I AM YOUR LIGHTBODY – Through Suzanne Lie

Spiritual Perspectives

  April 17, 2016   Do you remember me from our first days on Lemuria? Within that NOW we were only Lightbody, and many of us lived within the NOW of the HERE before Gaia’s resonance fell into the lower dimensions. When Gaia fell into the fourth, and then the third dimensional, I, your Lightbody […]


Inter-dimensional Communication Portals


   The Arcturians Greetings, we are the Arcturians. We are here within this Nowness to commune with you about expanding your consciousness so that you can perceive and move into alternate, parallel and higher dimensional realities. Your consciousness is shifting in between that which you have once perceived as yesterday or tomorrow. In fact, you […]


The Arcturians: The Ascension is Now

Ascension, Galactics

  Suzanne Lie, August 20, 2015 www.multidimensions.com   __________________________ Dear Readers, This morning, the Arcturians shared a message with me (Wed., Aug., 19, 2015), and it follows: “We need you NOW. What you have waited for is here NOW. We, your galactic and planetary family, ask you to REMEMBER who you truly are and open up the […]


Returning to Gaia – An Inter-Galactic Message -12-9-13

Ascension, Galactics

THE INTER-GALACTIC GROUP MIND SPEAKS: Dear Mytrian, it is true that we shall guide you back into Gaia’s core to recalibrate the Cornerstone Crystals within that NOW. However, first we need to give you some more information about our multidimensional inter-galactic group mind and about the timeline you are entering. Before you entered the timeline […]


MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS ~~ Choosing Conscious Creation


Something Is Happening Our Ones, We are the Arcturians, many of you are having the “feeling” that something is about to happen. We want to share with you all that that “something” is already happening. You see, what you are feeling via your fifth dimensional language is happening in the NOW. The NOW is always […]



Ascension, Galactics

The First Landing The first landing is the landing and interconnection of your multidimensional mind with your third dimensional brain. The brain is completely encased within the skull, but the multidimensional mind is just above your brain where it resonates to the fourth dimension and beyond. Thereby, the aura of your physical body is the […]