded fractalization of torus energy flow. Here is a simple illustration of a torus:

Arthur Young, the inventor of the Bell helicopter, was one of the first scientists to deeply study the torus as a fundamental energetic form of the Universe. He describes beautifully the simple truth of the torus as a model of universal wholeness:

“The self in a toroidal Universe can be both separate and connected with everything else.

The characteristics of the torus are of primary importance to our understanding of how healthy and sustainable living systems are formed at all scales of existence.

It is made from the medium in which it exists
It is self-generating and self-sustaining
It exchanges information and resources throughout itself and with the environment in which it exists
It has a continuous feedback loop and is self-reflexive
It is both an autonomous entity and integral part of a larger wholeness
It is centered by a singularity that connects it with the entire Universe

These and other characteristics are what evolution biologist Elisabet Sahtouris observes in nature as Features of Healthy Living Systems. Understanding and applying these features to the design of our human-contrived systems of economics, governance, health, education, energy, etc is paramount at this time as we witness and must reconcile the demise of these systems due to the lack of these features in their current designs and structures. Doing so will immediately bring balance, wholeness and harmonization with the universal flow of energy, resulting in the stabilization and natural sustainability of humanity and all life on Earth and beyond.

Field Patterning

The third primary component of cosmometry is the patterning of the energy as it manifests in and around all entities – the Field Patterning – and as it seamlessly scales from micro to macro, quantum to galactic, with maximum efficiency and harmony. Again quite remarkably, in exploring this patterning we are able to observe what is one of the most basic aspects of the fractal-holographic nature of the cosmos – the ubiquitous presence of the PHI ratio. It appears that the general manifest field of spacetime is fundamentally based upon the phi ratio in its cosmometry.

You can learn more about the phi ratio itself in the Cosmometry 101>Phi Fractal Scaling and Cosmometry 201>Cosmometry of Phi articles, but for this overview, suffice it to say that the phi ratio has been observed for centuries within the structures, forms and spirals of nature at all scales. It is one of nature’s most fundamental scaling ratios, providing the maximum efficiency and balance of energy flow throughout the cosmos.

In the basic model of cosmometry that this overview is exploring, the field patterning is shown as what’s called a Double Spiral. This particular pattern is common in nature and is integral to the toroidal dynamics. It can be seen as the cross-section of a torus (the double spiral also maps a variety of energy flow patterns, see Cosmometry of Phi article). Here’s a view of it from an oblque angle:

In this basic model the entire double spiral pattern is made from a single phi spiral, duplicating this spiral to create a vortex pattern in both clockwise and counter-clockwise spin directions. The next remarkable phenomenon that emerges is what’s called the Phi Boundary Condition. It is the distinct circle that can be seen in this illustration and the one above:

The circle is a synergetic result of spinning the phi spiral, creating a boundary condition

This is a synergetic phenomenon that creates an energetic “boundary” (in quotes because the word boundary can imply a wall or fence, which is not the case here) that defines the interface between the inside and outside of a system or entity from a purely energetic perspective. In order for anything to come into existence in form there naturally manifests a boundary defining itself and its environment. This is what the Phi Boundary Condition fundamentally represents.

It is easy to see how this manifests in the basic double spiral pattern of a pine cone, for example.

Although in nature this boundary condition is typically “distorted” by the interaction of a plethora of dynamic forces, in the representation shown here, a perfect circle is present. As such it can symmetrically align with both the four hexagonal planes of the VE (creating a spherical VE or Genesa Crystal, as it’s called, see illustration below) as well as the “surface” membrane of the torus, the combination of which is illustrated below as the basic unified model of cosmometry. The VE structural tensegrity, Torus flow form, and Phi Double Spiral field patterning depict the foundational integrity of Spacetime and Unified Field energy in its most idealized expression. It is this model that is offered as the fundamental wholeness that fractally embeds expansively and contractively, and is holographically present everywhere at all scales.

Spherical VE / Genesa Crystal

Unified Model: 4 Phi Double Spirals (red, blue, green, purple), VE and Torus 


With this as the basic starting point, exploring the cosmos through the lenses of the sciences, arts, spiritual and metaphysical realms – and particularly our direct human experiences – and learning how we can apply this knowledge to the betterment of life on Earth, is the vast and wondrous journey of our times and of the ages.

It is a truly magical and awesome cosmos, and we are seamlessly integral to its continuous emergence and evolution. We have the amazing power of “conscious consciousness” (homo sapiens sapiens, after all) to choose to either align with the cosmic creative process or deviate from it. We’ve deviated for quite some time at the cost of great suffering… lets choose to align with it and see what happens. One thing the cosmos seems to guarantee… we won’t be disappointed when we do!





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