Cosmic Musings Elevated States

Ascension / Monday, July 29th, 2013


Innocence is found within. Clarity, purity, magnification occurs, light follows light. Draw from the well of Divine Source. The essential self speaks purely, innocence found within.

The Tao is the Tao. It is pure plain and simple. It is purely and simply the Tao. Simplicity is the purest place to exist and to see the world as it is.

Honesty, clarity, purity, loving kindness, divine heart. The stillness beneath the sound. Simple radiance, graces the heart’s purest light.

Self-disclosure is the best way, transparency turns into sweet surrender. Joy, levity, profound sight lights the path. Tune into the soul scape of your origination.

Go into the heart space you know so well. Inquisitive, creative, inward sight elucidates. Existing in the only moment there is known as the Now.

Enter into a new zone of understanding. The answers for this time are found within the channel. Persevering innocence holds the intent of all knowledge found within.

Elevated states requires more of our participation. Engage at this level of shifting and spiraling upward. Fully engaged, we micro manage the effects of a new world rising. Balancing our inner most self we placate, we deliberate, and we know.

Thought is always moving, it is in constant motion–unless we make a home for it. If we do, what thoughts are we turning into our reality? Are they worthy of grounding and bringing to light?

Thought, word and deed are the three levels of creation. At what level are we creating? Is our creation born out of illusion or of the sound wisdom found within us? With this huge vibrational shift we bring in a new range.

Time to make adjustments and radically upgrade our capacity for both integration and implementation. Quantum upgrades, inner and outer are experienced by engaging the field. Quantum stabilizers periodically reinforce our cosmic body systems. At the sub atomic and cellular level we merge into our new configuration.

Frequency adjustments give restructuring to help us negotiate in a new world rising. Our holographic mind sends and receives light. Light imbued with consciousness enables us to develop a new constitution of resources to empower us.

With thousands of distractions to unsettle us we find our way, our center. We ignore the outer influences created to take humanity to the brink of wild agony and angst. By being the calm within we automatically trigger a new outcome rather than separating ourselves, we coalesce instead. Rather than creating the same historical scene from before we begin anew manifesting a totally new reality suitable to a new world rising.

What we did before only serves to inform. We ignore the failings of before and compost these, turning them into a fertile existence. It is through the collective will that we are building a new world.

First we awakened to what is, then we began untangling the lies, in turn this led to the joint understanding and full realization that we have lived in a grand illusion on the cosmic stage of our own creation. The paradox becomes the breaking point for our last act.

We leave behind the disturbing issues of a faded past to embrace the plan of our collective destiny. A destiny chosen in unison and way before when we knew who we were.

We rise up and take hold of ourselves just in time to join our gorgeous blue planet for her safe travels. We access the ledgers of time with exquisite and dynamic positioning we find ourselves here with each other. What could be more important than this?

A New World Rising and How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher Copyright 2013


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