NOW It’s Time For ALL to Fully Remember Again: Mass Collective Awakenings Beyond The Matrix of Distortions & Am

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Y/our perception of life and reality is about to dramatically change.

As we continue to experience physical upgrades, the upgrades in frequency bandwidth mean the “old” (old consciousness reality) goes. For some this is dramatic and through the intense clearing of huge energy that kept one asleep/in a slumber from REMEMBERING again, others very subtle in a profound realization in a “moment” where something changes. Each shall experience in their own way.

For all of humanity, each one of us, we all slept until it was time to start waking up. A Spiritual Awakening, Kundalini Awakening, Rude/Harsh Awakening, NEW Awareness Awakening, Soul Awakening … it is different based upon the journey that all chose to come here to experience.

WE have moved into Mass Awakening, which means an increase in Mass Confusion, Mass Devastation, Mass Abruptness…… it’s the larger scale of what occurred individually for many of us long ago. Now everyone must wake up… for the gridwork of the Matrix of Old Earth is completely gone. NEW Earth emerges in it’s place. An entirely new existence that must be birthed and evolve from within.

The human will move in and out of consciousness, in and out of partially waking to fully waking now. For all came here to awaken from the slumber of amnesia to experience the fully unconscious human.

Old Density Earth was one we all chose. Otherwise we would not be here. The sleeping human aspect now awakens fully to the truth. Yet truth is/was hidden deep within and the veils were so thick that none could see. Until NOW.

These veils lift in every moment now. These powerful Galactic Energies restore your memories, upgrade your physical body and that which was created out of unconsciousness must be released with the gridwork that held it all in place.

These energetic gridlines were in your Earth, inside your physical body, all around your Earth and more. These gridlines many call the matrix are what kept you bound. Bound was choice though, bound was your chosen journey before. Every one of you. Not one human was not included in this.

Yet now, that has changed. For as all wake up to their body going through dramatic physical changes and their physical reality too.

There are many reasons for this, yet the human aspect just seeks the logical one. Logic, truth and knowledge exists through your hearts though. And for the closed minded/closed hearted human, this is a difficult process to understand and endure. For the open hearted/open minded being it is so very much easier. Difficulty is in how closed your mind/heart/consciousness is.

The frequencies open your heart, open your mind and bring your physical body into the “higher realms of Heaven on Earth”. What used to be a metaphor for many, now becomes your new physical reality. The days of unconsciousness and amnesia emerge as the fog clears. Foggy groggy is all waking up from the deep slumber of unconsciousness.

As your hear opens, you shall start to see through NEW Expanded understandings that you only desire to be happy and feel the purity of love in your world. All that is not pure will become visible out there and simultaneously inside too. The desire will become so strong that you will seek to experience happiness and inner-peace-love at all times, for this is what feeds your soul and anything less just feeds a hole within your soul, the deep black hole/void space that opens up when you awaken as a Star Seed here. Human life is no longer fulfilling. You NEED more. You need a “new reality”, not one of the old. This new REALity exists beyond the old believed unconscious physical one. And the only way to bring it into your physical reality world is to let go of the old one you held onto and embrace the one that expands your heart, fills your cells with light and entire body with the bliss and magic you forgot. The only way to do this is to go INSIDE where it was hidden for you to awaken to.

The slumber for all has ended, yet the human mind is slow. This is where things must occur to awaken the human aspect to see through the heart, instead of through the physical eyes first. Outside is to awaken one that stays focused on an outside reality first. For some, when the stargate dials down, ker-plunk into a physical reality that is far from what one expected. This StarGate is within each one of us and it delievers us from one reality to the next. In every nano-second a new reality. Presence and consciousness is how you REMEMBER and NAVIGATE this.

NEW awareness comes through the confusion. Clarity comes through the heart. Understanding comes through an open heart and mind and the desire to let the old ways go.

HUmanity to each is now being restored. Those who chose not to complete the physical experience now leave their physical bodies and ascend in spirit/soul/energy form. HUmanity comes from within you. It’s what all forgot as the human experience/experiment began. This experiment/experience was each one of our choices before incarnating/walking in here.

