Meet the Agarthans: Parts 1-3

Spiritual Perspectives

After Disclosure, Sheldan Nidle’s galactic and ascended sources tell us, we “are suddenly to learn about Agartha and why you first came here some 900,000 years ago. Lost memories are to be recovered and explained.” “Your world is actually two,” Sheldan’s sources explain. “One is Inner Earth and the home of your Agarthan cousins. They […]


Agartha Network Developments

Spiritual Perspectives

Cobra, January 7, 2015 In the West, Agartha network was integrated with the Resistance Movement more than a decade ago. In the East, it was kept as a separate entity until now for security reasons. Eastern (Asian) Agartha network was created 25,000 years ago when many immortals (xian) left the surface of the planet: […]