Piercing the Veil of Our Cosmic Destiny

Ascension / Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

We are here to hold our light knowing we are capable, clear, and certain. Commanding our presence we live inside of our self not out. We have the ability to discern and to act and not react. We are no longer desperately seeking solutions outside of our own wisdom. We are poised at the intersection of a new cosmic diction with new realities at the edge of our consciousness.

Palpable phenomenon does not meet the requirements of the linear mind. We now have to shrink ourselves to act in a third dimensional reality. It takes more awareness to act in alternative dimensions. We must keep a relationship with the field to master our ability to act in a new world rising. A field that lies mostly beyond our physical eyes serves as a holographic tapestry of color, light and sound. Imagine, color and light not seen and sound not audible. And yet color and sound harmonics is the very matrix of our existence. Beyond rational thought exists palpable phenomena not calculable through ordinary means.

Revealed at the very edge of our consciousness is a realm that holds our future existence. Our future self housed right here inside of our very essence knows itself. And yet the vehicle supporting it is barely capable of making sense of, and understanding with familiarity, this undetectable matrix. At the edge of this field we notice a range we must expand towards, and become one with, piercing the veil shielding us from cosmic particles found in our divine chemistry. At one-with begins to ring true as we finally fathom who we truly are.

In our now reality we see the range, and the matrix enough to ground it and develop a relationship to it. The yogis know how to do this. They know how to disappear themselves from a third dimensional reality, out of the fog of the senses and onto the planes of a breathless and liquid-less dematerialized plane of existence. Moving back and forth they understand the contrast between the illusion of maya and the cosmic planes. They tell us things are not what they seem to be. We learn that time is not a law. We recognize the intensity of moving from one plane to another, out to the farthest edge of Is-ness, we see there is a system to support us. We have leaned into another realm triggering our future.

Right now we need to imagi-nate the future. It’s there. We need to both imagine and fabricate it through Thought. The Unknowable Absolute thought us into existence. We are a product of imaginative creation, perfect intention and unending presence. The range becomes luminous. The e-nor-mous-ity of light is the space between two different planes of realities. We find we can be in two places at once, in the middle of a star gate and we are negotiating within a luminous architecture of vibrant geometries of light. Swirling, concentric circles of harmonic consciousness act as conductors invigorating the future.

We keep our eye on the prize. Our new world is rising and we with her.

A New World Rising, How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher Copyright 2013





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