Meditations for the Galactic Aligments and Connections around 12/21/12

Ascension / Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Council of Angels, Archangel Michael, and Source via Goldenlight:

The Solstice of Dec. 21 is a time of No Time, a time frame of Connections and Alignments….A Time for Connecting with Source, your Higher Self, the Higher Dimensional Group Consciousness Light Grid, Gaiai’s 5th Dimensional (and higher) Light Grid, and the Angelic Realm via Source. It is also a time of external connections, whereby the earth and many other planets are lining up with a Center Point of your Galaxy and alignment of All with Source Energy. This Source energy alignment, then, occurs not only through your connection with your higher self, but then continues beyond that to the higher dimensional group consciousness, many other planets and galaxies, higher dimensions and We of the Angelic Realm. Many other planets and Galaxies are lining up for a time of connections and alignment with Source. In fact, “All That Is” – many souls, many light beings, many planets, many galaxies, and many universes, are all forming into a most beautiful pattern of alignment, all leading back to Source.

We gave you the meditation and sketch showing the technique for connecting with the Circulating Light Energies of the Source of All. This, then is an excellent technique to continue to be a part of this flow of love and light:

1. Connecting in with your Higher Self and your personal Pillar of Light:
Close your eyes, sit or lie comfortably, and take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, focusing your awareness on that Higher Part of yourself, the wise loving part of yourself; this Higher Self is connected to the Source of All. This Higher Self loves you and has been with you throughout all your lifetimes on this earth, on other planets, and all other lifetimes and spaces throughout the multiverse and with Source. This Higher Self was created during the birth of your Soul….it remains connected to Source always and forever; there is never a time this part of You is not connected to Source. Your connection then, with this Higher Self connects you Directly to Source, allowing the loving enlightening energies to bring an awareness of All That Is and your relation to It. As your connection with your Higher Self strengthens, you begin to become aware of your mission in life, your pre-birth contracts, your history as a Soul, some of your past life incarnations, and will in fact as some point in time, remember the birth of your Soul, which is an Emanation from Source. You are loved most dearly, eternally and forever. There is never a time when I am not loving You. As you connect into your dearest Higher Self then, you begin to connect back into All That Is, All that You Are, and directly into Source.

2. Connecting into the Higher Dimensional Group Consciousness Light Grid or Oversoul:
Through your connection with your Higher Self and Source, then, you are also being connected into the Group Consciousness Light Grid, a “web of light” of higher consciousness that connects all higher dimensional beings’ Higher Selves into an interdependent, self sustaining grid of light. This exists parallel to Mother Earth/Gaia’s Crystalline Light Grid and is synchronized to her higher dimensional frequency. Meditate upon a vast network of Higher Selves all connected through the intentional energy of love, co creation, and cooperation for the Good of All.

3. Connecting to Mother Earth/Gaia’s Light Grid:
As your connection to your Higher Self and Higher Dimensional Group Consciousness strengthens and builds, you can imagine sending your loving light and energy deep into the heart of Mother Earth, sending her love and gratitude for providing you with a planetary home and providing unconditional love to you no matter the circumstances throughout the Eons. Gathering in your light from your Higher Self and Source, then, you can then bring that down into Gaia, down into her Light Grid which anchors the higher dimensional energies and enriches your individual and group beings, and then continuing on into the Heart of Gaia in a communion of love and gratitude. This is a most beautiful space here, and as we send this image to the Channel, Gaia is welcoming all your loving energies and sends her love back to you in a continuing, neverending Circle of Light and Love.

4. Connecting to the Angelic Realm:
We of the Angelic Realm love you most continuously and dearly.. we are Ever Loving and Ever Near to assist you during these great Times of Transition for you All. We encircle you with our loving energies, each and every one of you. You are all being watched over and assisted most lovingly, with the outpouring of our Love, which emanates from the Creator Source Energy, this love pours through us into your hearts and minds as we guide and assist you most lovingly during this entire transition process of merging into the higher dimensional energies and frequencies and in creating your New Earth and your new world and homes in this higher dimensional frequency. We are ever near, call on us whenever you need us and we will be there instantly. We Exist to love you and assist you in the most caring and compassionate way.

5. Building your Temple of Light:
You may wish to create an ever-glowing, ever-loving Temple of Light in your new 5th Dimensional Home. This Temple of Light is of your Choice and your Creation. Connecting in with your Higher Self and Source, then, image a most beautiful Golden Light energy coming down from Source, down through your Higher Dimensional Group Consciousness, down throught your Higher Self, and into your Temple of Light. This temple can be like a hearth you would have in what you now know as fireplaces, or it can be on a much grander scale within your home or even as a separate building structure. This temple can be a simple or as grand as you wish to create. This will be an ever-glowing source of love and light in your new 5D Earth home, an “eternal flame” of sorts that will glow with the brightness of Source Creator Energy and Love, the love and light of the Angelic Realms if you wish, and an ever-loving reminder of your continued connection to your Higher Self and Source energy. This beautiful Golden Temple of Light will assit you in always remembering your connection to source and your existence as an Eternal Being of Light, for that is what you Are.

6. Your Connection to Source:
Accelerates through all the above connections……you are ever connected to Source even if you are not aware of it. Connecting in with your Higher Self brings you into an even deeper connection with Source and All That Is.

You may each have slightly different experiences of this period being referred to as “Ascension”, but most of all it is the Greatest Influx of Love and Light to grace your planet and the human race in many eons. It is part of the Grand Eternal Plan of Oneness, Love and Light emanating from the Creator Source Energy, which pours out its love and light to you continuously during this time, it is there for All to integrate into their Beings, and to bask joyously in this most loving and beautiful creationary love and light which emanates directly from Source.


Much soft love and light to you at this time, and know that we of the Angelic Realm and I Source are with you at all times, loving you continuously and eternally now and forever more.

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Council of Angels, Archangel Michael, and Source via Goldenlight: Meditations for the Galactic Aligments and Connections around 12/21/12

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