MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS ~~ Choosing Conscious Creation

Ascension / Monday, December 16th, 2013

Something Is Happening
Our Ones, We are the Arcturians, many of you are having the “feeling” that something is about to happen. We want to share with you all that that “something” is already happening. You see, what you are feeling via your fifth dimensional language is happening in the NOW. The NOW is always available to you. All you need do is raise your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond. Then you will consciously experience what you are feeling via your increasingly activating Lightbody.

While you are logged into the 3D Game you wear an earth vessel, but once your consciousness enters the fifth dimension you wear a Lightbody. Your earth vessel is so accustomed to perceiving reality as having hard edges with spaces in-between that you think your Lightbody’s reality of interconnected images of wavering light is “just your imagination.”

You are correct in that it is your imagination because imagination is fifth dimensional thought. Thus, it is not just your imagination that you are experiencing but fifth dimensional communication. You are receiving this fifth dimensional communication because your consciousness, and hence your perceptions, have moved beyond the limitations of the third dimension and into the fifth.

The Power of Imagination
The feelings, thoughts and perceptions of the fifth dimension fill your mind with the great power of imagination and your heart with unconditional love. You will know when you have morphed into the fifth dimension because you will feel bliss and unconditional love. You will, also, know when you have returned to the 3D because you will experience time, work, anxiety, depression and conditional love.

When you appear to be just third dimensional but are filled with a great creative force, joy, and love, you consciousness is likely resonating to the fourth dimension. Once your consciousness returns to the third dimension, you may have the experience of “coming down” from a wonderful experience.

We say this to you not to say that the third dimension is not enjoyable, but to tell you that usually when the third dimension is enjoyable is because your consciousness has expanded into the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension. The truth is that a great percentage of Gaia’s Earth is NOW resonating to the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension.

Therefore, Gaia is returning to Her multidimensional expression along with many of Her inhabitants. Of course, there are still many who suffer, who are poor, who do not have enough food or adequate assistance. Hence, it is important that the awaking ones pull their fourth and fifth dimensional experiences into the Core of Earth. Once in the core, your gift of unconditional love and bliss can be shared with every area of the world.

What is “happening” in your NOW is that inter-dimensional communications are becoming more and more common. People are realizing that they do NOT deserve to live in poverty or domination and they are standing up for them selves. Also, more and more “hidden patents” will soon be released which will greatly alter our every day life.

Power Within
Meanwhile, the few who have ruled the many are either waking up or losing their power. The third-dimensional concept of “power over others” is quickly being replaced by the fifth dimensional concept of “power within you SELF.” Thus, those who have been downtrodden are beginning to look up into the light.

They are choosing to look up in dignity rather than look down in subservience because they, too, are feeling that something is happening. They do not know what that “something” is, but some how it is giving them HOPE. Hope than leads to courage and courage leads to a higher self-esteem.

Once the self-esteem is healed, those who felt they had to accept that which was unfair and dominating will begin to realize that they DO have a choice. The light that is filling their consciousness more each day whispers to their heart, “If you serve the light, it will protect you from the fear.”

What is happening is that people are realizing that they actually have a choice! This concept of choosing the life you wish to create is beginning to hit critical mass. Then, those who have lost all hope will begin to raise their heads in dignity and honor to find their power within. Once their inner power is discovered, the light of ascension is ignited in their hearts and they will insist on fairness for all.

This insistence on fairness is growing everyday. Country after country is beginning to shed the shackles of domination to stand up for their SELF and for those that they love. The few can only rule the many when the many are brainwashed and have lost their hope.

The Ray of Hope
This Ray of HOPE is spreading across your globe. Meanwhile, more and more awakened ones who have enough money, enough food and enough liberty are preparing themselves to CARRY the beacon of HOPE for those who are starting to find their power within.

We see that there are two ways in which the many can be being controlled by the few. One way is that those who have so little believe they have no options. The other way is that those who have so much become attached to their possessions and become the slave of that which they “own.” We wish you to know that there is NO poverty and NO possessions on New Earth. If you need something, you manifest it with your Heart/Mind.

You think the thought of what you believe you need and fill that thought with unconditional love. As long that that “need” is forefront in your consciousness you will continue to think of it and love it unconditionally. However, once you no longer need it, it disappears from your reality because you are no longer in the active process of thinking about and loving it.

You don’t possess anything on fifth dimensional Earth because what you have created only remains manifest for as long as you are thinking about it and loving it. Also, there is no “want” on New Earth because if you desire something, all you need “do” is create it with your Heart/Mind.

Those who have become lost in their possessions may have a more difficult challenge resonating to the frequency of New Earth than those who have been living in poverty. With few possessions, bonding and love is sought, not in things, but in people, nature, animals and in Spirit. If possessions are lost, there is less of a feeling of grief as they usually have so few.

On the other hand, those who have measured their success and power by having possessions will find it difficult to release their “stuff.” If they are able to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension, they will soon realize that if they have a fearful thought of losing their belongings their consciousness will drop and they will “fall out” of the fifth dimension and return to the physical world.

Look Inside
We want to say to all of you who think you are alone, please look inside your SELF. There are myriad realities within you that you can visit with your Heart/Mind. Through these visits you will begin to remember that YOU create your reality with your every thought and every emotion.

Hence if you think, “This is going to be a bad day,” and you fill that thought with anxiety and regret, you will create a bad day. On the other hand, if you think, “Today I will create a wonderful, love filled day,” you will create a wonderful, love filled day.

If you say, “I am so sick of the 3D. When is New Earth finally going to happen,” and fuel that thought with the feeling of victimization and anger, your consciousness will drop, and you will successfully push away your experience of New Earth. You have the choice with your every thought and emotion to decide what reality you will create. You are NOT limited to your 3D earth vessel or to the situations, which “happen” to you. YOU are the CREATOR of your reality.

Please remember that many of these choices were made before you took this body. For example, many of the poor, downtrodden, starving will be the first to become fifth dimensional because they have nothing to lose, which is why they chose that reality. There are many Earth religions that are based on poverty, suffering and denying the physical to find the core of Spirit in all life.

We know that this information is not new. In fact, it has been spoken, written, sung, drawn and danced since the first realities on Gaia’s body. However, your third dimensional memory forgets all that you have learned and experienced in your myriad “past, parallel and alternate” incarnations on 3D Earth.

Remember NOW
Can you remember NOW what you have always known? The choice is yours, but you must consciously make that choice. If you want to be the creator of you life, you must take full responsibly for everything that YOU have created. It is this degree of responsibility, as well as total discipline of your thoughts and emotions that creates your energetic pathway to New Earth.

This path is created by your thoughts and emotions. Every thought and every emotion can be a portal into New Earth or force you deeper into the illuisons of the third dimension. When you fall into fear, you will walk a path of fear. When you remember love, you will walk a path of love. Which path will you choose and which reality will you consciously create?


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