MIND, MATTER AND MEMORY_The Book of “N” ~ Jeronimo Canty

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That which Man perceives as and labels “body” is what he calls “mind” projected into 3-D (actually 4-D if we include “n”, and in Truth, we must).
Body and mind are opposite phases of “memory”. Matter is memory. It is an on-going holographic recording of that spiral of events that generated it, (is generating it) that constitutes its quality or “spirit” in the Moment. Every tiny detail is harmonically (i.e. gyroscopically) sorted and stored in appropriate contrapuntal spaces for later reproduction and recall. Please recall the Voidance Principle here. “Mind” is simply the natural, spontaneously generated, cubical echo chamber in which all of this takes place.

The brain is not the mind. It is centered by “n” but it is not “n”. (The pituitary and pineal glands are Ma and Pa of the cerebral ellipse.) “Mind” is generated wherever and whenever two or more systems interact (“many” can always* be reduced to two). Their broadcasts interfere and naturally generate flat, zero-curvature*, insulating and reflecting surfaces between them- what Man calls “imaginary” planes- equators, in fact. These equators (they are found at the equinox positions of the wave) act as mirrors, reflecting whatever falls upon them inversely back to respective sources.

Watch what happens when two soap bubbles collide in your next bath (“bubbles of perception”, Castaneda called them). A flat surface appears between them, an interface shared by both bubbles. (If one is larger than the other, the smaller will be “n”-trained). As Universe manifests in what appears to be three spatial dimensions and is holographic, these flat surfaces are naturally generated on all SIX sides of a body in “space” (rightly understood, “space” is not impinged upon by the presence of “matter”)- above it and below it, in front of it and behind it, to the left of it and to the right- with inner dividing planes (equators) of symmetry which intersect “in the Belly” or “center of gravity” of whatever “it” is, the same being “n” of the broadcast source. Thus the mindcube is divided into octants.

This invisible, actually “imaginary” cubical is what we intuitively call a “frame of mind” in 3-D (with “n” at the center). It represents the zero-curvature limits of the expansion of curved (there is no motion without curvature; logarithmic time/space demands this) wave fronts, arising from whatever material (“Y”) source, as they interfere harmonically with neighboring systems and collapse into
inertia (consummation). The resulting cubical “hall of mirrors” is the Fatherwomb of MIND, or “Heaven”. In the extreme, Earth becomes Heaven (and vice versa, of course). This echo-chamber “mind’ surrounds all things and interfaces all things with one another, harmonically. These mirrors are actually equatorial planes, and it is their ultimate task in the Great Scheme of Things to EQUATE, to secure the BALANCE and INTEGRITY of the Whole (by any Name).

It is this cubical echo-chamber of reflecting and insulating surfaces of magnetic light, which is the field or matrix of logarithmic motion; the consequence of which intelligent arrangement is “matter”, the transient, holographic record of thought- memory in 3-d (centered by “n”). When matter unwinds, its entire story is simultaneously recorded in seed, in INERTIA, through the keynote function of the “inert” or “noble” gasses of the elemental octaves (“akasha” in Sanscrit). In the very same way that an entire symphony collapses into its “keynote” or fundamental and is recorded
there, so are all things recorded as they occur.

Mind and matter are continuous, each is the image of the other in natural sequence. Both manifest Memory- one in plane (the “soul”) the other in mass (the “body”).

jeronimo canty – the book of N



++ Walter Russell and The Secret of Light Series

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