The veils of amnesia have now been lifted and the physical reality that was held in place by this now “speed up” the physical changes that must occur to bring all back to their own HUmanity from within. These cosmic/galactic frequencies are what all have awaited from within the heart, yet the physical body/physical reality must change. This gridwork held all in place. Physical density and matter will now dramatically reshape.

It’s is now replaced by the Crystalline Gridwork that has been building over years. As all shuts down to come back online, realities will not be as they once were. To continue this physical existence, all hearts and minds must open and all separation must be cleansed/cleared/purged from within all physical structures that held DENSITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

The crystalline gridwork is not like the old. It is a grid of light and light is not bound to physical form. This light can move in any direction, in and out of space, through all things physical. The more Light that you are, the more you have this cap-ability as well. There are no straight lines, no linear structure at all. No “point A to point B” anymore.

The Crystalline LightBody Structure of the Light BEing is much different as well. It’s a “point of entry and exit” for conscious energy forms to move through. As Light BEings WE are no longer bound to a physical form now. WE can move through all structures purified/of purity. One’s own Mastery as an Ascended Soul and Multi-Dimensional Star-Light BEing dictates when/how all experience everything now.

The StarGates have been opened wide. Access is by way of the pure soul/Star/Galactic that has remembered fully and is no longer bound to the human existence from within.

That which occurs in your reality world will be to open your heart fully, for you to transcend your own human experiences, for you to let go of the separation, the stories, the energy of the old. Your existence goes far beyond your human one. Human was the “starting point”.

When all are about finished with their human experience, then “waking up begins”. This occurred for many before 2012. This now occurs for the rest of the masses that “held out” until the end…

We have reached the end of the human experience of UNCONSCIOUSNESS. NOW, all become conscious in a multitude of ways. Now UNITY becomes the center of all. Now the experiences necessary for the human aspect to truly understand move into the mass/global scale. For those who choose to STOP and actually look around, feel inside and REAL-EYES that things are off, not feeding their hearts, not of unity, love, respect, honor, peace, consideration… then CHOICE can be utilized to shift from one timeline to another easier.

The continual flux of merging timelines are a result of the gridwork that is no longer holding unconscious physical realities in place. Bizarre and strange are words and feelings as one moves from human to higher realms/multi-dimensional existence. As the veils lift, everything becomes fuzzy and foggy, as one ascends inside, gravity goes. As the old human experiences clears, the memories go. As the higher self/spirit descends into your physical form, as you expand and contract as conscious energy, everything becomes weird and bizarre. All come to LOVE this, yet in the beginning it can be intense and tricky to maneuver, as navigating takes releasing all human control and allowing your higher self aspects to “move into your body”, so that you can WALK AS YOUR HIGHER SELF ASPECT and multiple dimensions of you in the physical, while also working simultaneously in a multitude of other dimensions as well.

As this massive gamma/photonic light activates your Crystalline LightBody, pulling away from external stimuli and influences is necessary and a ridiculous amount of sleep is too. Nature and self nurturing love become necessities here. You’ll find you cannot function in the chaos and old energies anymore. Our worlds completely change as we become ENERGY again.

We are running a huge amount of energy through our physical bodies now. We are upgrading huge and FAST is an understatement in these frequencies now. The more you pull away, the more things will slow down. You dictate everything now, by that which you do, that which you allow your energy to participate in, that which you allow in your reality world, that which you focus on will materialize for you. That which you thought you believed will change HUGE.

Navigating Multiple Dimensional realities will become your full-time job. REMEMBERING, WAKING UP and MASTERY will become your priority now. Consciousness is how you do this, choosing your priorities and actually committing and doing it now.

The distortions of the old illusions go in the chaos. Clarity moves in, yet everything will be completely different NOW. As the dust/fog clears, all shall start to see and understand. Vision is through the heart. Knowledge is too. As it your NEW EARTH EXISTENCE. Purity restored again. ♥

Get ready loves… change is how we do these realities now. Physical realities de-materialize and re-materialize according to expanded consciousness instantly now.

I love you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient, Multi-Dimensional Master, Sage, WayShower, Author, Guide ∞

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