Christina ~ 12:21:12 – Create A New Matrix Of Light

Ascension / Thursday, December 20th, 2012

We are entering a moment in time that has been told to us before our birth. We are on earth at this time in order to welcome this moment in time. Whatever our lives were will now dissolve in this wrinkle in time. We shall enter a new Cosmic reality that has been forecasted as the passage into the Golden Age.

We are invited to leave behind our old mythes, the stories that held the Crucible of our Light and all of the records that go along with this. It is time to dissolve all of this now and create a New Matrix of Light. Our heart holds the sound, the intent and the exact and precise codes for this to happen. As we enter this doorway there is to be a moment for us to realize the truth of who we are.

We shall see before us our Group, this is the group that has been with us since before our birth. It is this group that shall celebrate our returning home through this door and it is this group that shall speak to us and show us our New Matrix.

We are all where we are to be by now. Know this, trust this. It is about to happen through our very systems that have been preparing for ages. We are automatically set in motion for this event and it is assured. Do not doubt, do not hesitate when shown the door. Step into the Corridor of Love where you will be at home and ease.

Know you will arrive where you are to now be and it is time for all to be free. You shall know now who and what you are and where you are to be, and what you are to do as you engage with your New Matrix of Light. During this three-hour, or three day appointed time frame, see your hearts as the place to be.

Simply be still. The heart already knows. I am here where I am to be. On December 8th I traveled ten-thousand miles to be where I have returned home. I am knowing, living and being all I said I would. I have written of all of this on this web site. all is now both said and done. I am now set for my walk though the door. I arrived in time to be here in the New Avalon. This is me, in the row boat of the Heart, gliding through the mist of love resting in the bosom of love here in Avalon.

You shall know what is here to serve the many and the ones who travel near and far to be right here in Avalon. We are here, the Group of Four, standing along side the door. We shall see you here in New Avalon.

I am Oma Ola Oma,

In joy and in love from Denmark, Australia, New Avalon.
Raven Heart New Avalon, Christina Fisher, 2012 copyright


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