Magatha from Agartha ~ The Global Ascension and integration that awaits you all ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

Ascension, Galactics / Sunday, July 14th, 2013


Greetings beloved brethren of Earth. The Agarthans are again coming to the fore with this most loving message. Once more we have a lot of news to share.

After our last message conveyed through this channeler describing a few Galactic civilizations of the Light, a lot of quickenings of personal Ascension processes have taken place on your Earthly reality. More specifically, many souls have begun the process of contacting their Higher Self in a deeper way and have also connected with countless other civilizations of the Light as we are all One.

A number of loving Galactic beings of the Light have already started with the integrations of your Beings in theirs and vice versa as the merger of our awareness with yours in the most conscious way ever is now taking place. Humanity has evolved further and is therefore more open to integrations of our Beings in yours.

The Galactic civilizations of the Light as well as the Agarthans of inner Earth have come to a consensus to move everything higher up by 2 degrees through having our Presences becoming ever more palpable in your consciousness and in your reality. As is commonly known, we always wait for the right moment to move one step closer in the process of Disclosure and the announcement of our co-existence and our presence in your reality.

In the way that your consciousness integrates more and more of our Galactic energies in your Being, particularly in your Higher Self, the more events are enabled to occur in your reality. This all gives way to a greater and more wider expansion of your consciousness into a yet unknown reality awaiting you all and of which you already have a preview presented to all of you through your own inner Being.

Becoming aware of everything that you are and of everything surrounding you, which is an integral part of your Being, is an essential part of the Ascension process that you are required to experience over and over again. See yourselves in others and do not neglect your connection with yourself and with others, who are a part of your Being. Concentrate now on this immense transformation and shift in your inner self that will bring clarity in an unprecedented manner. This is the most perfect time by far to evolve ever further and to open yourselves for the intense energies that are now steering  all of you and the planet Earth, including everything that makes up Her Being, into the full integration and the acceptance of your Divine consciousness, your true and pure essence of the highest degree of your Being.

The Agarthans have reached the expansion of their consciousness just as you will continue expanding your consciousness and that’s why we are more than qualified to guide you in this global Ascension process. We are honored to be allowed to serve as an intrinsic part of this as it is the most extraordinary process ever to unfold in Earth – and cosmic history! Never underestimate yourselves nor this process for there is a reason for you being incarnated on this planet in these times. Bottom line : the reason is to experience how a persistently stuck duality, combined with her holographic illusion, can be brought to Ascension despite the free will that has to be respected in all circumstances. How exceptional is this my beloved brethren of Earth?! It truly is phenomenal.

And we are a part of it and we too are deeply moved, experiencing great bliss knowing how outstanding this global process really is and how it ever so slightly begins to feel as a growing enlightenment to full consciousness in an increasingly stronger way. We are that part of your consciousness from the times of Atlantis and Lemuria and that’s why we are also a part of this kind of separation and duality because you are us in your current form, again experiencing our consciousness in these times but on a whole new way and this time around with a happy ending as the timelines have changed and turned into just 1 timeline full of love and joy. This is all coming your way, you can take our word for that as we see and feel its very first effects already in Gaia’s heart.

As always with the most loving thoughts and intentions we are with you during this process of global Ascension. The divine consciousness is in you as never before, ready to become integrated for all those who yearn for this: the choice is up to you.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being allowed to share this message. I Am Magatha from Agartha.

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered. and


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