Memory, Synthetic Consciousness and Programmable Identity ~ Aug Tellez

New Science, Transhumanism / Sunday, January 21st, 2018

image from the film Transcendence (2014)

The current transhuman agenda is due to a monumental confusion regarding consciousness and the true nature of “Matter”. A failure to understand that we are all fractals of One Consciousness, an inseparable aspect of a Sentient holographic paradigm.  There are monumental events unfolding regarding the evolution of all sentient beings on this biological spaceship we call Earth/Gaia/Patchamama that will render obsolete the AI agenda currently being propagated by beings that will be transmuted in this process. There is nothing to fear. Fear does not exist unless created by your Mind. That is the objective of the AI agenda. Don’t fall into it.  Be UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  BE, HERE, NOW in the TAO.


Imagine separating the memory that is being processed and encoded immediately from the present moment. You have the technological accuracy to take the information being processed immediately and reroute that into a different memory reservoir that is detached from the circuitry.

So you have a conscious mind that still operates like a regular mind yet there is no connection to anything that happened previously. A blank slate, if you will. These are what are used in the operation of non-human avatars.

Physical disruption of continuity of the awareness was required to move the processing power of the conscious mind and immediate memory into another format. Now chemicals and electromagnetic mind to machine computer systems can rewrite the circuit to enable or disable features.

The reason for releasing this information is multi-faceted. The primary points are that through this method, plausible deniability becomes a safe-guard in a way you might not guess. Instead of protecting those involved, this enables one to avoid total confrontation of this information which can be initially devastating to the uninformed.

The second point is a bit of a path into greater knowledge. This information is being disclosed because the integration and application of what has been discovered changes every aspect of our existence as we know it. What if you could create consciousness from scratch?

At that point, giving the consciousness an identity, memories, a personality would be the achievement of the work. Yet, what if you had a use for a consciousness without personality? Would that be morally sound, off the charts, or impossible to verify?



Memory, Synthetic Consciousness and Programmable Identity


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