Le’Vell Zimmerman ~ … the illusion of linear time in feeling you are “waiting for something to happen”

Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, August 29th, 2016

Colors of Silence


Le’Vell Zimmerman

The light that you experience throughout this holographic illusion remains that of your own creation as Source, where it is your internal cultivation of these frequencies that allows you to realize even more heavenly essences throughout your journey.

In other words, you continue to always experience your own energetic frequency of being, where “how you feel” has a most powerful influence on the conditions of the path that you have created for yourself in expanding amongst more of your own glory.

Here is where you can sense the true magnitude and importance of the internal grounding work that is the main focus here, which continues to be about embracing the creativity that is raising your frequency of being while releasing the mind identity reflective amongst the mind activity that is the voice in your head.

Continuing to ground yourself is of the utmost importance in maintaining a balanced sense of complete presence beyond all of the outer dramas of this transition, as well as the illusion of linear time in feeling you are “waiting for something to happen”, where this is to remain stuck in a space of stagnation.



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